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The best gear for a good night’s sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of a camping trip and having the right sleeping gear can make all the difference

With many of us now starting or planning our 2023 camping adventures - and thinking about the kit we'll need for the season ahead - we can’t think of a better time to put the focus on night-time comfort when away in your campervan, motorhome, caravan or tent.

From camping beds to sleeping mats, wearable blankets, sleeping bags, duvets and more, we’ve put together a selection of top camping sleep gear that’ll ensure you have the cosiest night’s sleep yet…

Sometimes we may include links to online retailers, from which we might receive a small thank-you commission if you make a purchase.

Affiliate links do not influence the products we choose to include in our features and will only be used when covering relevant products. Your support makes a big difference to us.


Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

(Photo courtesy of Duvalay)

The award-winning, patented Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag combines a premium mattress topper base and duvet. Compact and easy to use, simply unroll and transform any poor sleeping area into five-star comfort in seconds. It's available in a wide range of options with prices starting from £129.95. This is definitely one for those who tour all year round.

Price: from £129.95

Buy it here

Quechua Camp Bed Air Storage

Quechua Camp Bed Air Storage

(Photo courtesy of Quechua)

How often do you read about a product that is described as 'new and improved', then look at it and it's barely changed from the original? Well, this is a piece of camping innovation that certainly merits the ‘new and improved' label – and this is one of the reasons it was named winner of the Best Camping Bed category in Camping magazine’s 2023 awards. It takes an existing piece of kit – Quechua's single, inflatable bed base – and gives it a new lease of life.

The original bed has an inflatable base that's fitted with slats, which you place your sleeping mat on top of to create one of the comfiest sleeping options around. The new version works the same way, but with an under-bed storage space added. You put the mattress on top of the bed, and it folds open on a hinge to provide the storage space beneath. An ingenious use of space, we think.

Price: £119.99

Buy it here

Coleman Pack-Away bed

Coleman Pack-Away bed

(Photo courtesy of Coleman)

This comfortable steel-framed bed is robust and durable. It has a built-in side table with a cup holder, to keep drinks, books, and other essentials within easy reach at night. The folding design means it packs down neatly into its own carry bag and needs very little setting up.

Price: £72.99

Buy it here

Vango Shangri-la II 20 Grande

Vango Shangri-la II 20 Grande

(Photo courtesy of Vango)

Most veteran tent campers will agree that self-inflating mats are the comfiest type of camping mattress on offer – and the thicker they are the better. At a whopping 20cm, this new model from Vango is probably the thickest on the market and it's genuinely likely to be more comfortable than your mattress at home. Sheer camping luxury.

Price: £250

Buy it here

Kelty Callisto Kids Sleeping Bag

Kelty Callisto Kids Sleeping Bag

(Photo courtesy of Kelty)

Whether they’re off for a sleepover with pals or joining you on a camping trip in the great outdoors, this rectangular sleeping bag, filled with CloudLoft synthetic insulation, is sure to keep your child comfortable and cosy – even down to minus temperatures.

Inspired by Kelty’s popular adults’ version, this kids’ version is suitable for up to 152cm, packs down to a compact 23cm by 38cm in a handy stuff sack and weighs just 1.16kg. It’s available in two colours – Midnight Navy or Italian Plum – and can even completely unzip to use as a blanket.

Price: £50

Buy it here

Kelty Bestie Blanket

Kelty Bestie Blanket

(Photo courtesy of Kelty)

We’ve all got a favourite blanket – you know the one, it’s super cosy and brings back lots of lovely memories of sitting by the fireside on a camping trip or snuggling down in the campervan or caravan to watch a movie. Well, we reckon we might have just found your new favourite – the Kelty Bestie Blanket.

Finished with super-soft fabric and filled with cosy CloudLoft insulation, it’s perfect for the beach, picnics, festivals and wrapping up on a chilly evening – you could even use it as an extra layer over your duvet or sleeping bag when the temperatures plummet.

It’s available in four colours – Treeline, Patches, Kaleidoscope and Backcountry Plaid – and even comes with its own handy stuff sack.

Price: £30

Buy it here

Outwell Cedar and Elm sleeping bags

Outwell Cedar sleeping bag

(Photo courtesy of Outwell)

Outwell Elm sleeping bag

(Photo courtesy of Outwell)

While we love the new generation of sleeping bags and bedding that emulates the stuff you have at home, these don’t suit all. If you are a wriggler or you don’t like to sleep ‘with a foot out’ then the cosseting constraints of a mummy bag may just be the ticket. Step in the Cedar and Elm from Outwell...

Both are PFC-free (PFCs are chemicals that don’t break down and can be transported by air and water). Three models offer different insulation for two to three-season use in the Cedar, while the Elm has a similar offering but with an enhanced level of insulation and a lining that wicks moisture away (important if you tend to run a little warmer than some). The full-length zip won’t provide a cold spot, either, as it is insulated, too. And if storage space is at a premium, the compression sack will help.

The Cedar starts at £59.99 (pictured above left), while the Lux model is £67 and Supreme is £73. The standard Elm is £76.99, rising to £100 for the Lux and £109.99 for the Elm Supreme (pictured above right).

Price: from £59.99

Buy it here

Outwell Constellation Lux Duvet

Outwell Constellation Lux Duvet

(Photo courtesy of Outwell)

This is actually a duvet, so you don’t zip yourself into it; instead you lie under it, just like your duvet at home. That makes it perfect for a campervan, motorhome or caravan. And for many campers, it’s exactly what they’re looking for and it’s something that really hasn’t been available until now. 

Sleeping bags can be incredibly restricting for some people – if you’re a restless sleeper, you might prefer to be able to stretch your legs outside your cover. That’s what this allows you to do, but still has the warmth you’d expect from a quality three to four-season sleeping bag.

Camping magazine also named it Best Sleeping Bag in its Camping Awards 2023, which is quite the seal of approval...

Price: £73.95

Buy it here

Robens self-inflating mats

Robens Self-inflating mats

(Photo courtesy of Robens)

Tent and outdoor accessories specialist, Robens, has added new self-inflating mats to its range for 2023. Lightweight and compact, the new Iceshield Camp 55 (£122.99) and 75 (£145) are made from TPU-coated 20D 390T double line square ripstop nylon to keep the weight down to just 1.07kg and 1.32kg respectively. Offset horizontal channels cut across the top and bottom surfaces of the foam to ensure even thickness and insulation, while also increasing comfort and eliminating cold spots. Robens’ Peak valve also means speedy inflation and deflation.

During manufacture, each mat is cut from a slab of insulation and nests with the uncut one below, much like an egg box, which reduces the manufacturing waste to near zero – so you can also be comfortable in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the planet, too.

Also new for 2023 – and made using the same waste-saving construction technique - 80mm (£256) and 120mm (£310, pictured above) Double models have been added to Robens’ PFC-free Polarshield range. Like the existing single models, these mats have increased side wall stability and comfort levels thanks to a new material bonding technique.

Price: from £122.99

Buy it here



(Photo courtesy of Selk'bag)

In light of the cold weather we’ve been experiencing this winter, then what’s not to love about a giant sleeping bag you can walk to the toilet block in?!

The big news from Selk’bag is that two of the products (Original and Lite) are now made using 100% recycled fabrics, so as well as actual heat from the sleeping bag material, you get a smug warmth from its green creds, too. So, both the polyester covering and the hollow fibre filling are made with recycled materials; in fact there’s material from 230 plastic bottles in the Original and 153 in the Lite.

The same features remain – elasticated hand openings to allow you to use your opposable thumbs, pockets to stash essentials, and zippered, removable bootees. You get a stuff sack, too, that allows you to compress the product if storage space is none too plenty.

The Original costs £139.99 and weighs 1.54kg (S) to 2.08kg (XL) and is available in four colours: Burgundy Earth, Ash Foliage, Black Light and Green Ice. The Lite (pictured above) is £99.99, with weights ranging from 0.96kg (S) to 1.51kg (XL) – colours are Teal Sunlight, Foggy Blue and Black Terracotta.

Just be aware that sizes are aimed to suit those ranging from 4ft 11in to 6ft 4in – we’re not making aspersions, but if you really struggle with cassette toilet heights at either end of the height spectrum, then you can still order, but make sure you use the quoted hassle-free 14-day returns policy if it doesn’t fit.

Price: from £99.99

Buy it here

Selk’bag Kids

Selk’bag Kids

(Photo courtesy of Selk'bag)

Following the successful formula of the adult version above, the Selk'bag Kids range also features an adjustable insulated hood, two-way front zip for easy entry, a kangaroo pocket, removable booties that can also be worn alone, and a stuff sack with straps so it can easily be carried like a mini rucksack.

It’s available in two brightly coloured designs – Deep Sea and Flamingo – and in two sizes: medium for ages 7-9 (up to 137cm) and large for ages 10-13 (up to 150cm).

This new range is also made out of 100% post-consumer recycled materials – it’s a thumbs up from us. The only problem you’ll have is getting your little one out of it!

Price: £79.99

Buy it here

Snuggy Hooded Blanket

Snuggy Hooded Blanket

(Photo courtesy of Snuggy)

Available in adult (12 years+), kid (4-12 years) and mini (0-4 years) sizes, the Snuggy is a one-size-fits-all wearable hooded blanket.

It’s got a soft flannel fleece exterior and cosy sherpa fleece interior, so it’ll keep you cosy on the campsite – whether it’s bedtime or not! There’s also a handy front pocket to stash your phone, a book or even some snacks. The best part? Snuggy also makes a version for dogs!

Price: from £23.99

Buy it here

Big Agnes Rapide SL Insulated Sleeping Mat

Big Agnes Rapide SL Insulated Sleeping Mat

(Photo courtesy of Big Agnes)

The Rapide SL Insulated is a super-lightweight airbed for backpacking. At 9cm thick, it’s also really comfortable, with 2cm thicker outer struts on both sides to stop you from rolling off the bed onto the floor.

The mat is filled with PrimaLoft Silver synthetic fibre to provide insulation even in sub-zero temperatures. A pump bag is included for inflation, so moisture doesn’t get into the mat, and the quick-release valve makes it easy to get the air out again in the morning.

Price: £139.95 (regular size)

Buy it here

Regatta Hilo Sleeping Bag

Regatta Hiro Sleeping Bag

(Photo courtesy of Regatta)

Keep kids snug as a bug with this sleeping bag available in both ‘Oxford Blue’ and ‘Azalia Ebony’ and, no, it doesn’t have to be pink for girls and blue for boys. Anyway… It’s designed specifically for kids and grows with them.

This lightweight and highly compressible bag features a 25cm expandable base section to provide close-fitting comfort year-on-year. It's made with a durable ripstop construction and single-layer stitch detailing to keep the fill evenly distributed throughout. It comes with a compression stuff sack for a reduced pack size and hanging hooks for venting and drying.

Price: £70

Buy it here

Montane Anti-Freeze Slippers

Montane Anti-Freeze Slippers

(Photo courtesy of Montane)

Filled with high-quality 750-fill power down, the new Anti-Freeze Packable Down Slippers from Montane are designed to keep your toes toasty when the weather takes a turn.

We can’t imagine a better treat for tired feet in the evening than these slippers, which have removable soles and a stuff sack for easy packing. The outer and lining is made using 100% recycled nylon, too. Available in sizes XS-XL.

Price: £55

Buy it here

FatFace Bee Spot Dog Bed

Fat Face Bee Spot Dog Bed

(Photo courtesy of FatFace)

Well, we couldn’t leave our furry friends out of this sleep product round-up, could we?

Dogs love being away in the caravan, motorhome, campervan or tent – all the new smells, walks and the opportunity for a little holiday romance, even. Of course, you might let your pet jump up on the sofa for a snuggle but, if they’d like their own space, this dog bed is perfect. It comes in a range of sizes to fit all snoozing pups.

Price: from £44.99

Buy it here

Rab Cirrus Hut Slippers

Rab Cirrus Hut Slippers

(Photo courtesy of Rab)

Don’t let the name fool you – these aren’t the sort of slippers you’d buy your Great Uncle Jim for Christmas. Unless, of course, your Great Uncle Jim is a keen camper, in which case you definitely should.

As you might expect from outdoor clothing specialist, Rab, the Cirrus Hut slipper is a top-quality piece of kit designed to keep your feet warm while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Ideal for padding around the tent, caravan or camper, it’s filled with recycled PrimaLoft Luxe synthetic insulation, which gives the warmth and lightweight of down but retains heat when wet, has no allergens and is breathable. The tough nylon uppers have ripstop and a water-resistant outer and the non-slip sole also protects your feet from sharp objects with a layer of EVA foam. 

Price: around £42

Buy it here

Zempire Kozy Nightzzz heated pad

Zempire Kozy Nightzzz heated pad

(Photo courtesy of Zempire)

For all campers, keeping warm at night is a top priority and the new Zempire Kozy Nightzzz heated sleep pad is designed to give you an added boost of warmth, whatever sleeping system you use.

This innovative piece of kit is basically the modern-day equivalent of an electric blanket crossed with a hot water bottle. It operates with a 12V plug or power pack and heat settings are controlled by a simple push-button system.

It's not yet available to buy in the UK but is coming soon, so watch this space...

Price: around £180

Buy it here

The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Sleeping Bag

The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Sleeping Bag

(Photo courtesy of The Fine Bedding Company)

Combining the familiar comfort of your duvet from home with the practicalities of a sleeping bag, this 3-in-1 Night Owl Sleeping Bag can be used as two singles for twin-bed sleepers or zipped together to make a cosy double. Its seven-tog, three-season rating will keep you warm, even in minus temperatures, and the luxurious soft-touch fabric finish will make it feel like you’re sleeping in your bed at home.

Price: £95

Buy it here

Helinox Toasty

Helinox Toasty

(Photo courtesy of Helinox)

OK, so not technically sleep gear, but we love a good chair doze as much as the next person, so we had to include the Toasty from Helinox.

Designed to fit the Helinox Sunset/Beach and Playa/Savanna chairs, this wraparound seat warmer provides comfort and warmth when sat outdoors, enhanced by fleece-lined blanket wings and a detachable hood that doubles up as a pillow. Plus, it’s available in three colourways and is machine washable.

Just wake us up when it’s time to go in, please…

Price: from £119.95

Buy it here

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