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Camping magazine has been the voice of campers for more than 60 years

Whatever type of camping you’re into, from family camping to wild camping, our mission is to provide you with all the expert advice, inspiration and information you need to turn your camping trips into memorable family adventures.

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Our tent and gear tests and reviews will ensure you’re properly equipped plus you’ll find inspiration for amazing places to take your tent in the UK and beyond, as well as recommendations for top campsites to stay on.

In some ways, things have changed a lot since we started. These days, camping includes everything from solo wild camping on a remote Lake District hillside to spending a fortnight in a massive tent on a family holiday park in Cornwall – or even glamping in a luxury yurt with its own hot tub!

These days we're more than a magazine. Our online, digital and social media platforms reach almost one million campers across the world.

But what hasn't changed is our knowledge and expertise and because all our content is written by experienced campers for campers, you can be sure we know what we’re talking about.

And that’s why we remain such a trusted voice for campers.

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If you are looking to buy a new tent or upgrade your existing model, Camping's tent tests are not to be missed. For those looking to invest in new camping gear and equipment, the magazine's expert reviews are an essential read and, for the practical camper, Camping's hands-on and DIY advice is a must. There's so much to discover in every issue of Camping magazine.

Each issue is packed with...

  • Fantastic UK camping trips
  • Inspirational overseas camping destinations
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Full reviews of new tents
  • Practical help to keep your tent in top condition
  • Handy top tips

Something for everyone...

For hands-on readers, Camping magazine's practical guides offer help and advice to help keep your tent in top condition and prepare it for your next camping adventure. There's also the latest news, shows, competitions and much more. From the first-time camper to those that have enjoyed it for years, you will find something in every issue to interest, to inspire and to improve your camping trips.

Written by camping experts...

  • The best UK and overseas campsites
  • Readers' stories
  • The latest camping gear and equipment
  • The latest camping news
  • Free competitions with amazing prizes

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Every issue of Camping magazine provides inspiration for UK and overseas travel and the best campsites to stay on while enjoying life under canvas.

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Back in 1961, Camping was launched for Britain's 1.5 million campers.

Over sixty years later, we’re still going strong.

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Meet the Editor

Iain Duff

Iain Duff, Editor of Camping magazine

We asked Iain some questions about his role as Editor of Camping magazine.

How long have you been with Camping magazine?

"I became editor of Camping in 2011 and I can honestly say it’s been an absolute pleasure. I had been a journalist for several years and was a keen camper so I jumped at the chance. There really is nothing better than being able to combine your job with something you love."

When did you start camping?

"We always went on caravan holidays when I was little, but the first tent I ever owned was a Lichfield Combat 3, a sixteenth birthday present from my parents. I had ambitious ideas to tour the campsites of Cornwall but they never got beyond the planning stage, and until I started going to festivals a few years later, the furthest it got was our back garden!"

What do you like so much about camping?

"For me, camping is about getting away from it all – it gives you the freedom to adventure but also the time to relax. And it’s a chance to make memories that will last forever. Even miserable camping experiences can make up part of the rich tapestry of life! But more than anything, camping trips let you have a laugh with family and friends, visit beautiful locations and generally live life to the max. As the saying goes… you’ve got one life, live it."

What are your most memorable camping trips?

"I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy loads of memorable camping trips over the years – but there are a few that really stand out. One was the road trip around Europe, when we passed through 10 countries, swam in two lakes, sailed across another, took a train to the top of the Alps, celebrated Swiss National Day and ate our own combined weight in pizza and gelato. Another favourite was the trip to Yorkshire, when our eldest son learned to ride a bike on a campsite, something we’ll always remember.

And then there was the wild camping trip in the Cairngorms when I looked out of the tent first thing in the morning, just as a herd of wild reindeer passed by.

Possibly my finest camping achievement was a few years ago, when I was set the challenge of camping at least one night in every one of England’s 39 historic counties. I managed it… just! My final night was 31 December, when we celebrated New Year on a campsite in London.

All of those camping trips were completely different, but equally memorable in their own way. And none of them would have been possible without Camping magazine."

Iain loves to tell his camping stories, share his insights, review new camping equipment and to share the great locations he finds. Join our huge camping community and make the most of your camping adventures.

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Meet Camping magazine’s content team

Daniel Attwood

Daniel Attwood

Head of content

Claire Tupholme

Claire Tupholme

Content Editor

Sophie Bromley-Rice

Sophie Bromley-Rice

Content Editor

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