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Welcome to our shop, where Camping magazine Editor, Iain Duff, recommends his favourite and most cherished camping equipment. Every recommended item is something our Editor believes is a solid and high-quality product that will make your camping experience even better. We hope you enjoy our top picks.


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Camping beds and sleeping

How to sleep well while camping

A good night’s sleep is essential for a great camping experience and that means staying warm and comfortable when you bed down for the night.

There is a huge range of good and affordable equipment available to help you avoid struggling with the cold, hard ground and sleep soundly.

We can help you choose the right equipment for your camping bedroom. Our camping shop sleeping category includes sleeping bags, sleeping mats, camping beds, pillows, etc.

Beds and sleeping  
Camping kitchens and dining
Camping kitchens and dining

How to cook and eat well while camping

Cooking on the campsite doesn't have to mean crouching over a tiny stove, reheating tins of baked beans.

With the right cooker and set-up, a few essential pieces of kit and a basic selection of condiments, herbs and spices, you really can create some delicious meals on the campsite.

We want to help you create your dream kitchen. Our camping shop kitchen category includes stoves, dining sets, cups, kitchen worktops, etc.

Kitchens and dining  
Camping in comfort
Camping in comfort

Camping in comfort

Camping is about getting closer to nature but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the comforts of home.

If you buy the right gear you will enjoy your tent holidays even more.

Our comfortable living camping shop category covers everything designed to improve life under canvas, like camping chairs, tables and storage, tent lighting and heating and outside accessories such as windbreaks.

Camping in comfort  

Practical camping gear
Practical camping gear

Get the best practical camping gear

Good practical camping gear can make tent life a lot easier, from supplying electricity in your tent to providing your very own private toilet.

Every practically minded camper has their own must-have gadgets and devices that get packed before every trip, and we are no exception.

In the practical camping gear section of our shop, we have included electric hook-up cables, multi-tools, pumps, portable toilets, etc.

Practical gear  
Camping tabletop games
Camping tabletop games

Tabletop games to play while camping

Instead of reaching for that battered copy of travel Monopoly, we have some fun alternatives to keep all the family entertained if the weather means you're confined indoors.

Camping tabletop games  
Camping Walking gear
Walking gear

Choose the best walking gear for camping

Heading into the countryside for a walk on the hills is a great way to connect with nature, especially when you are on camping trips.

But you’ll need specialist clothing and accessories to stay safe and warm in the great outdoors. Good footwear is vital and a warm and waterproof jacket is essential if it’s wet and cold.

There are a few things you should always have in your backpack: a map and compass, a head torch, a first aid kit and food and drink. Our Editor Iain Duff recommends some of his favourite walking kit for a day on the hills.

Camping Walking gear  

About our camping shop

We thought it would be a great idea to show you exactly which products our Camping magazine Editor, Iain Duff, chooses for his camping trips. As a knowledgable and enthusiastic camper, adventurer and hillwalker, Iain has had decades of experience of wild camping, family camping, weekend trips and grand tours, so he knows what he is talking about when it comes to making great camping equipment choices.

How it works

If you do buy any of our recommended products, then we do get a small thank-you commission in return from Amazon as we are an Amazon Associate. This does not affect your price at all but your support makes a big difference to us, so thank you for helping, because every little helps.

How we choose our recommendations

Nearly every product we recommend has been tried and tested, reviewed, handled and experienced by our very own Camping magazine Editor, Iain Duff. You can take our recommendations and be sure you are getting a quality piece of kit, that also represents superb value for money. We only recommend products we believe in, to help you choose the best value-for-money camping products that do their jobs really, really well.

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