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Campervan review: Shire Phoenix FL Twin campervan

Manufacturer: Shire Motorhomes     Model: Phoenix FL Twin
Fancy a Ford? Shire has joined the ranks of those converting the Transit into a motorhome, here with the added attraction of rear-wheel drive

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Published: 16 Aug 2018

Motorhome review: Sunlight T69L motorhome

Manufacturer: Sunlight     Model: T 69 L
Is this entry-level low-profile unusual? Absolutely not, but it has talents that many others lack…

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Published: 15 Aug 2018

Motorhome review: Burstner Ixeo I 736 motorhome

Manufacturer: Bürstner     Model: I 736
Bürstner’s latest A-class follows the fashion for a twin-sofa lounge, but it comes with belted rear travel seats, too

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Published: 14 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Dreamer Camper Van XL campervan

Manufacturer: Dreamer     Model: Camper Van XL
A van conversion with two double beds, a 135-litre fridge and a separate shower. Sounds impossible? Not any more…

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Published: 13 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Jerba Sanna campervan

Manufacturer: Jerba     Model: Sanna
VW Transporter fans Andrew and Rona Bromley try and review the Jerba Sanna in an impartial manner. And fail miserably...

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Published: 10 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Westfalia Kepler Six campervan

Manufacturer: Westfalia     Model: Kepler Six
A novel variation on the side kitchen campervan theme, with up to six travel seats – built by the most famous name in VW campers

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Published: 09 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Romahome R50 Génération campervan

Manufacturer: Romahome     Model: R50 Génération
Trademark GRP cabinets appear in a conventional side kitchen camper layout

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Published: 08 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Rimor Horus 38 campervan

Manufacturer: Rimor     Model: 38
This Italian manufacturer plays the value-for-money card in the crowded fixed bed van conversion market

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Published: 07 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Redline VW T6 campervan

Manufacturer: Redline Conversions     Model: VW T6
Here’s a new name in Volkswagen campervans, supplying T5s and T6s through a selection of dealers

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Published: 06 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Rhales Conversions Crafter Camper campervan

Manufacturer: Rhales Conversions     Model: Crafter Camper
It’s a pretty good vote of confidence when a VW main dealer asks you to build a demo campervan for them and Rhales Conversions latest Crafter Camper is a pretty special vehicle...

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Published: 05 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Auto Campers Leisure Van campervan

Manufacturer: Auto-Campers     Model: Leisure Van HT
Campervan designer, Claire Honeywood, has long been a campervan fan, but her husband Andy is a hotel-loving sceptic. So could the delights of a super cool Auto Campers Leisure Van convince him to ditch the posh hotels?

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Published: 04 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Rated Conversions Jupiter campervan

Manufacturer: Rated Conversions     Model: Jupiter
A different take on a Mercedes Sprinter conversion produces a camper that can swallow all manner of sporting goods

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Published: 03 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Ventura VR200 campervan

Manufacturer: Ventura Campers     Model: VR200
Steve Brand turns all ’van detective as he endeavours to find out if this Boxer-based Ventura packs the punch it promises…

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Published: 03 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Rapido V55 campervan

Manufacturer: Rapido     Model: V55
There are loads of fixed bed campervans to choose from but this Rapido betters most in its bathroom facilities

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Published: 02 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Randger R499 campervan

Manufacturer: Randger UK     Model: R499
New from France and on sale at a Marquis Leisure branch near you, here’s a well-priced campervan on an unusual base vehicle

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Published: 01 Aug 2018

Campervan review: Ququq Campingbox campervan

From Germany comes a clever removable pod that converts an SUV or MPV into a campervan for less than £3,000

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Published: 31 Jul 2018

Campervan review: Pilote V630G4 Premium campervan

Yet another fixed bed Fiat van conversion… but this one’s got a better lounge and a proper kitchen

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Published: 30 Jul 2018

Campervan review: Jack's Shack Nebraska campervan

Named after a US state, but produced in Leicestershire, this VW conversion boasts a sprinkling of in-house innovation

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Published: 27 Jul 2018

Campervan review: Devon Arizona campervan

Manufacturer: Devon Conversions     Model: Arizona
A rear washroom layout with a separate shower in Devon’s second new Peugeot Boxer-based model

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Published: 26 Jul 2018

Campervan review: Celtic Motorhomes GT 600 campervan

A classic Peugeot Boxer-based camper and a twin-lounge layout mark a different direction for this well-established VW converter

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Published: 25 Jul 2018

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