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What Motorhome: The best buyers guide for over 30 years!

What Motorhome is the essential monthly magazine for those looking to buy a new motorhome or campervan or to upgrade their existing model. With a pedigree of over 30 years of offering the best motorhome and campervan buying advice, every issue of What Motorhome includes more new motorhome and campervan reviews than you will find in any other magazine. There are also special themed issues and essential advice on insurance, accessories and much more!

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Why is What Motorhome the best choice?

Every issue of What Motorhome magazine provides essential buying advice for anyone looking to buy a new motorhome or campervan or upgrade their existing model. With a pedigree of over 30 years of offering the best motorhome and campervan buying advice, every issue of What Motorhome includes more new motorhome and campervan reviews than you will find in any other magazine. What Motorhome also has special themed issues and essential advice on important topics including insurance, accessories and much more!

Every issue is packed with...

  • Essential buying advice
  • Reviews of the latest motorhomes
  • Reviews of new campervans
  • Second-hand motorhomes and campervans
  • Buying advice and guides
  • Insurance
  • Motorhome accessories
  • Motorhomes for sale
  • The latest news
  • Comprehensive buyers' guides
  • The latest gadgets and accessories

For the first-time buyer to experienced motorhomers or campervanners buying their second, third or maybe even fourth vehicle, you can be sure to find reviews and essential buying advice to inspire your first or your next motorhome purchase in every issue of What Motorhome.

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Invest in the quality journalism and the trusted buying advice of the motorhome experts

What Motorhome represents industry recognised quality, authority and credibility, offering professional advice and opinions from the people that live and breathe the motorhome life.

The benefits you can enjoy from a subscription:

  • Instant access to issues at home or when out touring (digital subscriptions)
  • Printed magazine delivered to your door (print subscriptions)
  • Early access before the magazine goes on sale in the shops
  • Save time and money
  • Significant cover price discounts
  • Subscriber-only benefits
  • You will never miss an issue of your favourite magazine

The perfect gift

A What Motorhome print subscription is the perfect gift for yourself as a treat, for your family or friends or for anyone looking to buy a new or second-hand motorhome or campervan so they can enjoy a new way of life.

Every time a new issue is released you can enjoy the excitement of reading the latest reviews of the newest motorhomes and campervans available on the market, as well as expanding your knowlege with essential buying advice on topics such as insurance, accessories and more!

If this is you, or someone you know, what better gift can there be than a gift that can deliver so much, for so little, again and again? It's the gift that just keeps giving.

How to give the gift of a What Motorhome subscription:

It is very easy. Just choose your print subscription option, then during checkout you can give the name and address of the person who will recieve the gift in the 'Delivery Details' section. They will not see how much you paid, nor see any of your billing details, nor recieve any sales or promotional offers.

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#1 - Fully searchable digital library

A fully searchable library of back issues – plus the latest issue and all future issues.

We have created a fully searchable library of every issue of What Motorhome from February 2012.

Our archive partner provides the searchable database to help you find, download and read any motorhome or campervan review instantly, on any device, wherever you may be, including the latest reviews in every new issue!

Our back issues represent a vast archive of expert content with 1,000s of hours of reading material including all the 'vans we have tested during this time. Full and immediate access for just one low membership fee. And you have digital access to the entire archive for as long as your membership remains active.

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#2 - Digital subscription

Instant Access: What Motorhome Digital Magazine.

The digital format includes all of our great content PLUS additional content, like news podcasts, videos of the latest motorhomes and campervans, live web feeds and hyperlinks. Plus, each issue is yours to download and keep forever.

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#3 - Printed magazine

Delivered to your door: What Motorhome printed magazine

The printed What Motorhome is a full colour, glossy and heavy weight magazine printed to the highest of specifications on enviromentally sound FSC-certified paper of the highest quality.

You can choose from:

  • Single issues
  • Special offers
  • Annual subscriptions

Delivered directly to your door before it hits the highstreet, with additional specials included free, you can enjoy reading the latest motorhome and campervan reviews whenever and wherever you like.

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Of course our magazine is available in all good shops, newsagents and supermarkets, but a subscription will cost you less and represents the best value for your money.

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