Wild backpack camping adventures


Wild camping

Just a backpack, a lightweight tent with some bushcraft skills, and now the world is your back garden.

Wild camping - freedom and adventure

Wild camping and lightweight camping gives you freedom, adventure and the chance to get closer to nature. Buying the right wild camping equipment and learning the skills you need, lets you go camping whenever and wherever you want. Whether it is a night on the hills in Scotland or few days exploring the Lake District, the right lightweight tent and gear gives you the power to explore.

Exploring the vast, beautiful wilderness

In its simplest form, wild camping is sleeping outdoors in a tent or bivy away from busy campsites and as far as possible from roads or buildings. It’s all about getting away from the stresses of the daily grind for a night or two and exploring the vast, beautiful wilderness that still exists in the UK.

Getting closer to nature

At its heart, wild camping is supposed to be about simplicity and getting closer to nature. That’s what wild camping offers, and in these unsettling times, that’s never been more important.

If you are new to wild camping, be sure to read our Beginner's guide to wild camping.

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Wild camping preparation

Wild camping bushcraft

Bushcraft is about learning the traditional survival skills and knowledge that can help you thrive in the wilderness. Mastering the sort of practical tasks that once came naturally but have been lost over generations of urban living.

Wild camping bushcraft is about experiencing life outdoors to the full – reading the lie of the land, lighting fires, building a shelter, finding wild foods and acquiring other skills that help to make camping more comfortable and more fun.

You’ll probably never have to fight off a grizzly bear, eat insects for tea or chop down a tree to build a log cabin, but learning ancient bushcraft skills will certainly enhance your camping life.

Bushcraft: getting started

Bushcraft: How to get started

The key to bushcraft is having fun learning more about the countryside and it's a great way for families to share the experience.

Bushcraft - getting started  

10 bushcraft essentials

10 bushcraft essentials

Release your inner Bear Grylls with these 10 bushcraft essentials. A good tool for a job is worth every penny in ease, comfort and safety.

10 Bushcraft essentials  

Perfect wilderness campfire

How to build the perfect wilderness campfire

Imagine a blazing campfire, with people laughing, telling stories or toasting marshmallows. You can cook over a real fire or just keep warm on chilly evenings.

Perfect wilderness campfire  

essential knots

Five essential knots for camping

When wild camping, even the simplest of knot-tying methods can save the day, which is why it’s worth knowing how to tie a few, just in case.

Five essential knots  

Wild camping equipment