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Camping Awards 2023 - Your vote matters


Vote for your favourites

No one knows more about camping than campers, which is why we want YOU to have your say

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The Camping Awards 2023
Vote for your favourites

The Camping Awards are the most prestigious in the UK family camping market and are your chance to reward the people and organisations that have done the most to improve our camping lives.

No one knows more about camping than campers, which is why we would love YOU to have YOUR say.

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You can vote in four categories:

#1 Your favourite tent brand

Which tent company has made the biggest impression on you this year? We'd like you to tell us the make of tent you love the most - the brand you trust more than any other and turn to first when you want to upgrade your tent.

#2 Your favourite campsite

Have you got a favourite campsite, one that you visit time and time again? It might be a massive holiday campsite packed with facilities or a back-to-basics, hidden gem with stunning coastal views.

#3 Your favourite camping/outdoor retailer

If you're serious about camping, chances are you have a favourite local outdoor shop. You keep going back because they're friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to help their customers.

#4 Your camping hero

Who would you crown the king or queen of the campsite? Who has been a brilliant ambassador for the world of camping or the great outdoors? From your suggestions we drew up a shortlist and now you can vote for the winner from the six worthy candidates shown below.

Shortlisted camping heroes

We asked our magazine readers, social media followers and newsletter subscribers to tell us their nominations for the hero of the year. From your suggestions we drew up a shortlist and now you can vote for the winner from these six worthy candidates.

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It's really easy to have your say

Just click on the button below and make your choices for each category.

It will only take a few moments of your time but it's your chance to recognise your favourite camping brands and people.

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A bit more information from us

Award announcements

All the awards results will be announced online at outandaboutlive.co.uk in February 2023 and will be published in special print and digital issues of Camping magazine on sale that month.

In addition to the individual categories, we will also be announcing the winner of the prestigious Tent of the Year title, the best overall family camping accessory and the lightweight camping product of the year.

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