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Caravan review: Xplore 585

Manufacturer: Xplore     Model: 585
A new lightweight family caravan with a cleverly designed rear seating area that transforms into a bedroom – with versatility!

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Published: 20 Oct 2021

Caravan review: Adria Alpina Mississippi

Manufacturer: Adria Caravans     Model: Mississippi
The 2022 Alpinas are distinguished by awesome new lighting features including an illuminated awning rail and a self-charging table lamp

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Published: 23 Sep 2021

Caravan review: Coachman VIP 540 Xtra

Manufacturer: Coachman Caravans     Model: 540 Xtra
A layout that’s new to British caravan manufacture, in eight-foot width and packed with domestic-style luxuries including a dressing table

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Published: 22 Sep 2021

Caravan review: Compass Camino 660

Manufacturer: Compass     Model: 660
A twin-axle caravan with two rooms, stunning metallic blue sides, Alde heating and a first-rate, spacious kitchen

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Published: 01 Jul 2021

Caravan review: Swift Basecamp 4

Manufacturer: Swift Caravans     Model: Basecamp 4 SE
Sporty, compact, and with a rear door so that you can wheel cycles inside, Basecamp 4 is ideal for young families

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Published: 30 Jun 2021

Caravan review: Weinsberg CaraOne 390 PUH

Manufacturer: Weinsberg     Model: 390 PUH
A double bunk bed, a comfortably large lounge and a kitchen with phenomenal capacity – all in a caravan little over four metres long

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Published: 08 Jun 2021

Caravan review: Adria Adora Tiber

Manufacturer: Adria Caravans     Model: Tiber
The eight-foot-wide newcomer from Adria has a rear island bed, a central shower area, Alde heating – and plenty of space everywhere

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Published: 13 May 2021

Caravan review: Coachman VIP 460

Manufacturer: Coachman Caravans     Model: 460
Experience a tourer of understated elegance and a classic layout with lots of surprises including a heated cabinet by the door and two wardrobes

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Published: 12 May 2021

Caravan review: Knaus Northstar 590 UK

Manufacturer: Knaus Caravans     Model: North Star 590 UK
Underfloor heating, eight-foot width, a unique and versatile layout – the latest caravan from Knaus is a luxury six-berth that is bristling with ingenuity

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Published: 15 Mar 2021

Caravan review: Bailey Alicanto Grande Faro

Manufacturer: Bailey Caravans     Model: Grande Faro
Bailey’s flagship-range, Faro, has a unique central shower room layout, eight-foot width, Alde heating and a boutique bedroom with two dressing tables

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Published: 16 Feb 2021

Caravan review: Coachman Lusso

Manufacturer: Coachman Caravans     Model: Lusso
If you yearn for the sort of luxury that a top-class cruise cabin or high-end yacht can provide, there is now a four-wheeled, land-going alternative!

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Published: 25 Jan 2021

Caravan review: Adria Alpina Colorado

Manufacturer: Adria Caravans     Model: Colorado
Eight-foot width, twin axles, ingenious lighting controls and a lounge that’s just a little like an atrium; Adria’s flagship is an impressive tourer

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Published: 11 Jan 2021

Caravan review: Bailey Phoenix + 640

Manufacturer: Bailey Caravans     Model: 640
A lightweight tourer with the luxury of a lovely rear bedroom and sprung seating – all for just under £20,000

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Published: 25 Nov 2020

Caravan review: Coachman Acadia 830 Xcel caravan

Manufacturer: Coachman Caravans     Model: 830 Xcel
A spacious, twin-axle family tourer with a huge kitchen, more storage space than you could ever need – and Alde heating

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Published: 13 Nov 2020

Caravan review: Swift Siena Super FB caravan

Manufacturer: Swift Caravans     Model: Super FB
Compact and luxurious, this new model is targeted at anyone looking for a well-equipped caravan, but with a smaller footprint

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Published: 30 Oct 2020

Caravan review: Eriba Touring Troll 530 Rockabilly caravan

Classic, quirky, compact, lightweight, with a pop-up roof and immense style, the bright red Rockabilly is a caravan that has bags of personality

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Published: 19 Oct 2020

Caravan review: Adria Adora Seine

Long, light for its length, with a lounge capable of seating five, and equipped with Alde heating – the Seine represents cracking value

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Published: 17 Aug 2020

Caravan review: Coachman Laser Xcel 875

Manufacturer: Coachman Caravans     Model: Xcel 875
An eight-foot-wide, super luxury caravan that levels itself and charges your phones – the transverse bed Laser Xcel 875 has sophistication running through its DNA

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Published: 30 Jul 2020

Caravan review: Lunar Clubman ES

Manufacturer: Lunar Caravans     Model: ES
Packed with equipment, including Alde heating, and with an MTPLM of only 1,435kg, the Clubman ES takes Lunar into its new era with a confident stride

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Published: 19 May 2020

Caravan review: Coachman Festival 860 caravan

Manufacturer: Coachman Caravans     Model: 860
Dealer specials always offer extra kit and extra value. This Coachman Festival 860 caravan has an impressive package of equipment that even includes a wireless phone charger

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Published: 23 Mar 2020

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