Your First Caravan 2020

Your First Caravan 2020 ...

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Everything you need to know to have unforgettable caravanning holidays

Inside your essential guide:

INTRODUCTION TO CARAVANNING - If you're new to caravanning, a wonderful world of freedom awaits


  • ANATOMY OF A CARAVAN: EXTERIOR - Understanding the components of a caravan's exterior
  • ANATOMY OF A CARAVAN: INTERIOR - Step inside a caravan to view a typical layout 
  • CHOOSING YOUR IDEAL LAYOUT - Choosing a preferred layout is one of your most important decisions
  • CARAVAN LAYOUT GUIDE - End kitchen, rear washroom, twin beds; take a look at the various caravan layouts
  • WEIGHTS & LAWS - The world of caravan weights and laws, made simple
  • BUYING NEW OR USED - Should you buy a new or used caravan? We take a look at your options
  • SINGLE OR TWIN-AXLE - Another consideration is a single-axle or twin-axle caravan. What's the difference?
  • EIGHT-FOOT-WIDE CARAVANS - The rising popularity of super-wide tourers have transformed caravanning


  • BUYING NEW: 2020 MODELS - We check out some of the new caravan models for the 2020 season
  • WHERE TO BUY - Ready to buy, but where from? We take a look at buying from dealers, privately and at shows
  • BUYING USED - You could grab a bargain buying a used ’van – here's what you could get for your money
  • HEATING & WATER SYSTEMS - Let us introduce you to the three different caravan heating systems
  • FINANCING YOUR CARAVAN - When it comes to paying for your caravan, there are a range of finance options available


  • CARAVAN INSURANCE - It's sensible to look after your investment; here's our guide to caravan insurance
  • STORING YOUR CARAVAN - Where do you plan to store your caravan when it's not in use?
  • TYRES & SERVICING - Healthy caravan tyres are vital - here's how to inspect and examine them
  • TOWING TIPS - Don't be daunted about towing; follow these tips and you'll be perfoming like a pro
  • TOWBAR GUIDE - Towbar types and technology can feel bewildering – we break it all down here
  • EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES - A guide to all the essential items you need for your caravan lifestyle
  • SECURITY DEVICES - We explore the best security options to help deter potential caravan thieves
  • SETTING UP ON SITE - You've arrived at your chosen campsite – here's how to set up correctly and safely
  • JOINING A CARAVAN CLUB - The benefits of joining the Camping & Caravanning Club, and other clubs


  • CAMPSITES - From Edinburgh to Cornwall, we reveal some of the UK's best sites for caravan holidays
  • JARGON BUSTER - You'll soon be speaking like a caravan expert with our jargon-busting glossary
  • CARAVAN CHECKLIST - Pack everything you need for your caravan trip with this handy checklist

And much, much more!