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18 essential items for camping with your dog


Camping is for the whole family – including our four-legged members – and there’s no better time to get out and about with your dog in tow than during National Pet Month (1 April to 1 May)

But how do you ensure your pet is comfortable and content whilst away in the tent, caravan, motorhome or campervan?

Not only can you follow our top tips to ensure trouble-free camping trips with your pooch here, but we’ve also found some products that’ll ensure man’s best friend is as happy as can be on the road…

Sometimes we may include links to online retailers, from which we might receive a small thank-you commission if you make a purchase.

Affiliate links do not influence the products we choose to include in our features and will only be used when covering relevant products.


Pawdaw of London Luxury Dog Drying Bag

Pawdaw of London Luxury Dog Drying Bag

(Photo courtesy of Pawdaw)

Picture the scene… you’ve returned to the camper after a long, but slightly muddy, dog walk and you’re looking forward to a nice up of tea and a sit down on your lovely cream-coloured settees, but your dog has the same idea, covering your lovely cream-coloured settees in a muddy paw-print artwork like some sort of modern-day Van Gogh.

Well, that scene needn’t become a reality with the super-absorbent microfibre Luxury Dog Drying Bag from Pawdaw of London. Simply lay the open dry bag on the floor, pop your dog inside and secure using the adjustable Velcro collar and zip. Not only will the clever drying bag remove moisture from your dog’s fur, but it’ll also remove dirt, mud and sand.

It’s available in five sizes – from extra small to extra large – and even has a harness hole so you can safely secure your dog in the car or caravan, campervan or motorhome whilst he dries.

Price: £39.99

Buy it here

Silentnight Orthopaedic Pet Bed

Silentnight Orthopaedic Pet Bed

(Photo courtesy of Silentnight)

Made with the same technology used in its human products, Silentnight has created a range of dog beds to ensure our pups enjoy the perfect slumber.

This Orthopaedic Pet Bed is perfect for older dogs with arthritis or joint pain, with a contoured foam layer designed to distribute weight evenly to help sooth aching joints after a long day of exploring. The durable cover is removable and machine washable when a freshen-up is due.

It’s available in small (65cm by 49cm by 17cm), medium (80cm by 59cm by 18cm) or large (95cm by 69cm by 19cm) and weighs 1.15kg-2.6kg.

Price: from £39.99

Buy it here

Wonderfold Folding Pet Stroller

Wonderfold Folding Pet Stroller

(Photo courtesy of Wonderfold)

Age is just a number – the same counts for our furry friends – and, when our bones start creaking and our joints start aching, it certainly doesn’t mean the adventures have to stop.

That’s where the Folding Pet Stroller from Wonderfold comes in – simply pop your pet in the stroller and away you go…

It features a built-in leash, spacious back storage and undercarriage basket, zipperless entry and thick, durable wheels so you can conquer any terrain. It weighs 7kg and even includes a removable mat for easy cleaning.

Price: £199

Buy it here

FatFace Bee Spot Dog Bed

Fat Face Bee Spot Dog Bed

(Photo courtesy of FatFace)

Can’t leave home without your four-legged pal? Dogs love being away in the tent, caravan or campervan – all the new smells, walks and the opportunity for a little holiday romance, even.

Of course, you might let your pet jump up on the sofa for a snuggle but, if they’d like their own space, this dog bed is perfect. It comes in a range of sizes to fit all snoozing pups.

Price: from £44.99

Buy it here

Mud Daddy Portable Pet Washing Device

Mud Daddy Portable Pet Washing Device

(Photo courtesy of Mud Daddy)

Most dogs love mud, but our tents and motorhomes do not! Some campsites will have a dog shower point or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a campervan that has its own external shower, but if you don’t, you might want to take a look at Mud Daddy.

Using pump-action water pressure instead of a motor, the silent-action Mud Daddy Portable Pet Washing Device can be used to clean pets, bikes, camping equipment, walking boots and more – the possibilities are endless! It’s got a 2m hose, an all-in-one brush and shower head, and keeps water warm for up to 2.5 hours.

It’s available in a 5L version (£44.99), 8L version (£54.99), or if space and weight isn’t such an issue and you have multiple muddy items to contend with, a wheelable 12L version (£74.99).

Price: from £44.99

Buy it here

Ruffwear Stash Bag

Ruffwear Stash Bag

(Photo courtesy of Ruffwear)

Attachable to your dog’s lead, this is a handy poo bag dispenser that also has an internal key hook and organiser pockets for small on-the-go essentials. A handy opening at the back dispenses the poo bags so you won’t be fumbling around trying to find one in your pocket when the time comes.

It’s also made from a durable, water-resistant fabric and comes with a roll of 15 Earth Rated bags.

Price: £31.95

Buy it here

Non-stop Dogwear Ly Dog Sleeping Bag

Non-stop Dogwear Ly Dog Sleeping Bag

(Photo courtesy of Non-stop Dogwear)

A sleeping bag... for dogs? Yes, you read that right!

Made up of two parts, held together with a robust zipper, this is an insulated, lightweight sleeping bag that’ll keep your dog warm and dry when camping. The bottom part has a thicker, water-resistant insulating layer and fleece lining, while the removable top is insulated with a thermal synthetic fibre with a water-repellent ripstop shell.

It’s available in three sizes and comes with its own handy compression bag.

Price: from £79.99

Buy it here

Mountain Paws Collapsible Water Bowl

Mountain Paws Collapsible Water Bowl

(Photo courtesy of Mountain Paws)

When stopping for a mid-walk cuppa, it’s important that you keep your pup hydrated, too, but you needn’t be packing a heavy bowl.

This super lightweight (75-100g), collapsible water bowl has a waterproof inner lining, wipe-clean fabric outer and a non-slip rubber base. There’s also a handy loop so you can hang it from your belt or rucksack to leave it to dry out on the move.

It’s available in two sizes – small (£12.99) or large (£14.99).

Price: from £14

Buy it here

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

(Photo courtesy of Ruffwear)

If running or hiking is on the agenda for you and your dog this summer, those soft little paw pads might need some added protection.

These Grip Trex Dog Boots from Ruffwear have a Vibram outsole for protection and traction on rough terrain, while the breathable mesh upper provides ventilation and keeps dirt out. Secured with hook-and-loop and hardware, these cinch around the narrowest part of your dog’s leg for a secure fit and are available in a whole range of sizes to fit the smallest or biggest paw.

Price: from £52.95 (pair)

Buy it here

Dexas MudBuster Paw Cleaner

Dexas Mudbuster Paw Cleaner

(Photo courtesy of Dexas)

An easy way to keep Fido’s paws mud-free, the Dexas MudBuster Paw Cleaner contains gentle silicone bristles to help loosen dirt. To use, simply add a little water, insert the paw, twist and then dab dry.

Once all four paws are clean, the MudBuster itself is easy to clean – just remove the lid, unroll the bristles and rinse before the next use. It’s available in three sizes, in a rainbow of colours, and you can even opt for a handy travel lid to prevent spillages when on the go.

Price: from £19

Buy it here

Hurtta Expedition Parka

Hurtta Expedition Parka

(Photo courtesy of Hurtta)

If you’re looking for a coat that’ll keep your dog warm in colder climes, this Expedition Parka from Hurtta might be just the ticket. Developed for short-haired dogs or those without an undercoat, but for all breeds in cold conditions, it’s made from a durable and waterproof yet breathable fabric, with a soft-knit lining and 3M reflective piping.

The neckline, back length and collar circumference can be easily adjusted, and it’s available in sizes from 20cm-80cm. Colour-wise, you’ve got Blackberry, Bilberry, Beetroot and Buckthorn (pictured) to choose from.

Price: from £66

Buy it here

Rukka Pets Hayton Eco Dog Raincoat

Rukka Pets Hayton Eco Dog Raincoat

(Photo courtesy of Rukka)

Perfect for protecting your dog from showers, this somewhat stylish lightweight raincoat has a breathable mesh lining and reflective piping.

Easy to clean and fast drying, it has a quick buckle closure on the back, and the adjustable back length, neckline and waist will ensure it’s comfortable to wear. Our favourite part? It’s an eco-friendly option, containing recycled materials, so not only will your dog be dry and oh-so-fashionable, but he’s also doing his part for the planet, too.

The Hayton Eco is available in yellow, black and red.

Price: from £55

Buy it here

Mountain Paws Dog First Aid Kit

Mountain Paws Dog First Aid Kitt

(Photo courtesy of Mountain Paws)

Most of us will carry a first aid kit for ourselves in the car or caravan, but do you have one for your dog?

If you’re planning lots of outdoor adventures with your dog this year, accidents can happen and it’s important that you’re prepared and well equipped should your dog find himself hurt.

This Dog First Aid Kit contains everything you need to treat common injuries until you can reach a vet, including gloves, tweezers, scissors, tape, tick tweezers, an emergency blanket, plastic foot pouches, wound dressings, cleansing wipes, safety pins, gauze swabs, a bandage and eyewash pods, this handy compact kit comes in a water-resistant case with a belt loop and handle.

Price: £20.99

Buy it here

Animology Dirty Dawg No Rinse Dog Shampoo

Animology Dirty Dawg No Rinse Dog Shampoo

(Photo courtesy of Animology)

You might not be able to give your dog a full wash when on the road, but this no-rinse shampoo spray could be the next best thing…

Designed to deodorise and remove dirt and odours, Dirty Dawg is a vitamin and conditioner-enriched spray with a mild, pH balanced formulation that leaves fur smelling fresh. Simply spray it on and groom through.

Price: from £4.50

Buy it here

EzyDog Click Dog Seat Belt

EzyDog Click Dog Seat Belt

(Photo courtesy of EzyDog)

Rule 57 of The Highway Code states that "When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly".

It’s therefore essential that our dogs are restrained in the car, campervan or motorhome for their safety – and our own – and an easy way to do this is with the EzyDog Click Dog Seat Belt. It’s effectively an adjustable-length seatbelt for dogs that clicks into your vehicle’s seatbelt socket, with the other end’s heavy-duty snap hook attaching to your dog’s harness.

Price: from £15

Buy it here

Ruffwear Haul Bag Dog Travel Bag

Ruffwear Haul Bag Dog Travel Bag

(Photo courtesy of Ruffwear)

When living out of a tent, campervan, motorhome or caravan, organisation and great storage is key, so we love this handy 37-litre duffle-style bag, where you can stash all of your dog’s gear on the go.

With a wide opening and several interior and exterior pockets, the Haul Bag is the ideal place to store food, bowls, leads, toys and poo bags, so you can keep everything in one place.

The bag’s design is pretty sturdy, made from waterproof material that’s easy to clean, and it also has a removable shoulder strap. It measures 32cm by 42cm by 30cm.

Price: £99.95

Buy it here

Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch Dog Hitching System

Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch Dog Hitching System

(Photo courtesy of Ruffwear)

Designed with camping in mind, this hitching system uses climbing-inspired components to allow your dog to roam while remaining on-lead.

Including a strong 8.7m-long kernmantle rope that can be set up between two trees or fixed to a single post, your dog can explore his new surroundings while you set up camp. It all comes in a handy, durable stow bag.

Price: £89.94

Buy it here

Pawdaw of London XL Luxury Dog Towel

Pawdaw of London XL Luxury Dog Towel

(Photo courtesy of Pawdaw)

This extra-large dog towel is made from specially woven, super absorbent premium microfibres that are effective at drawing out dirt and water.

These clever microfibres don’t hold onto dirt like your average towel, so it dries much faster, ready for the next use. This super-soft and thick towel is suitable for all coat types and, best of all, fur doesn’t stick to the fabric, it simply falls away.

It measures 150cm by 100cm and can also be used as a blanket or for protecting your vehicle’s seats.

Price: £18.99 

Buy it here

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