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Used Caravans for Sale: Massive savings on nearly-new caravans


We find 10 caravans at 10 retailers, all under four years old and with savings of up to £11,704 compared with new.

If you’re not sure whether to go for a new caravan or one that’s nearly new, the following five pages may help.

We set out to find 10 examples of tempting and, in some cases,  massive savings by seeking out pre-owned tourer. Sometimes, you can find new caravans reduced, too. We discovered a new 2017 super-lightweight six-berth at £3025 less than the list price.

We also found a three-year-old Buccaneer Schooner at £11,704 less than the price of a comparable new model. Caravanners aspire to Buccaneers. They have lots of equipment and lots of luxury. They are well established as high up among the 'Rolls Royces' of caravans.

Also in the high-spec class, we discovered a three-year-old Lunar Delta TI. It was over £10,000 less than the price of a new model.

Two used caravans for sale in our pick of 10 with the greatest savings compared with new happen to be twin-axle models. In the super-luxury class, we also discovered two money-saving gems in the lightweight class. They have layouts designed for families.

There’s a 2017 French-made Caravelair Antarès 476 at £1,300 less than the new list price. And, the star buy of our selection, a new six-berth Venus 590 at £3025 less than the list price.

Our chosen 10 retailers are all over England, in Somerset, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Shropshire. Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Tyne and Wear.

1 - 2014 Bailey Unicorn Valencia

2014 Bailey Unicorn Valencia

WhereHighbridge Caravan Centre
Price: £16,295
Berths: 4
MTPLM: 1497kg
Overall length: 7.35m
Layout: Double bed, rear shower room

Our view

The Valencia has been high up among Bailey’s best seller models for several years. That’s because, its layout (nearside double bed, rear shower room) is as among Britain’s most popular.

Indeed, it was the most popular caravan until the advent of the transverse island bed. It’s also because Unicorns have high spec. They include Alde heating, yet they are low weight. The Valencia’s MTPLM is 1497kg.

This three-year-old example demonstrates how much you can save by going for a used caravan. It’s £7,404 less than the price of a new Valencia.

2 - 2014 Buccaneer Schooner

2014 Buccaneer Schooner

Where: Campbells Caravans
Price: £20,995
Berths: 4
MTPLM: 1895kg
Overall length: 8m
Layout: Nearside double bed, rear shower rom

Our view

It’s the same layout as the Valencia – but longer, and on twin-axles. Buccaneers, at £32,699, are among Britain’s most expensive caravans. They’re also among the best equipped. This 2014 model has an on-board water tank, Alde heating and an external shower point. This example is at Campbells’ Preston branch.

The Schooner is no longer made. The Commodore and the Cruiser are the nearest comparable layouts.  Both have transversely-aligned double beds. All Buccaneers cost £32,699. So, this 2014 Schooner represents a saving of £11,704 compared with a new model.

3 - 2016 Adria Adora Isonzo Silver Collection

2016 Adria Adora Isonzo Silver Collection

Where: Barnsdale Leisure
Price: £17,995
Berths: 4
MTPLM: 1750kg
Overall length:  8.23m
Layout: Transverse island bed, rear shower room

Our view

Silver Collection Isonzos have Alde heating and microwave ovens. Adria added two features for 2016. The Isonzo has already won Caravan magazine’s Caravan of the Year Award in 2015. And, this up-specified version went on to win the same award for 2016.

Isonzos are among the UK's biggest caravans, with a width of 2,44m and an overall length of 8.23m. The lounge is U-shaped and ultra spacious. And the Silver element? That refers to the stunning colour of the front and rear panels.

4 - 2017 Caravelair Antarès 476

2017 Caravelair Antarès 476

Where: Marquis Motorhomes and Caravans
Berths: 6
MTPLM: 1300kg
Overall length: 6.4m
Layout: Front double bed, rear bunks

Our view

Savings don’t only come in super-luxury, fixed-bed caravans. Here’s one fixed-bed caravan we found with a hefty saving and a low MTPLM. It's a caravan to consider if you’re limited by the weight of your car.

Marquis group is the exclusive importer of the French-made Caravelairs, which has 11 branches all over England. The 476 lightweight, compact six-berth model has a double bed at the front, a side dining area making up into another double, and bunks across the rear. And the saving compared with buying new? That’s £1300.

5 - 2014 Coachman VIP 520/4

2014 Coachman VIP 520/4

Where: Salop Leisure
Price: £20,495
Berths: 4
MTPLM: 1600kg
Overall length: 7.19m
Layout: Side dining area, end shower room

Our view

Whatever the year of manufacture, VIPs are generally regarded as caravans for connoisseurs with their level of luxury. And the difference between this 2014 example and a new one?

Today’s VIPs have Alde heating; those made for the 2014 models year had Truma heating. Apart from that, it’s fabrics. This one has soft, pretty pastel shades in backrests and cushions.

New VIP 520s cost £25,495 – so this model we found at Salop Leisure, at Shrewsbury, you can save £5000. And the caravan is only three years old!

6 - 2013 Bailey Unicorn Barcelona

2013 Bailey Unicorn Barcelona

Where: Ropers Caravan World
Price: £16,995
Berths: 4
MTPLM: 1686kg
Overall length: 7.89kg
Layout: Side double bed, end shower room

Our view

The deep-grooved front panels distinguish the second generation of Unicorns. And these were the first Unicorns to have high-arching front central windows. For the 2013 range, Bailey kept the mauve and fawn fabric colours from the previous Unicorn range model. Although they’re in a different pattern.

Bailey is shortly to announce a new Barcelona, with changes to the layout and a new price. For price comparison, though, £22,214 is the list price of the 2017 version. This example at Ropers, near Catterick in North Yorkshire, represents a saving of £5219.

7 - 2014 Lunar Delta TI

2014 Lunar Delta TI

Where: Grantham Caravans
Price: £17,795
Berths: 4
MTPLM: 1680kg
Overall length: 7.88m
Layout: Transverse island bed, rear shower room

Our view

Deltas built for the 2014 model year had especially memorable upholstery – all cream, with a raised, tactile pattern. They’re luxurious caravans, large, on twin axles, with big fridges and Alde heating. They have significant spec and you get a lot of caravan.  Especially when you consider this one is smidgen over £10,000 less than a new model would cost you £27,799.

8 - 2016 Bailey Pegasus Ancona

2016 Bailey Pegasus Ancona

Where: White Arches Caravans
Price: £16,995
Berths: 5
MTPLM: 1475kg
Overall length: 7.37m
Layout: Offside bunks, nearside dining area, rear shower room

Our view

We had hoped to find more family caravans in our target nearly-new bracket.  But it seems they’re snapped up. We were lucky enough to find this five-berth Ancona, though, in Northamptonshire. And it has a motor mover fitted!

Anconas have seen changes to the layout down the years. The positions of the bunks and children’s dining area have moved. Anconas for 2016 had their bunks and dining area arranged in a cohesive ‘room’ across the centre of the caravan. The shower room is at the rear, a great design for a family caravan. A new Ancona is £18,899, so this example represents a chance to save almost £2000.

9 - 2015 Bailey Unicorn Madrid

Bailey Unicorn Madrid

Where: United British Caravans
Price: £19,983
Berths: 3
MTPLM: 1496kg
Overall length: 7.37m
Layout: Make-up front double bed, side dining area

Our view

The Madrid is a rare breed of three-berth caravan. They have single beds or a double in the lounge. Plus a single bed to make from the dining area, unique in the Series 3 Madrid, is on the nearside, aft of the door. Curved backrests create lovely dining comfort here.

Bailey is shortly to announce a new layout for the Madrid. There are a few of the Series 3 layout still around. Indeed, there’s a brand new one at United British Caravans, at North Gosforth near Newcastle. It’s £22,964 – and there’s also this used example, at £2981 less!

10 - 2017 Venus 590

2017 Venus 590

Where: Catterick Caravans
Berths: 6
MTPLM: 1380kg
Overall length: 7.39m
Layout: Bunks and dining area in rear family 'room'

Our view

You can find new caravans at reduced prices. This 2017 Venus is new – and £3025 less than the list price of £16,499. It’s not only a brilliant buy, it’s a brilliant layout and  ultra lightweight for its length.

With bunks and a dining area secluded in a family area at the rear, this caravan has great appeal. Its central offside washroom contains a separate shower. Catterick Caravans is at Catterick Bridge near Richmond in North Yorkshire.

Find more used caravans for sale here!

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