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Dog camping accessories: 3 things to keep your canine comfortable


There is a big market out there for dog camping accessories. But, it’s not a surprise when you understand why.

Photo left by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

People enjoy camping and caravanning for a number of reasons. And, one of the biggest reasons is they can take their dogs on holiday with them. There’s no worry or expense of putting them into kennels. And, looking after our canine companions is important to us.

We see lots of dog accessories at Caravan Magazine. Many dog accessories for camping look the same as the next product. But, the 3 Peaks range by Pets at Home caught our attention. The designs looked as though they were ideal for camping, caravanning and caravanners.

Here’s our review of the three essential 3-Peaks dog accessories for camping!

3 Peaks Ascent Lead

3 Peaks Ascent LeadYou enjoy walking your dog as much as it likes walking with you. That’s why the first product on the list is the 3 Peaks Ascent lead.

The Ascent lead is different to most dog leads because of its super-comfortable handle. The padded neoprene means it’s soft to touch yet tough as old boots. You’ll get none of the chafing and rubbing you experience with traditional leads when your dog pulls. Also, the handle loop has a big circumference. The size of the loop lets you to slide your hand through with ease, even if you are wearing gloves on a cold day.

The clip at the other of the lead is metal sprung, carabiner-like device which swivels, so the lead won’t twist and snarl.

The rope connecting the handle to the clip is made of the same material used for climbing ropes. That means the rope stretches a little to ease the shock when your dog pulls away from you. At each end of the rope there’s a strong webbing material connecting it to the handle and clip.

Not only is rope strong and stretchy, it’s a bright, colour with reflective material woven into it. Drivers can see you at night in their lights.

The 3 Peaks Ascent is a high quality lead which is comfortable, strong and will others see you at night in their lights. At only £7, it’s also great value for money.

Buy the Ascent Lead on Pets at Home here

3 Peaks Collapsible Double Bowl


Your dog probably loves one thing even more than a good walk, namely food! But dog bowls can take up a lot of space when they are out. And, they are difficult to store in a cupboard because they are an awkward shape.

The designers at 3 Peaks thought about this problem. And, they’ve come up with a clever solution. It’s a collapsible double bowl made of silicone in its own container.

Firstly, the bowls come in a zippable case made of a tough, nylon webbing material. On the outside, there’s a loop with a carabiner attached. You can hang this up on a hook or a line when not in use.

You unzip the case and it folds out like a clam shell to reveal both collapsed bowls. Pop out the bowls and you have two bowls with a volume of just under a litre each. The bowls are big enough for a large dog to have both filled with food or water. And, big enough for a small dog to have one bowl for food and the other for water.

When your dog has finished, give them a quick rinse, shake out any excess water and zip them back up again to store.

The 3-Peaks Collapsible Double Bowl should go on your dog camping accessories list. And, at only £12, this double bowl is great value too.

Find out more about the bowl here!

3 Peaks Microfibre Towel

3 Peaks Microfibre Towel

Drying towels in a caravan or tent can be a pain in the neck, especially if the weather is bad. Cotton towels take ages to dry and your van can smell damp if you have a lot of towels to dry. Add your dog’s towel into the mix and you can soon have a smelly, damp caravan.

That’s why microfibre towels are so good. They are super-absorbent, light and quick to dry.

The 3 Peaks microfibre towel has an extra feature which makes them useful for campers, caravanners and walkers. It’s the mesh bag that comes with them. The bag lets moisture out, of course. And, you can attach the bag using the carabiner to your backpack or somewhere in your washroom to dry out, if you don’t have room to hang it out in full.

Microfibre towels are easy to wash too. You don’t have to put them through a washing machine to get the dirt off. Plus, being so light means you can carry them on a walk. You won’t notice their weight.

The 3 Peaks Microfibre Towel is a no-brainer on your dog camping accessories list. At just £3.50, you may want more than one towel for each dog you own.

Find the 3 Peaks Microfibre Towel on Pets at Home here.

There are many other dog accessories for camping on the Pets at Home website. Visit their website to see the 3 Peaks range here.

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