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Caravan awnings and porches: What’s new for 2017


New shapes, fabrics and styles arrive on the market this year; the choice of caravan awnings and porches is wider than ever.

​And the number of 'air awnings' continues to rise as more and more buyers latch onto speedy-build advantages.

We’ve been taking a look at some of the new models and changes launched for 2017.

Written by Val Chapman

Caravan awnings from Vango



Vango Sonoma

Vango launches a new range of air-beam awnings called Sonoma, in three sizes, 250, 350 and 400. All three have deep covered front entrances. The smallest size is ideal for buyers looking for a porch that's compact and also quick to build. It costs £625. The 350 is £675, and the 400 size is £725.

The robust 420-denier ripstop polyester, designed for durability, makes the Sonoma awnings robust. Annexes are available that fit either side on all sizes.

What’s special

The deep front canopy offers good shelter, and good headroom throughout the porch. Rock pegs are included, as well as rear poles, pads, draught skirts, wheel arch covers and storm straps.


Vango Braemar

The extended Braemar range now includes the 300 and 400 sizes, and this range gets a new colour for 2017, a darker grey. The 300 is £650; the 400 is £775. Both are made of 150-denier polyester with PU coating.

What’s special

Like the Sonomas, Braemars come with rock pegs plus rear rtolel pads, storm straps, skirts and wheel arch covers.


Vango Rapide

The Rapide range also gets a new size, the 250, at £500. This awning is also made of 150-denier polyester and weighs just 18.6kg.

What’s special

It's small, so it's quick to build, and relatively light in weight and includes rock pegs.


Vango Kalari

There is a new size in the Kalari range, too; the 380 (£1000).

What’ s special

You can have annexes on both ends of any models in this range.

Caravan awnings from Isabella


Ventura Pascal

Ventura Pascal 390

The Danish company ventures into the 'air market' on caravan awnings for the first time with a new product in its Ventura brand range. The Ventura Pascal is made of a textured polyester.

The Pascal is 390cm wide and 260cm deep. Its colours are a combination of anthracite and ice grey. Its RRP is £1385. Its weight is 31.2kg

What’s special

The Pascal's fabric feels high quality to the touch, and this porch has light white curtains on poles.

From Bradcot



Modul-Air from Bradcot Awnings

You can buy the unique caravan awning in sections, to suit the size of your caravan and also to create anything from a small porch to a full awning.

The 390cm base section costs £1631(rrp); additional sections, which zip together, vary in size from 65cm to 130cm and include a curved “front closure“ section to complete the Modular as a full awning.

An air-beam annexe is available (£329 rrp).

Modul-airs caravan awnings are made of TenCate All-season polyester; a high-quality fabric designed for longevity. It’s woven from spun polyester, PVA and then coasted with PVA (polyvinyl acetate) The air bladders in this unit are made from robust TPU. The main beams are 150mm wide; this extra width means that the stability of the frame is sufficient for the awning not to need guy lines.

What’s special

The Modul-air is one awning to suit all needs; you can take all of it and create full awning or part of it and make a porch. The most versatile awning on the market. The only full-caravan-length air awning.

From Leisurewize



Leisurewize Apollo

The traditional-style Apollo metal-framed full awning gets a new colour for 2017; a light grey shade called anthracite. Apollos have polyester sides and coated polyester roofs. The frame is steel; aluminium frames are available. Prices start at £568 and rise depending on size needed for your caravan.

Leisurewize’s Frontera Lux model, also a traditional full-awning shape, is now in a heavier acrylic fabric. The standard frame is steel; you can opt for aluminium. Prices start at £688.

From Dorema


Futura Air All Season

Dorema Futura

The Futura Air is Dorema's new arrival for 2017; its name seems to underline the message that the future of awnings is air. Something that both awning retailers and buyers consistently tell us!

A development from a traditional pole-frames awning style, the Futura Air comes in three sizes, 220,-330 and-440, starting at £799. Its depth is 2.5m. It's made from TenCate All-Season polyester, and is designed to be light in weight to handle, building without the panels zipped in, the smallest size weighs only 9kg as you feed it into the caravan rail.

What’s special

Futura designed it so that you can build it without the panels zipped in making it light in weight to handle. The valve is inside the porch; ideal when you are constructing it in rainy weather.

Contura Air All Season

Dorema Contura

Dorema is also launching a Contura porch for 2017, an airframe awning with a single-tube frame and a headroom of 1.9m throughout the porch. An annexe is available also with an airframe.

Like the Futura Air, the Contura can be built without the side panels in, to reduce weight.

You can zip the size panel windows and blinds part-way down.

The Contura is available in two sizes, 330 and 440, at £999 and £1249.

Outdoor Revolution


Outdoor Revolution Esprit

A new material emerges from Outdoor Revolution this year. It's called Pro 800HD (high density), an 800-denier polyester incorporating micro fibres and designed for strength. Outdoor Revolution uses this fabric for two models in the Esprit range, the 360 Pro (£1039 RRP) and 420 Pro.(£1219 RRP).

You can buy these caravan awnings in a lighter weight 600HD fabric. The Esprit 360 is £915; the 420 is £1099.

Esprit Pro models have a single inflation point; there are two valves so that when you come to take it down, the air flows out quickly.

What’s special

These awnings have proper curtains, rather than the zipped-in type often seen in porches; they’re made of white micro polyester held in place by nice bars across the windows.

The windows are tinted slightly brown, so the white curtains look white from inside and pale fawn from the outside.


Outdoor Revolution Esprit

A new porch arrives for 2017; the Elan 280 (£609). Its fabric is 600 denier polyester. A canopy is an optional extra and comes with steel poles.

Its total weight is 20.6kg, yet the porch, minus the pump and pegs, is just 16.9kg; that's a useful guide as to the weight of fabric you are feeding into the rail.

What’s special

It’s an outstanding looking porch, in pale minty green and cappuccino shades, with large windows at the front and sides, and blinds in white polyester

Europa Pro

Outdoor Revolution Europa Pro

In touch 800-denier fabric, the new airframe Europa Pro 380 is £1219. An airframe annexe is available.

What’s special

You can move the position of the door forwards to the outer edge of the porch to increase the size of your awning.

Outdoor Revolution Daisy Pegs

Also new from Outdoor Revolution us a range of awning pegs with flower tops; flat groundsheet pegs are also available with flower heads. They’re £16.99 for a case of 20.

From SunnCamp


The Inceptor Air Plus porch, previously only in one size, 390, now comes in 450 and 330cm sizes. These porches are made of Protek 300-denier fabric.

These models have windows (with blinds) in the roof, enhancing the light and bright interior look. On one side a huge mesh panel ensures proper ventilation; you can fit this panel on either side.

Our picture shows the 450 size; the depth of all three models is 325cm. The RRP of the 330 is £995; the 450 is £1145.

What‘s special

The depth; at 325cm, whichever size you chose there is plenty of space in these porches.

Advance Air Master

Sunncamp Advance air Master

Previously just in a 390 size, the Advance Air Master, a traditional-shaped awning, now comes in 300cm and 450cm (RRP £1031) widths. And a new colour – blue and grey. It's 240cm deep.

What’s special

A zip on 1.8m canopy comes as standard on Advance Air models. Powder-coated steel poles support it.

Fitted carpet for all models plus breathable grounds to fit all models

Globe Air


Sunncamp Globe Air

A new design for 2017, it comes complete with a zip-on sun canopy; like the canopy for the Advance Air, it has a channel to enable you to fit it to the awning rail on the offside of your caravan if you wish. The Globe Air is available in 350 (RRP £699) and 420 (RRP £770) sizes, both with a depth of 280cm.

Ultima Air Super Deluxe

Sunncamp Ultima Air Super Deluxe

This range (280 and 390 sizes; both 240cm deep) gets a new colour, grey, for 2017, and now buyers have the option of purchasing a zip-on canopy with a steel frame for this model; the Swift 390 also now gets this option. Optional inner tents are new for this year.



Outwell Smart Air caravan awningsOutwell, has introduced five new upmarket inflatable caravan awnings to its Smart Air Imperial Collection,

The fabric is Outtex 6000 HD, a Taslon polyester that undergoes a unique process to create a canvas-like dense-weave material designed to be robust and resilient.

The five new awnings include two Corsair models in 350 and 400 sizes, both with broad front canopies. At £699.99 and £879.99 and three Mirage porches ranging from £1049.99 to a 500-metre version at £1349.99.

What’s special

The broad front canopies on the Corsair models; large size of the biggest Mirage.

Atlantic Awning


Atlantic Awnings

With the rise in the popularity of siting tourers on a seasonal basis comes a new structure that’s more akin to a building than an awning.

Made in the Netherlands and imported by Atlantic Caravans in Cornwall, it’s constructed using 5.5cm box-section aluminium poles fixed to a purpose-made base. The roof and lower parts of the side panels are tough PVC, and the windows made from clear acrylic. The materials are then plastic welded together.

The Atlantic Awning is designed to be erected and left up year after year; Atlantic Caravans, therefore, recommend this unit for a seasonal pitch where the caravan can be left in place, rather than removed for the winter. And the price? Depending on size, around £9995.

What’s special

Think of the Atlantic as more conservatory than an awning. We've seen one up at Atlantic Caravans and were impressed by its rigidity.

Photo: Atlantic Caravans

From Quest


Omega 400 Performance Air Awning

Quest Omega

Omega is a traditional-style air awning, at the top of Quest’s range. It has very wide doors and huge windows with zip-up blinds.

Annexes can be attached to both sides. The panels are removable so that you can minimise the weight as you build. Its width is 400 cm, its depth 260 cm. Its RRP is £999.

What’s special

It comes with a wheeled carry bag!

Aires 260 and 350

Quest Aires

With triangular windows in the door and large front windows, the Aires is light and bright inside.

Both models are 2.6m deep. The RRP of the Aires 260m is £839); the 350 I £889.

Both the Omega and the Aires have sewn-in zip sleeves to contain Quest’s new awning LED strip light system, with a remote control. You can buy a central unit (£45), a 2.8m long light strip with both 12v and mains connectors, and a 2.2m extension unit. Both come with five metres of cable.

Lynx 200 Travel Smart

Quest Lynx

Another new air awning, this model is 2m wide and 235cm deep. It's an entry level porch, in a lightweight fabric, at just £299 (RRP) and weighing just 10.5kg.

What’s special

At just 10.5kg this super-lightweight porch will appeal to watchers of payload as well as buyers who want the lightest possible weight to lift as they build.

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