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Best dog friendly beaches for a caravan holiday (part two)


It’s easy to see why man’s best friend loves the coast: for a start, there’s so much space that they can run off into the distance and have a crafty wee in about 200 different locations while simultaneously pretending not to hear you when you’re trying to call them.

And given that their noses are about a thousand times more sensitive than ours, imagine how nice that salty sea air smells if you’re a Labrador.

So read our second of Dog Friendly Beaches instalment below, grab the car keys, pack the poo-bags and bring a few extra towels – it’s time to head to the coast…

Dog Friendly Beaches Part one | Part two

Rosemarkie Beach, Scotland

Not far from Aviemore and nestled right in the heart of stunning scenery in every direction, Rosemarkie is a beautiful little village with a dog-friendly beach to match. The sand and accompanying red cliffs and trees make it a perfect place for doggie exploration, and as a result the beach has become something of a go-to place for those whose canine chums wag their tails furiously at the slightest mention of the word ‘walkies’.

-- Secrets to a happy dog on holiday --

Barassie Beach, Scotland

South of Glasgow and a little bit west of Kilmarnock lies Barassie Beach, one of southern Scotland’s sandy dog friendly beaches. It’s so long and wide that you could probably fit an airport on it, and the views out to the Isle of Arran and the Firth of Clyde make you want to breath in, loudly exhale and thank your lucky stars you’re here and not at work.

Parking is easy and given that it’s also a popular beach for wind surfing, it means you can also watch some gnarly watersports while your dog plants his schnozz in the mind-boggling array of natural fauna on offer.

Broadstairs Beach, Kent

With a jovial atmosphere and 1950s postcard feel, Broadstairs Beach is one of those places that you could somehow only find in Blighty. Parking can be a bit of a pain, so if it’s getting busy then leave your car on the far side of town, get your pooch on a leash and then walk to the beach. Once there, set him free into acres upon acres of soft sand and shallow water.

Compton Bay, Isle Of Wight

With seemingly endless miles of sand-based delights, Compton Bay is arguably the most popular beach the Isle of Wight has to offer. Most of it is open to dogs all year round, and the dramatic scene of cliffs and rolling hills surrounding it make Compton an unrivalled place for some quality outdoor time with man’s best friend. Given its popularity, it’s unbelievably unspoilt, too.

Formby Beach, Liverpool

A massive expanse of sand in northern Scouseland makes Formby Beach perfect for dog-walking. Its huge size means you’re unlikely to be bothered by those annoying people who tut at you just because you’ve had the audacity to bring your dog for a run-around in the open air.  

​And it’s one of those dog friendly beaches that is beautifully bracing in winter as well. The price of the car park is a bit steep (£5 – we’re not joshing), but free road parking is available a short amble away.

Scarborough Beach, North Yorkshire

‘Are you going to Scarborough Fair?’ asked Simon and Garfunkel in 1968. The answer for man’s-best-friend owners, of course, is ‘No – we’re off to the beach to walk our dog instead.’

Scarborough’s huge sand-based coastal jaunts are ideal for pooches, and the town’s dramatic South Bay is arguably best. New hound-restrictions for summer were imposed in 2013, so sections of the beach are dog-free from 1 May to 30 September.

The dog-friendly beach bit is the section to the south of the imposing Valley Bridge (to the right if you’re looking out to sea from the bridge). Of course, unrestricted autumn/winter walking is your best bet.

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