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Craziest caravans


These extreme caravans will stop you in your tracks, or just give you something to laugh at. We love them...

Engine-powered caravans with no towcar? Double decker delights? Floating tourers (we know SoLiD is good against ingress but this is another level)... We've found them all.

Scroll down for some of the most mad and magnificent caravanning creations that we've ever seen, then take a look at the most unusual insurance claims, too!

Multicellular caravan

In a bid to provide "induvidualist tourists" with a caravan solution that's made just for them, Austrian design and architecture company Nonstandard has developed the Mehrzeller multicellular caravan.

In Nonstandard's words: "Using our configurator, we set up a design that is unique for our customers, including their own layout that they can identify with. The configuration is generated by a computer using the customer’s inputs, and then the final design is done by parameters from the architects to yield an attractive and practicable result. The caravans are produced using the principles of 'mass customization' – this allows both the individual wishes of the customer to be accommodated while producing the caravan with series methods."

-- You won't believe some of these caravan stories! Click to read --

Techy stuff aside, the Mehrzeller caravan looks bonkers, in a really good way. The pod-like effect of the interior provides plenty of cosy corners for creature comfort, all while looking like something out of a futuristic sci-fi special. From the outside you can forget about sleek lines and aerodynamics – instead, just imagine rolling up on site with this next-generation monochrome Rubik's Cube.

Pics courtesy of nonstandard.at and stuhlhofer-wolf. For more information visit the Mehrzeller website.

Turbo caravan

Can't get enough tugging power with your towcar? Why not just fit your caravan with a Renault 1.4 turbo engine? See the video here.


Smallest caravan?

Not exactly one to take the family away in, the QTVan still packs a surprising amount of equipment into its single-berth shell.

Built to beat the queues for the Royal Wedding in 2011, the tiny tourer features a full-sized bed, 19in colour TV, radio, alarm clock, book shelves, a drinks cabinet and a few more optional extras.

The QTVan has also been adapted to allow bikes to tow, increasing enviro appeal.

Extreme towing

The Gall Boys take adventure travel to another level, trekking across the outback and beyond to some seriously scenic locations with wonderful wildlife and plenty of unexpected experiences.

More importantly, they show us how to really put a trailer through its paces, towing over some ridiculous terrain and getting away with it to tow another day. Just looking at one minute of this video puts more strain on our caravanning brains than a whole career of pulling on normal roads!

For plenty more clips of trips, information and opportunities to buy their DVDs, visit thegallboys.com


Biod Bambi caravan

Most of us choose a life of caravanning because it gives us the opportunity to take our home on the road, stopping and pitching up wherever we want to in the country, on the continent and beyond. However, what if instead of our prized belongings and a comfortable bed, it was a garden that we wanted to share with the world?

That's exactly how Kevin van Braak thought when he created this green scheme garden dream on wheels. If Charlie Dimmock was into touring, this is probably what she'd pull behind her environmental towcar.

Kevin explains: "My caravan appears to be no different from any other caravan when it is pulled behind a car, when opened it manifests itself as an artificial garden, park."

Images courtesy of Kevin van Braak.


Silverstone caravan race from 1974

Caravans and towcars take to the track for a retro race at the iconic Northamptonshire circuit. See the video here.


Is it a boat? Is it a caravan? No, it's the Sealander!

It almost seems natural to think of a towable caravan that can transform and take to the waters, albeit a thought that's little bit comic book sci-fi. After all, people tow their boats to nearby waterways and then launch for a brief life of aquatic luxury, don't they?

The on-board 5hp electric motor is enough to propel you across calm water, while the removable roof makes for and ideal floating sunbed on a fishing trip or just for relaxing on a river or lake.

• Approx measurements: 389cm x 160cm x 185cm
• Approx weight: 380kg

For more information on ‘Der Schwimmcaravan’ click here.


Caravan French police chase

We're guessing that this guy doesn't often worry about how much space he needs either side of his pitch. See the video here.


Drive away with a double decker

Straight from the Småland region of Sweden, Kabe has been manufacturing caravans since the start of the '60s, with its simple red and white bodywork covering a vast number of different products since. As if the epically long Hacienda measuring in at over 11m wasn't enough, Kabe wanted to go a step further by slapping an extra floor on top of it's already luxurious ranges.

Seemingly towable only by Challenger II tank, the Royal Tower featured a balcony, leather upholstery, full surround sound system, dishwasher, air conditioning and more – a specification list worthy of a multi-multimillionaire's Monaco-moored yacht with a hefty pricetag of around €105,000.

Just make sure the journey to your campsite of choice doesn't involve going under any bridges! For more information on Kabe's 1012 ranges – Gem, Royal, Royal Hacienda, and Travel Master 880 motorhomes – visit the website here.


Tourer takes on a drag strip

We often hear of caravanners flouting the law and towing above the speed limit. On the roads it's not big and it's not clever, but if you really want to do it then do it properly – get yourself an Chevrolet Impala SS and get to a drag strip! See the video here.


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