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Top 10 Weird Tents!


Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Tents!

We all know that tents can come in all different shapes and sizes, but we have managed to find ten of the world's oddest. Check out our list below to see if you agree, and find out how you can win one of them too!

1. The bubble tent

There’s nothing like sleeping under the stars, and this bizarre see-through tent provides the ultimate in panoramic views. You might want to bring your own curtains though!

Bubble tent

The Bubbletree is the creation of French designer Pierre Stephan Dumas and the transparent tents can be hired at sites across France for £400 a night.

Check out bubbletree.fr

2. Tree tents

You can always rely on the Dutch to come up with a wacky creation – it must be something in the cakes...

Tree tents

These onion shaped tents designed by Dre Wapenaar hang from trees like giant pods from a 1970s sci-fi movie. They were originally inspired by British eco-activists but are now on a campsite in Holland.

Check out drewapenaar.com

3. The luxury tent resort

These futuristic, cube-shaped tents at a luxury resort in Jaipur in India are surely the ultimate in glamping.

Resort tentsResort tents

Inside the 500sq ft tents, “the tactile and sensual elements come alive”. Each tent has large bay windows with light filtering curtains and a high roof that forms a canopy over the bed. The interiors are done in shades of red stone, concrete and wood and a pavilion extends into a private outdoor garden.

Check out rasaresorts.in

4. Dress tent

The world of fashion has always been camp, but now it’s all got very in-tents.

Dress tentdress tent

Artists Adrienne Pao and Robin Lasser designed these outlandish outfits. Sadly they are not for sale.

Check out robinlasser.com

5. World’s tallest tent

At 490ft tall, this tent should provide enough headroom for even the tallest camper.

tallest tent

Designed by the British architects Foster & Partners, the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre in Kazakhstan opened in 2010. Inside the huge leisure centre, visitors will find shops, restaurants and cinemas – and even an artificial beach.

Check out bbc.co.uk/news

6. Sociable camping

The Abri Socio is the creation of a designer named Becky Greenwood. Her idea was to bring campers closer together without sacrificing their privacy.

Social tent

It works by connecting various two man tents with helpful storage units. Possibly a good idea, but it just looks weird.

Check out yankodesign.com

7. Solar powered tent

Glastonbury is the spiritual home of all things alternative, so it’s fitting that mobile phone company Orange chose the festival to show off this prototype for a solar tent.

solar tent

Its cutting edge technology would allow campers to keep in touch and power their essential camping gadgets using power from the sun.

Check out newsroom.orange.co.uk

8. Jacket tent

Is it a jacket, is it a tent? Yes. It’s both.

Jacket tent

If the dress tents above seemed weird, at least they were ‘art’. These crazy creations are genuine products, which somehow makes them all the more bizarre. At least it makes packing easier.

Check out jakpak.com

9. Dog house tent

Bad behaviour at a festival means you could end up in the doghouse, so this barking mad tent seems appropriate.

dog house tentwin me
This kennel-shaped tent, made by the people who brought us the VW Campervan tent, comes complete with its own dog bowl. Just don’t ask us why!

Check out themonsterfactory.com

10. Concrete tent

You might think sleeping in a recycled concrete pipe is a bit weird, and you’d be right.

concrete tent

The Das Parkhotel, created by Austrian designer Andreas Strauss, is basically a pipe dropped in the middle of a park in the city of Ottensheim – but with the added luxury of a double bed, storage space, light, power and a sleeping bag.

Check out dasparkhotel.net

Have you seen any weird and wonderful tents on your camping travels? Why not share them with us on the camping section of our online gallery. Just click here to start!

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