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Camping storage: a complete guide


Camping is all about the great outdoors, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice organisation and comfort in your family tent

Whether you're a seasoned camper or just starting, you'll soon realise that having efficient camping storage solutions can make a world of difference.

In this article, we'll explore various storage options for your family tent when you're on a campsite.

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Words by Iain Duff


Camping clothes storage

One of the primary challenges when camping is keeping your clothes organised and dry. Traditional plastic bags may suffice for a while, but there are better alternatives available. Consider investing in PVC holdalls or heavy-duty bags designed to keep everything dry.

Not only do they protect your clothes, sleeping bags, and pillows from the elements, but they can also double as extra seating. Large dry bags are perfect for isolating dirty laundry, preventing unpleasant odours from spreading.

Pro Tip: To keep your clean clothes fresh and dry, store them separately from used gear in dry bags. These bags can also be repurposed as cushions, maximising their utility.

Camping storage for food

Efficiently storing food is crucial to a successful camping trip. Tote boxes are your best friend here. They are versatile and can store everything from footwear to first aid kits, games, and cooking gear. Label each box with its contents for easy access

Boxes with lids can be stacked neatly inside your tent. Additionally, consider using small plastic tubs with watertight lids for condiments like salt, pepper, and tea bags to keep them fresh and dry.

Camping storage for toiletries

Keeping your toiletries organised is essential for hygiene and convenience. Set up small boxes next to each sleeping bag to store personal belongings like torches, water bottles, phones, and books safely.

Brands like "Really Useful" boxes or "Lock & Lock" are ideal for this purpose. Don't forget to utilise the mesh storage pockets built into most tents – they are there for a reason!

Camping storage for the kitchen

Efficient storage in your camping kitchen can make meal preparation a breeze. Invest in camping cupboards and wardrobes, available in various sizes and configurations. Some come with shelving and drawers, providing a functional kitchen workspace.

This set-up keeps your cooking gear and food neatly stashed away. Consider collapsible dish bowls to hold dirty dishes and transport them to and from the sinks easily.

Camping storage units

Tote boxes

(Photo by Iain Duff)

If you're on a longer holiday in a large tent, you have the luxury of setting up properly. Make your tent more comfortable by investing in storage furniture for your living, sleeping, and kitchen areas. Camping cupboards and wardrobes with hard tops can provide useful worktop space and help you keep your space tidy.

Camping storage tips

Here are some additional tips to maximise your camping storage:


Only bring what you have room for to avoid overcrowding your tent.


Consider the dual functionality of items; choose versatile gear whenever possible.


Repurpose carry bags that come with camping equipment for other on-site needs.


Keep head torches in a designated spot to avoid fumbling around in the dark.


Use spare rooms or annexes in your tent for additional storage or as a playroom for kids on rainy days.


If space is limited, store clean clothes in the car but bring in the next day's clothes the night before to avoid early morning trips.


How can I save space for camping?

To save space while camping, invest in versatile storage solutions like tote boxes and camping cupboards. Label containers for easy access and consider using the car for overflow storage.

What is the best storage for camping clothes?

PVC holdalls and dry bags are excellent options for keeping camping clothes dry and organised.

How do I organise the inside of my tent?

Organise your tent by using labelled tote boxes, mesh storage pockets, and camping cupboards to store gear efficiently.

How do you store dirty clothes when camping?

Use large dry bags or collapsible bowls to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones, preventing odours from spreading.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, having the right camping storage solutions can significantly enhance your camping experience. By following these tips and investing in the appropriate storage gear, you can keep your family tent tidy, organised, and comfortable, no matter how long your outdoor adventure lasts. Happy camping!

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