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Nikwax camping products - 2022 Essential Guide


  2022 essential guide to camping

See what Nikwax has to offer in 2022. Find out more information on their website.

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Words by Iain Duff, Editor of Camping magazine

Photos courtesy of Nikwax


Highlights for 2022

  • This year, Nikwax has launched its first sustainability report, which covers its achievements and goals in the following areas:

  • Clean Chemistry: Nikwax aftercare products are water-based, PFC-free and have never used aerosols.

  • Conservation: Nikwax partners with conservation organisations to help preserve the natural world. The company is also active on a local level.

  • Circularity: Nikwax aftercare products enhance the performance and extend the usable lifetime of outdoor clothing, footwear and gear.

  • Climate Action: Operational emissions have been offset since launch and Nikwax has developed a climate action plan to do even more.

  • Ethical & Fair: Nikwax says it is a values-oriented organisation and believes in treating the people it works with fairly and equally.

  • Experts & Partners: Nikwax believes in sharing knowledge and expertise, while learning from others.


Nikwax SolarWash & SolarProof

Nikwax SolarWash & SolarProof

Nikwax high-performance SolarWash & SolarProof twin pack will help you get your tent and camping kit prepared and capable of withstanding all weathers. Nikwax products are reliable, easy to apply and all the family can get involved. SolarWash is an easy-to-use, spray-on technical cleaner designed to clean and protect your tent or awning.

It provides UV protection for synthetic and canvas tents and gear, cleans effectively, revitalises water repellency and breathability, and extends the useful life of fabrics by protecting against UV damage.

You can add Durable Water Repellency (DWR) to your tent – with some extra UV protection – using Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof. Simply spray on wet or dry to protect synthetic tents from harmful UV damage. One application can double the life of fabrics, so it is a worthwhile investment.

It’s not just tents and awnings that need some TLC. SolarWash and SolarProof can be used to clean and protect other outdoor fabrics, from gazebos, toilet tents and fabric camping chairs to sun shades and rucksacks.

As well as extending the life of your camping gear, which means you need to replace it less often, you can relax safe in the knowledge that Nikwax products are kind to our natural environment, too. They are all water-based, PFC-free and Nikwax has never used any harmful aerosols or fluorocarbons.

Nikwax Cotton Proof

Nikwax Cotton Proof

For canvas tents and awnings, it is recommended that you clean with Nikwax SolarWash first. It will remove any dirt and contaminants, revive breathability and add UV protection, which will extend the life of the fabric.

As with all Nikwax aftercare products, Cotton Proof is water-based and contains no hazardous chemicals or PFCs, so is safe for the user and for the environment.

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Nikwax Tech Wash & TX.Direct Wash-In

Nikwax Tech Wash & TX.Direct Wash-In

Waterproof clothing loses its water repellency over time, leaving you feeling cold and wet. Standard laundry detergents can damage the water repellency of the fabric and leave a water-attracting residue behind, so it’s important to use the right products to care for your waterproof clothes.

Tech Wash and TX.Direct have independently been proven to be the best-performing care system for waterproof gear. They can safely be used in your washing machine with no need to wait for the clothes to dry in between treatments.

Tech Wash is an easy-to-use technical cleaner for outdoor clothing and synthetic sleeping bags. It effectively removes dirt and stains, whilst restoring the DWR of water-repellent fabrics and reviving breathability.

TX.Direct Wash-In is an easy-to-use waterproofing product that will bring a jacket back to its original waterproof performance whilst maintaining breathability, so that you stay drier, warmer and more comfortable. Nikwax products are water-based, PFC-Free and manufactured with care for the environment in mind.

Contact details

Nikwax Ltd
Unit F,
Durgates Industrial Estate,
East Sussex



01892 786400


Nikwax has been making high-performance, reliable, environmentally friendly waterproofing products in the UK for 45 years. Cleaning and proofing your camping and waterproof gear with Nikwax will help it last longer, saving you money and allowing you to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.

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