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Campingaz Products 2019



Born from a love of camping and outdoor living, Campingaz has created products that are instinctive and inspired, this year they are celebrating 70 years of expertise. Trusted by generations of campers and barbecue enthusiasts, creating safe, reliable products that never fail to deliver, they go the extra mile to ensure peace of mind wherever their products may take you.

With a focus on gas safety, the attention to detail includes additional measures to ensure cylinders and cartridges are easy to handle, efficient and most importantly safe for everyone. Gas cylinders and cartridges go through rigorous testing in and out of the factory whilst their new gas finder makes it easy to locate one of their 14,000 stockist across 22 countries campingaz.com/gasfinder/

The Campingaz Party Grill 600 is ideal for family camping and cooking for a group of people. This free-standing stove offers plenty of culinary cooking options and multiple cooking surfaces with the option to grill, griddle, barbecue and pan cook and the lid even doubles up as an oven! Its handy collect-and-tip away cleaning system makes it easy to remove excess fat and residue, whilst the piezo ignition lights at the press of a button. Easily transportable, the stove comes with a handy carry bag and working off a Campingaz R907 cylinder (sold separately) it offers an extra-long run time of up to 9.5 hours. A real reinvention of campsite cooking, it’s the perfect camping companion.
Expect to pay £200

An extremely efficient high performance gas cartridge lantern, the Lumostar Plus PZ offers easy access to the mantle and a strong and reliable integrated globe protection guard. The lantern is armed with extensive safety features for peace of mind. A handy piezo ignition lights by simply pressing the button and the run time is up to 12 hours on a Campingaz CV470 resealable gas cartridge (sold separately).
Expect to pay £38.50

The Campingaz Series 400ST double burner is easy to transport and simple to use. Cooking your campsite fry-up just got a whole lot easier with an integrated grill so you can cook and toast at the same time. The powerful burners feature Xcelerate technology, offering high performance even in windy conditions. Table top supports ensure maximum stability and the burner folds away and a handle makes it easy to transport wherever you end up. Operates off Campingaz cylinders (sold separately).
Expect to pay £120

This perfectly portable stove offers a diverse range of cooking options, ideal on the campsite or at a festival. Large enough to feed the family, cooking options include direct burner for pan cooking, a non-stick grill and griddle, and the lid even converts to a wok for al-fresco stir-fries. It’s easy to clean with a grease collector where you simply add water then tip and wipe after use. The piezo ignition lights at the push of a button and it packs away to minimal proportions in a handy carry bag so it can accompany you on any adventure. It operates of Campingaz CV Plus cartridges (sold separately) offering up to 3 hours of run time. Campsite cooking doesn’t need to be boring!
Expect to pay £110

This high performance active cooler allows you to choose the performance and efficiency level with four separate modes. This includes a ‘Night’ mode which operates at a lower noise level, ‘ECO’ mode which is ideal for saving energy and ‘MAX’ mode which provides the ultimate cooling performance. Made from injected PU Insulation so no gaps are left unfilled, with rounded edges and thicker insulation at the base, this cooler is designed to deliver optimum cooling performance, whatever the weather.
Expect to pay £100


The Courtyard, Wraxhall Hill, Wraxhall, Bristol BS48 1NA
01275 845024





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