Used Motorhome Price Guide


If you're looking to buy or sell a used motorhome, this guide to current market prices should help...

Setting accurate secondhand values is always tricky, although it’s been made much easier with the internet. The problem is there is a massive variety of new motorhomes on sale each year and when many are sold they have extra equipment fitted. This means it is likely that there will be no two secondhand models that are exactly the same.

Below is a list of guides to prices of used motorhomes on dealer forecourts with some hints and tips for working out the value of yours

Micro Campers and Motorhomes - Published April 2017 issue

End Kitchen Campervans - Published Summer 2017 issue

End Kitchen/Washroom High-Top Campers - Published June 2017 issue

End Washroom High-Top Campers - Published August 2017 issue

Fixed Bed (French, Singles, Transverse Double) High-Top Campers - Published December 2016

Bunk Beds (High-Tops and Coachbuilts) - Published March 2017 issue

End Kitchen Coachbuilts - Published November 2016 issue

End Washroom Coachbuilts - Published February 2017 issue

French Bed Coachbuilts - Published May 2017 issue

Island Bed Coachbuilts - Published October 2017 issue

Rear Lounge Coachbuilts - Published July 2017 issue

Twin Lounge Coachbuilts - Published September 2017 issue


ON THE WEB: Search the ‘motorhomes for sale’ section which has hundreds of used motorhomes for sale, both privately and by dealers.

Also, type the entire name of your motorhome and model year into a search engine and see what comes up. If that doesn’t bring up any useful results, then type in a more generic search, without the year or the model number, for example. Dealer websites and classified adverts don’t always display this information.

With older models, it gets even more difficult, so you could elect to search by year only, entering ‘[reg year] motorhome’ into the search box. This will bring up a selection of motorhomes at the same age. You could then find a similar model to yours – same make different layout, different make and same layout, etc.

Also try different spellings as many models for sale on the internet have the brand or range name spelt wrong!


READ THE MAGAZINES: It’s not just a question of checking the classified adverts at the back of magazines, the dealer adverts with motorhome listings are also a mine of information. These change each month, so it’s worth checking every issue. Subscribe to the magazine and get it delivered direct to your door


MAKE A PHONE CALL: Talk to motorhome dealers. Explain you’re looking for a value of your current model, perhaps for insurance purposes. Many dealers have access to trade price guides, but these are only a guide to help them value used motorhomes.

Dealers are experts and many, especially those who sell the brand of motorhome you own, will have a good idea of the market value of your model. Some dealers specialise in specific types, ages and brands of motorhome, so going to one that has several of the same type as your own for sale is likely to produce better results.

If you have a motorhome from a small-scale producer (like many campervan converters in the UK), then going back to the original manufacturer may help – it is likely to know what a customer will pay for your secondhand model and it may even offer to buy it from you or to sell it for you.


TALK TO OWNERS: Find an owners’ club for your brand of motorhome. Many owners are happy to share information about the deals they’ve secured and any offers they may have had on their motorhome, which may help you set a realistic price for yours. You can find a list of clubs here