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Camping Awards 2024 category: Best Tent Brand of the Year

WINNER – Best Tent Brand of the Year 2024

Terra Nova

A Terra Nova tent

(Photo courtesy of Terra Nova)

Inside the factory of Terra Nova

(Photo by Iain Duff)

The Terra Nova Voyager tent

(Photo courtesy of Terra Nova)

Why Terra Nova?

Not many tent manufacturers can boast of having a Guinness World Record, but that’s one of the many accolades picked up by Derbyshire-based Terra Nova Equipment over the years. Now, to add to that list, is the prestigious title of Tent Brand of the Year for 2024, as voted for you, the readers of Camping magazine and our online platforms.

Terra Nova is a true British success story – an independent company that has thrived while others have struggled, especially in the last few years of Brexit, Covid and the cost of living crisis.

Over the years the brand has specialised in lightweight technical tents, for backpacking and hiking adventures, and has developed a band of loyal fans.

Husband and wife team, Andy Utting and Carolyn Budding, transferred their ownership to an Employee Ownership Trust in 2022 after 22 years at the helm.

They say the move gave staff a greater sense of ownership and allowed them to take advantage of the benefits as the business developed.

Production capabilities have been retained at their Derbyshire factory, allowing the company to experiment with niche and bespoke products.


Andy says,

“We are in the business of facilitating sport, adventure and travel that is outdoor recreation. Our business has been built on the ideas of enthusiasts, users and experts in designing and manufacturing some of the best specialist products in the world“


Terra Nova has a long history in tent-making, producing world-leading outdoor gear since 1980, having started out as Wintergear, with geodesic mountain tents and bivi bags. The iconic Quasar was first introduced in 1983 and is still part of the range today.

Wintergear was bought by Wild Country in 1986 and seven years later Terra Nova Equipment was formed.

The last 20 years have seen the brand establish itself as a leader in the design and development of ultra-lightweight gear, including the LaserLite, which in 2004 was officially handed the title of the lightest tent in the world, at 960g. Currently, the lightest tent in the range is the Laser Pulse Ultra 1, which weighs in at just 480g, less than a typical bag of flour!

Other significant developments included the launch of the first PU/silicone flysheet fabric in 1994, the first use of bonded seams in commercially produced tents, and specially designed tents for bikepacking.

Sister company, Wild Country, successfully launched its Zonda range of inflatable family tents in 2020.

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