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Park home advice: top five reasons to update your park or holiday home


The top five reasons why most owners decide to make changes to their park home. Residential park homes need attention as much as any other type of home. Maintenance of a holiday home is just as important. You want to look after your investment in leisure. After all, you might spend many months of the year in your leisure retreat.
We’ve been finding out what factors make park and holiday home owners decide they need to have work done on their homes. Here are the top five:

  1. Keeping warm
    Humans have survived over millennia through making shelters to keep out the weather. It’s a basic human need; people like being warm and dry in their homes. Sometimes, however, we need to improve our homes to make the most of new home improvement technology.
    And, a top reason for park home owners to refurbish their homes is to enhance insulation on older homes.
  2. Keeping the bills down
    Another big reason for park home refurbishments is that it costs significant money to heat an older home, built before insulation standards became as high as they are today in new homes. When owners of older homes work out the cost of heating versus the cost of refurbishing, the sums usually show it makes sense to refurbish their homes.
  3. Enhancing wall insulation
    We got advice from Anne Barradine, owner of Insulated Homes Ltd, who explains plywood is the main component in most park home walls. In some older park homes, she says, the walls need repairs on a regular basis. When the frequency and repair bills become too much, she says, owners decide it’s time to replace some or all of the wall panels with modern, insulated units, which can easily be done.
  4. Making major changes
    If you’ve bought a pre-owned park home, or you decide you want to make major changes to your park home after several years’ ownership, the good news is that it can be done. It’s possible to make changes to the layout or even extend it to get more space. Fortunately, you have more flexibility in what you can do with a park home compared to a ‘bricks and mortar’ home, says Anne Barradine.
  5. Creating a new look
    ‘A change is as good as a rest’, the saying goes. Often owners fancy a change in their park home to refresh tired décor. The same goes for a holiday home after a few years. A new interior look is all about maintaining pride in your park or holiday home. Options include a new bathroom, kitchen, decking or even adding a conservatory, or sunroom.

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