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Park home advice: maintenance tips for the interior and exterior of your park home


The accepted advice is that you should paint the external walls of your park home every three to five years.

Make sure you use a high-quality paint designed for the job.

Resitex, maker of thermoplastic paints and finishes and primers, makes paint specifically designed for park and holiday homes.

Resifine is a DIY product and the recommended application is by brush or roller. It’s a mixture of flexible resins and powders which makes up a coating which controls mould.

Resitex says that even in exposed conditions Resifine will cover cracks and fill minor holes. You can use it on timber and many park and holiday home textured surfaces. It’s available in various colours.


Maybe it’s time for a new-look interior to your park or holiday home. Décor, upholstery, bathrooms and kitchens – it can all be done.


It’s easy to replace free-standing chairs and sofas with new seating. But the built-in furniture that’s a feature of some holiday homes may be harder to replace, so reupholstering might be the best option. There are firms which specialise in reupholstery.

A word of caution, however, if you replace old furniture with new. Before you decide on your new furniture, measure the doors in your park or holiday home. That’s to ensure you can get any new furniture through your doors!


Over time, your bathroom may begin to look tired. Baths and showers can stain over the years, especially in hard water areas.

Or, you might want to change the colour scheme of your bathroom and shower room, as fashions alter and your taste changes too.

Find a company that specialises in park home kitchen or bathroom refurbishments. They will understand the structure and specialities of park homes.

For example, Exel Park Homes provides a full design and installation for park and holiday bathrooms and kitchens.

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