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Park home maintenance advice


From chassis to roof — Your park home chassis, roof and guttering need to be kept in top condition — and older homes may benefit from insulation.

Keeping a park home in top condition usually involves some expert assistance, just like any other sort of home. Where park homes differ, though, is that they need experts in park home maintenance, rather than general home maintenance.

That’s because park home structure is different, so needs people experienced in that type of structure. And, of course, park homes are the only type of homes to have chassis — and that element demands specialist knowledge.

That’s where a company specialising in park homes comes in. Park Home Doctors’ team is experienced in all types of refurbishment, installation, maintenance and repair work to park homes. We’ve been getting some advice from Park Home Doctors. Services offered include roofing refurbishment, insulation and chassis maintenance.

Roofing refurbishment

Roofing refurbishment

Rather than replacing a roof, Park Home Doctors will refurbish a roof, ensuring it’s watertight, and with a guarantee. This is quicker and costs less than a new roof.

There are three main stages to this refurbishment. The tiles are checked and repinned. Any damaged ones are replaced; any moss and dirt is cleaned off. Then the roof is coated with an exterior coating and silicone spray for weather-proofing.

Roofing refurbishment treatment

Chassis maintenance

This service includes underfloor insulation and levelling. A park home’s chassis is out of sight and largely out of mind — but it’s actually a most important part of the home’s structure simply because it underpins every other element.

Chassis are open to the elements and can be affected by any build-up of snow, or mud or, of course, should any flooding occur. Without adequate protection, the steel frame of the chassis can corrode and rust, making it brittle and prone to cracking or even, in extreme cases, buckling under the weight of the park home and its contents. Support jacks can corrode, too, making the chassis even more vulnerable to deterioration.

Early signs of damage to watch for include squeaky or uneven floors. More serious symptoms include floor movement and dampness leading to heat loss. The most severe cases could lead to the roof cracking or the park home floor subsiding, say advisors at Park Home Doctors.

The Park Home Doctors can carry out a detailed inspection of the chassis of your park home. The team can then provide a full service to restrengthen and condition the chassis, add support jacks where necessary and provide underfloor insulation with a guarantee of the work for 15 years.


Underfloor, cavity and roof insulation can reduce heating bills dramatically. Preventing your home from losing warmth through the walls, floor and roof and cutting out draughts will make a huge difference to the way your park home feels, as well as to your bills.

Park Home Doctors uses Celotex, the latest in insulation technology, for its insulation projects. The aluminium surfaces are coated to give durability and protection against corrosion, creating a waterproof insulation system to protect from dampness and the traditional wet English weather.

The aluminium layers help to reflect radiant heat back into the park home, helping to keep it warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

The service also includes lagging of water pipes to prevent damage as a result of frost. The work is guaranteed for 15 years.

Using the company’s state-of-the-art remote camera technology, park home-owners can see what work has been done from the comfort of their home and the Park Home Doctors team tells us that owners will feel the difference immediately — and soon they’ll be turning down the heating!

Exterior refurbishment

Exterior refurbishment

This is about cladding, painting and coating. The home’s appearance will be enhanced and it will be made more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The first stage in the process is to remove old timber boardings and any rotten structural supports, replacing them with new and specially treated support timbers and boardings.

Park Home Doctors then adds a layer of insulation, using high-quality, lightweight materials.

The exterior coating service uses Resitex Coatings, which is specially formulated for park homes and is highly weatherproof, designed for homes both in the countryside and at the coast in salty weather conditions. Resitex comes in a variety of colours and finishes to complement your park home.

Park Home Doctors coats the park home with up to three coats of Resitex to seal and waterproof against the elements and then uses several coats of special Silicone Spray Finish for additional weather-proofing.

Park Home Doctors can replace just specific areas and still match the exterior surface to the park home. The exterior refurbishment programmes can be customised for your specific requirements.

Find out more here: parkhomedoctors.co.uk

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