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Our guide to 'cheap' motorhomes in 2024


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the cheap motorhome does not exist, even in the basement of eBay or other auction sites

The ever-rising cost of living has hit the motorhome market fair and square, along with the impact of rising component prices. However, there are still bargains to be had, even if they may not be as affordable as they once were.

The term to bear in mind here is 'great value'. Ask yourself what you are getting for your money – those that hit the mark are fitting the right specification, allowing life’s little luxuries that people may desire to be fitted afterwards, as and when funds allow.

And what is one person’s essential item of spec, may be someone else’s non-essential luxury and vice versa, so we do understand that value can be quite subjective. That’s why the lowest-priced motorhome may not always be the best for your specific needs.

Words by Rachel Scholes, Deputy Editor of MMM


What makes a 'cheap' motorhome?

You don't need an expensive 'van to explore

(Photo from Unsplash)

We bandy the term ‘entry-level motorhome’ around a lot, but that, too, is subjective. Premium brands have entry-level motorhomes, which may actually be more at the middle end of the motorhome price range, or even top end.

With chassis manufacturers having increased their prices significantly (and specs to a lesser degree), plus the general rise in the costs of everything from wages to gas and diesel, it is unlikely that prices of new motorhomes will drop. Used vehicle prices seem to be holding firm, too – held up by the ever higher cost of buying new.

If you’re on a budget, the cheapest way to buy a motorhome is certainly to buy used, but, for peace of mind, purchase through a reputable motorhome dealer and always with as long a warranty as you can get. If, however, you’re tempted by a private sale or online auction, beware of scams – a vehicle that looks too cheap almost always does so for a reason. Also, at the very bottom end of the market (which can still be £20k or more), there may be issues that will need resolving (damp problems are the most common and can be very expensive, or even uneconomic, to fix).

If buying new, there are a couple of ways to minimise the cost and the key can be to buy outright with cash, if you can – finance, especially at the moment, can be very expensive.

Another option, and bear with us on this, is to consider peer-to-peer rental, basically hiring out your motorhome to others through a recognised business that takes the worry out of the process for you. This may not be possible if you’re having to fund the purchase through finance or a loan, but it might enable you to afford a newer or plusher motorhome if you're willing to let others drive and live in your pride and joy.

New and affordable motorhomes

Here's our pick of the current new models for sale in the 2024 season. Remember, too, if you need tailored advice on the right model for you, get in touch, via our social channels or by email.

Hillside Birchover S

Hillside Birchover S
Hillside Birchover S interior

There’s a premium to be had for Volkswagen campers, but many will stipulate that there’s no substitute. Hillside has been converting vee-dubs for nearly 20 years, and is one of the very few to proudly display Motorhome Qualification Scheme status from VW itself. The company produces a range of campervans, with the Birchover S kicking things off at £51,995.

That’s the price for a T6.1 Transporter with 89bhp (90PS) engine with black bumpers. However, you do still get a good level of spec that includes rear parking sensors, air-con, 6.5in touchscreen radio, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors, hill hold and ESP and a multifunction steering wheel.

The conversion gets all the basics, too, including the high-quality SCA roof, RIB seat/bed, 50-litre fridge, two-burner hob and an AGM battery with split charging. If you feel you can push the boat out then there’s a range of engine upgrades, an automatic gearbox or even four-wheel drive. Don’t worry about these but go for the diesel heating for greater comfort on chilly nights.

Find out more: Hillside Birchover S  

CMC HemBil Escape-SL

CMC HemBil Escape-SL
CMC HemBil Escape-SL interior

Another highly respected name in VW campervans, with an even longer back history, CMC (Concept Multi-Car) actually offers its Escape model on Renault and Ford bases, too.

If you want to keep costs down on the VW, go for the Smart Line version which starts at £57,000 with the 108bhp engine.

The Escape-SL, from the HemBil range, comes with a slightly narrower kitchen unit along the offside, which allows for a wider bed (many campers of this type are a tight fit at night). Equally important is the Reimo Variotech seat system, and the fact that it slides on bonded rails, allowing you to set the seat forward for travelling/boot space or at the very rear for more floor space, is more unusual at this price point.

With only top-quality components used throughout this HemBil camper, there’s no need to sacrifice safety or practicality in a market awash with brands that can’t match CMC’s reputation.

Find out more: CMC HemBil Escape-SL  

Swift Voyager 475

Swift Voyager 475
Swift Voyager 475 interior

Not only is this one of the most affordable coachbuilt motorhomes currently for sale (from £69,995), it’s a brilliantly designed model for family holidays, winning our Best Family Motorhome award for 2024.

The Voyager’s modern interior manages to be both stylish and simple and the layout is full of clever details that make it ideal for getaways with kids.

The more unusual features of this motorhome, however, are the key reasons to buy it. That overcab means one of the beds is out of the way over the cab (instead of a drop-down which sacrifices your lounge when deployed). Another plus is the pullman dinette lounge, which offers seatbelts for three further passengers (as well as those two belted seats in the cab). Then, there’s a second seating area at the back for mum and dad to get some quiet time while the kids play up front.

While other brands offer this layout, Swift has created a much more open-plan feel, with a sideboard-style cabinet that creates more floor space and offers vital storage. The dinette seats are also worth a mention – they are shaped for comfier travel.

Finally, the specification levels are not to be sniffed at, with Ford's 155bhp motor under the bonnet, a 12in touchscreen display, reversing camera and front fog lamps, to name but a few features from a surprisingly comprehensive spec.

Find out more: Swift Voyager 475  

Bailey Endeavour B62

Bailey Endeavour B62
Bailey Endeavour B62 interior

This was one of our Campervan Award winners for 2024, taking the title of Best Large Campervan.

Not only does it have a great rear lounge and good storage, the sub-£70k (£69,999) price belies a comprehensive kit list that includes an overcab sunroof, awning, solar panel, 84-litre fridge, oven and grill, diesel heating and hot water, alloy wheels, metallic paint and an automatic gearbox mated to the 155bhp engine.

The fact that the prototype we tested was thoroughly proven on a three-week trip to the Sahara is a testament to how much work has gone into developing this brand-new model.

Find out more: Bailey Endeavour B62  

Itineo Famili CJ660

Itineo Famili CJ660
Itineo Famili CJ660 interior

A-classes are often considered to be the ultimate motorhomes, but there are a small number of brands offering this type of vehicle at more competitive prices.

One such is Itineo, part of the Rapido Group. Its A-classes can be genuinely referred to as entry-level motorhomes, with this CJ660 starting from £72,700. It’s a slimline model, with the reduced width being particularly appealing to those not used to driving a large vehicle, or those wanting to get to more out-of-the-way destinations.

Also of note is the generous payload, easily allowing this model to travel and sleep four or load up the rear garage. The 3.5-tonne chassis also allows those with only category B on their driving licence to get behind the wheel.

There are numerous standout features in this Itineo, but we particularly love the lack of cupboards on the rear wall; so sitting up in bed with your morning cuppa is a delight with no risking of a bashed bonce.

Find out more: Itineo Famili CJ660  

Rimor Horus 66

Rimor Horus 66
Rimor Horus 66 interior

When putting together this article, it was actually quite tough to pick our favourite Rimor, as there are some really good value campervans and motorhomes from the Italian manufacturer.

However, the Horus 66 is something quite special as it’s exclusive to the UK, featuring a floorplan more commonly seen in British-built campervans.

As well as that UK-handed layout (sliding door on the nearside) with a rear lounge, the kitchen has the desired oven and grill. It also has some good detail design.

If you’re looking for a two-berth campervan, this one should be on your list – you might well ask yourself why you’d want to spend more on some rivals; that starting price of £59,995 is hard to beat.

Find out more: Rimor Horus 66  

Auto-Trail F60

Auto-Trail F60
Auto-Trail F60 interior

Last year, this Auto-Trail was named ‘Best Motorhome for Under £60,000’ in our 2023 Motorhome Awards. A small price increase takes it over that £60k mark to £62,030, but it’s probably still one of the most affordable new motorhomes currently available.

Like the bigger models in the range, this is a low-profile with an overcab sunroof, plus (more unusually) a choice of five cab colours. Standard power unit is the Transit’s 128bhp engine, which is more than adequate for a motorhome that’s under 6m in length.

In fact, the compact size is a big part of the appeal here, especially as it results in really surefooted handling in combination with the Ford motorhome chassis’ wide rear track and the F60’s ultra-short rear overhang. You’ll have no worries about exceeding your payload here, either – it’s over 700kg in standard spec!

Remarkably, the F60 also pulls off the trick of feeling like a spacious full-sized motorhome on the inside, thanks to the open-plan design with parallel settees up front. The rear washroom is also exceptional for such a small motorhome.

Find out more: Auto-Trail F60  

Sunlight T 690 L Adventure

Sunlight T690L
Sunlight T690L interior

If there’s a recurring theme in this round-up of the most affordable new motorhomes in the UK, then it seems like the Ford Transit is it.

Though it may underpin some of the lowest-cost motorhomes, it’s no shrinking violet; the team here love the way these vehicles perform, with a car-like driving position, smooth powerful engines and softer suspension than the equivalent Fiat Ducato models. The automatic gearbox option is sensibly priced, too.

The £74,890 price tag here may seem a touch high to be considered in this line-up, but this is the Adventure Edition model, which has loads of kit included as standard.

For that you get a 7.36m-long low-profile motorhome offering an island bed layout, with a washroom split across the aisle, a good kitchen area and decent lounge. An optional drop-down bed makes this a sensible family motorhome if needed. And, with Sunlight, you’re assured the same durable German build quality that normally costs tens of thousands more.

Find out more: Sunlight T 690 L  

Roller Team Auto-Roller 747

Roller Team Auto-Roller 747
Roller Team Auto-Roller 747 interior

Here’s another Ford-based low-profile motorhome; however, this one is firmly aimed at the family market, or at the very least, those looking for plenty of versatile living space. Lounges fore and aft provide relaxing or dining space and, like other models of this ilk, you’ll need to make up the lounges into beds and deploy the electric drop-down double above the front seating area to create berths for a full complement of six.

The rear lounge is the star of the show with its spacious 6ft-long settees converting at night into twin singles or a really large double bed. It’s a lot of motorhome for £71,700.

Find out more: Roller Team Auto-Roller 747  

Dreamer Fun D43 UP Addict

Dreamer Fun D43 Up
Dreamer Fun D43 Up interior

The choice of fixed bed Fiat/Peugeot-based campervans is simply overwhelming. In fact, Rapido’s campervan brand, Dreamer, has seven such models in its line-up.

But, if you want a more compact model (on the medium-wheelbase 5.4m van), then the choices are fewer. And the models on your list reduce further still if you want four berths, but matching that criteria is the D43 UP.

It’s from Dreamer’s entry-level Fun range, making it worthy of inclusion here. That ‘UP’ suffix indicates the presence of a pop-top (providing the extra two berths) and the Addict moniker implies the specification has been enhanced (go for Fun or Fun+ spec if you really want to keep the cost down). With prices starting at £58,110, it’s certainly tempting to stop dreaming and own a Dreamer.

Find out more: Dreamer Fun D43 UP 

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