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The A-Z Guide to Rear Lounge Motorhomes


It’s not hard to see the appeal of a rear lounge, especially if you do most of your touring in the UK where the weather can be, shall we say, variable. The appeal of barbecuing and sitting outside under your awning on wanes a little when a force 9 is howling and the Lake District waters are being thoroughly replenished from above.

But enjoying the comfort of a generous seating area with views out on three sides (maybe four, if you count looking at the sky through a big rooflight) never seems to lose its attraction. You can even watch and wait for that blue sky to roll back in…

Of course, the rear lounge may have added appeal to ex-caravanners who have come over to the motorised way of life and find a space to relax without a steering wheel in it more familiar. Perhaps that’s why floorplans like this go right back to the early days of motorhomes.

Although motorhome fashions moved more towards fixed beds over the last two decades, the rear lounge has not been confined to our Rear View Mirror page. If anything, it’s seeing a resurgence of interest.

There are certainly more continental end lounge models now than a few years ago – and not just from Frankia (see page 8). Bürstner is just one of the brands that has added some fresh thinking in this area, while Auto-Sleepers has just launched its new Broadway EL and Auto-Trail has a bewildering choice of rear lounge campervans.

Today, you can find a rear lounge in anything from a 5m van conversion right up to an eight-and-a-half-metre A-class. In fact, campervans have been a real growth area for floorplans with seating in the stern.

Broadly speaking, rear lounge models (both van-based and coachbuilt) come in two types: those where the sofas at the back are the sole seating (bar the cab chairs) and others (often with families more in mind) where a second lounge is offered up front.

The latter are more likely to have rear belted travel seats and can sometimes sleep six, but the appeal is also to have separate areas for dining/lounging or kids/adults or just TV/quiet.


Auto-Trail rear lounge motorhomes

The range of rear lounge van conversions from Auto-Trail for 2021 is really quite bewildering, even more so if you include the closely related models that the Grimsby factory produces for other Trigano Group brands (Benimar, Chausson and Roller Team).

The big news this year, though, is the entry-level Expedition, which has a remarkable starting price of just £36,995. Don’t buy used until you’ve had a look at one of these.

You might expect the Expedition to be as luxurious as a night in the Gulag but actually about the only thing it’s desperately denied is a radio. You can even choose from the 66 or, for a grand more, the 67, which gains rear travel seats.

The new Cab-Plus option with a full-height walk-through into the Fiat cab is not available on the Expedition but it’s a £595 option on the next range up – the V-Line S. Now, as well as 5.99m models with or without rear travel seats, there’s a longer 6.36m layout. A four-berth with rear double bunks is offered, too. Prices start at £45,556.

The V-Line SE (from £50,148) gets the Cab-Plus as standard, with the £1,495 option of adding the Panoview overcab sunroof. As well as long and extra-long Ducatos, this range includes the 5.41m medium-wheelbase van – an ideal size for those trading up from a VW.

Priced from £53,906, the V-Line Sport range offers four models in 5.99m and 6.36m lengths but, uniquely among major mainstream makers, it replaces the original barn doors at the back with a GRP moulded panel that includes an opening boot section. With no rear entrance, the lounge becomes a U-shape.

Finally, the Adventure range (from £57,309) offers a pair of pop-top four-berth models, each with a half-dinette with rear seatbelts as well as an end lounge.

If it’s an Auto-Trail coachbuilt with an end lounge that you’re after, there’s plenty of choice here, too.

The F-Line F72 is an entry-level Ford Transit-based low-profile with side sofas up front (or a half-dinette as an option) and rear U-shaped seating. An electric drop-down bed is available over the front lounge and prices for this 7.32m motorhome start at £48,285.

The Fiat-based Imala range includes the 6.34m-long, rear lounge, two-berth 625, as well as the longer 720 and 736, which each have two lounges, four berths and the option to become a six-berth. However, this line-up, sandwiched between the much newer F-Line and Tracker, is looking a bit dated.

If you want a pure two-berth model with a spacious rear U-shaped lounge, the Tracker RL (£62,995) is an all-new model this season. Then at the top of the tree, in the classic Frontier range, is the Scout.

At over 8m long and built on a 4,500kg chassis, this luxury four/six-berth model can be ordered with an overcab bed. It is priced from £78,544.


Bailey rear lounge motorhomes

By far and away the best motorhome range produced by Bailey so far is its new Adamo, based on the Ford Transit and designed to take on the continental imports. Not only that, but the twin lounge 75-4DL is our favourite model in the line-up.

This 7.49m low-profile has a side sofa front lounge that can be converted into a pair of travel seats, then at the rear is a cosy U-shape.

Here, there are corner wardrobes and a large central shelf that gives a wholly different feel to the lounge. The reason for the design is revealed when you venture outside and discover that this Adamo also has a full-width garage with loading doors on either side and headroom of over a metre inside.

The centre kitchen includes a full cooker with separate oven and grill, as well as a 142-litre fridge, while the washroom is quite roomy but lacks a separate shower.

As always with Bailey, the spec is comprehensive without recourse to any options or packs and even includes Ford’s automatic gearbox as standard in the £59,999 price. Also provided are two drop-down beds (one over each lounge), so you’ll never have to endure fiddly bed make-up again!

If you need a full six-berth, Bailey’s latest Autograph range includes the 81-6. This Peugeot Al-Ko-based 4,250kg motorhome is 8.12m long and has a drop-down bed over the front lounge, as well as beds made from each seating zone.

It comes with Alde heating, as does the smaller (£58,299) Autograph 69-2 with a traditional two-berth, rear lounge layout. Both are wider than the norm, at 2.42m.


Benimar rear lounge motorhomes

There are two twin lounge coachbuilt models from the Spanish Benimar brand, one each in the Mileo and Tessoro ranges, as well as two versions of the Benivan campervan.

The Mileo 282 is a Fiat-based low-profile measuring 7.39m long. It has a U-shaped rear lounge as well as an L-shaped settee aft of the cab, plus electric drop-down beds both front and rear, with the forward one obscuring the habitation door when lowered.

The spec is comprehensive, including the 160bhp Fiat engine, sat-nav, reversing camera, security tracking system and a solar panel but, at £61,995, these Benimars don’t look quite the bargain they once did. Payload is a modest 280kg on the 3,500kg chassis, but upgrades to 3,650kg or 4,400kg are available.

Similarly priced is the Ford Transit-based Tessoro 482, at 7.38m long, again with two spacious seating areas and two drop-down beds.

The Fiat-based Benivan is built in the UK by Auto-Trail and shares much of its design with the V-Line range.

The 120 is a six-metre, two-berth, while the longer 122 gains two extra passenger seats behind the cab. An overcab sunroof is a new feature this year, while prices start at £49,995.


Bürstner rear lounge motorhomes

The Lyseo TD Harmony Line is Bürstner’s well-established best-selling range in the UK and it includes innovative variations on the rear lounge theme alongside the usual fixed bed floorplans.

This Fiat Ducato-based range comes well appointed, with 16in alloy wheels, a silver cab, an extra-wide Premium entrance door and comprehensive indirect lighting throughout the living area. Most importantly, though, its Thermo-Floor double floor makes it ideal for all-season touring.

The 744 model is 7.49m long and based on a 4,250kg chassis to ensure a generous payload. It has a front lounge with half-dinette and side settee, while the rear seating is more suited to relaxation or watching TV, with its generous L-settee facing a picture window and low sideboard.

A novelty is the pull-out coffee table that hides under the sofa. Prices start at £68,995. It has a rear drop-down bed as standard, with a second electrically lowered double bed up front as an option.

The Lyseo TD 745 is a truly unique motorhome, slightly longer (7.64m) and dearer (£69,495) than its sister. Here, the rear lounge is simply a sofa placed against the back wall, with wardrobes and coffee tables on either side. At night, an island bed lowers from the ceiling to convert the rear of the motorhome into a proper bedroom.

However, the newest addition to the range looks even more suited to the UK market. The 644 is a 6.99m motorhome on a 3,500kg chassis and priced at £62,995.

It has a rear U-shaped lounge, while the separate toilet and shower areas (which can be linked) behind the cab give washroom facilities to beat any British-built rival.

It even incorporates a garage under the rearmost part of the lounge, while a drop-down bed is, of course, part of the recipe, too. Definitely a must-see new model.


Carthago rear lounge motorhomes

The Liner-for-two is a rear lounge motorhome but not a rear lounge motorhome as we know it. It’s an A-class of between 7.83m and 8.55m in length, with a rather special C-shaped seating area and it impressed us so much that we voted it ‘Best Ultimate A-class’ in 2019 (the year in which it was launched).

For 2021, the Liner-for-two has been facelifted with the new exterior look of the E-line/S-plus ranges, featuring a grille with six chromed double bars and Carthago’s exclusive LED headlights.

New leather options have been added for the lounge, along with a new tilt/slide sunroof above. The Iveco Daily-based versions also get a new package of safety assistance systems, including active lane departure and side wind assistance.

The model is available in two lengths, both with a choice of Fiat Al-Ko front-wheel drive chassis or Iveco rear-wheel drive. The former is a tag-axle in the longer model, while the Iveco can have up to a 6.7-tonne gross weight and a towing limit of 3,260kg.

Whichever version you choose, expect options to push up the cost considerably from the £126,400 base price, but, if you’re in the market for a motorhome of this ilk, you won’t find a more inviting lounge area.


Chausson rear lounge motorhomes and campervans

Sadly, the innovative 711 Travel-Line is no more, so the only rear lounge models from Chausson are now the not-at-all-innovative 33 Line van conversions, built at the Auto-Trail factory.

Choose from the six-metre V594 or the 6.36m V697, which benefits from two comfortable rear passenger seats. Prices start at £44,340.

The 2021-season campers come in a choice of Campovolo Grey or black, with the Maxi Cab (no overcab shelf for full headroom) as standard and a Skyview sunroof as an option.

Powered by Fiat’s 140bhp engine, they get 16in alloy wheels, cab blinds, an oven, a flyscreen on the sliding door and each of these special editions is individually numbered.


Compass rear lounge motorhomes and campervans

As the sister brand to Elddis, Compass campervans and motorhomes offer the same designs but within their own décor and colour schemes.

You’ll find rear lounge layouts in the Avantgarde campervan range, as well as a compact model in the new Navigator line-up and a family layout in the Avantgarde coachbuilt range.

The van conversions (from £41,269) are all based on the six-metre Fiat Ducato and include versions with and without rear travel seats and, new for 2021, a pop-top version with four berths. Even the unusual CV60 could just about claim to have a rear lounge as its long day bed/sofa sits at the offside rear.

The Peugeot-based Navigator 120 (£45,419) is another option for those seeking a compact end lounge layout. This narrow-bodied, six-metre coachbuilt has a generous rear seating area with two single bed-length settees and a central chest of drawers under the back window.

At the other extreme, the Avantgarde 196 (£49,219) has a front pullman dinette and side sofa, while the rear lounge has side settees and a flip-up coffee table mounted on the end wall. With a drop-down bed over the forward dinette, it’s a six-berth with six belted travel seats.


Concorde rear lounge motorhomes

Imported by Southdowns Motorhome Centre, Concorde is a manufacturer of liner-class motorhomes, typically in the £200k price range to, well, the sky (or at least your bank balance) is pretty much the limit.

It was this German brand that introduced the first C-shaped rear lounge (with sofas wrapping around the back from the nearside wall), which you’ll find in the Carver 890RRL, a 9.09m-long Iveco Daily based motorhome with 7.2-tonne gross weight.

Or, a metre shorter, is the 791RL with a more conventional U-shaped seating area but, if you’re going to buy a Concorde, you might as well go the whole nine yards (or nine metres)…


Consort rear lounge campervans

Scot and Jane Naylor, who originally formed Vantage Motorhomes, are back in the campervan business with a new brand – Consort. Based in Leeds, the company specialises in rear lounge, two-berth campervans based on the Fiat Ducato.

The range consists of the Kite (5.41m), Reef (5.99m) and Oslo (6.36m). Prices start at £48,950 and each model is available with a walk through via the back doors or a U-shaped lounge with a useful boot for outdoor gear under the rear section of settee.

The base price excludes alloy wheels and cab air-conditioning, but Consort’s approach is that you only pay for the features you want or need, so awnings, TVs, leather trim, etc, are all offered as options and a mains-free pack gives you a battery upgrade, inverter and solar panel.

An underslung 25-litre gas tank is standard. Storage is carefully planned in these campers and the kitchen seems especially well designed, with somewhere for everything and good worktop provision, too. Throughout, Scot and Jane’s extensive campervanning experience shows in the design.


Dethleffs rear lounge motorhomes

In the past, Dethleffs has offered a number of rear lounge layouts but, today, you’ll only find this type of floorplan in its big Alpa and Grand Alpa models designed for couples seeking spacious living on a long-distance tour.

Choose from overcab or A-class versions, each with single beds up front, while a deep, heated double floor and Alde heating ensure these vehicles are ready for all-year use (even skiing trips).

Overcab versions range from 7.33m (A6820) up to 8.86m long (A9820), with Fiat Al-Ko, Fiat Al-Ko tag-axle and Iveco Daily chassis. The sole A-class Alpa is 8.54m on the six-wheeler Fiat base. All but the smallest overcab model sport the on-trend C-shaped lounge for maximum relaxing space.

UK spec on these vehicles is very generous, with automatic cab air-conditioning, rear corner steadies, a double Sky Roof in the larger models, a Tec-Tower with oven and pre-wiring for satellite and solar systems.


Devon rear lounge campervans

Devon’s Aztec (from £46,063) is a long-running and popular rear lounge model based on the Fiat/Peugeot van in medium-wheelbase, long or extra-long forms.

All versions have a useful worktop above the fridge (behind the driver’s seat), which really becomes a benefit when the cab seats are swivelled on site. There’s even an additional side window here, too.

Move up to the six-metre version and you can sleep lengthways, as well as gaining extra lounging space during the day. It’s the Aztec XL that really impresses, though, with its U-shaped seating area with a generous boot reached through the back doors – perfect for all your outdoor clobber.

If you need more than two travel seats, the Sahara is also based on the 6.36m Ducato/Boxer, but has a layout with a pair of individual belted travel seats that can convert into single beds.

The rear lounge makes into a transverse double, so this model is a four-berth. Alternatively, a three-berth version is available, with a longer galley and just one rear passenger seat.

A 30-litre underfloor gas tank and Truma Combi heating are standard and Sahara prices start at £49,079, although you’ll want to add the Designer Pack (£1,896) for essential cab goodies like air-con and sat-nav.

For even more space but still in the slimmer width of a van conversion, Devon offers the 6.94m Sapphire on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

This big camper is a three-berth with three travel seats and a rear lounge that can be converted into twin beds or a huge double (1.93m by 1.60m). Based on a 160bhp manual Merc, the Sapphire is priced from £72,937, including a reversing camera, sat-nav, alloy wheels and TV/DVD.


Dreamer rear lounge campervans

You could almost think that you were looking at a British campervan when examining Dreamer’s Living Van (from £53,590).

Here is a version of the popular 6.36m extra-long Fiat with a front half-dinette and a rear U-shaped lounge (the centre seat of which can be removed to create a walk-through).

However, this French-built model, from the Rapido Group, has some unique features. For a start, it’s based on the taller H3 Ducato so that it can accommodate a lengthways drop-down bed over the front lounge – that makes it a much more practical four-berth than any of its rivals.

The Living Van also boasts Rapido’s patented Modul’Space system, where the wardrobe swings out to reveal a separate shower. Other features include two tables, underfloor storage in the rear lounge, a 25mm Styrofoam floor and an insulated waste water tank for winterisation (the fresh tank is inboard) and the excellent diesel-fired Truma Combi heating and boiler.

If you want a compact four-berth with a rear lounge they come no better.


East Neuk rear lounge campervans

This Scottish campervan converter has won numerous awards for its very practical and cleverly designed rear lounge models based on the Citroën Relay (or Fiat Ducato if an automatic is required).

The medium-wheelbase (5.41m) Touring M is the best seller and manages to include lengthways sleeping (easier for night-time access) in either twin beds or a double in this compact panel van. The galley runs across the vehicle, behind the cab, but this relatively small unit still manages to include an oven.

The base price of £49,900 includes the 140bhp engine, metallic paint, air-conditioning, reversing camera, driver and passenger airbags, a TV aerial, 230Ah leisure battery, 100W solar panel, 85-litre compressor fridge, fully moulded shower, rear speakers and underfloor storage. It’s a must-see model if compact size is top of your priorities.

An additional £5,000 gets you into the Touring L, based on the six-metre Citroën and featuring a much more expansive kitchen, while an XL version on the 6.36m van is currently being developed.


Elddis rear lounge motorhomes and campervans

As a major British brand, you’d expect to find a variety of rear lounge models in the Elddis range and the 2021 line-up includes campervans, compact coachbuilts and a family-friendly six-berth.

In the Autoquest campervan range, which has been a huge success since it debuted nearly three years ago, you can choose from layouts with and without rear travel seats. New for 2021, though, is the CV80 – the first pop-top model.

This version (£47,669) inherits the proven layout of the CV40 (front half-dinette, centre kitchen and washroom, rear parallel settees) in the six-metre Fiat van but gains a 2.10m by 1.44m bed in the roof.

It also has a Heki sunroof so, even when the roof is down, there’s plenty of daylight in the vehicle – a big plus over its pop-top rivals.

Often seen as an alternative to a campervan, Elddis’ Peugeot-based Accordo range is only 6m long and much slimmer of width than the typical coachbuilt but still benefits from the squarer sides of this type of motorhome, giving it a surprisingly spacious feel.

That’s especially so in the Accordo 120 (£45,419), but there’s also the 135 model for those who need rear travel seats and/or a third berth.

A completely different set of needs is met by the six-berth, six-seatbelt Autoquest 196 (£49,219), which manages to offer family-orientated motorhoming with two lounge areas and a drop-down bed at the front in a vehicle with a 3,500kg gross weight.

Based on a 140bhp Boxer chassis, the 196 has Whale’s 4kW heating system, easy-to-clean ActivCare upholstery, an oven and grill, a 95-litre fridge and SoLiD construction bodywork with a GRP skin under the floor.

Those seeking a higher spec will also find dealer special versions of this design at many Elddis retailers around the country.


Fleurette/Florium rear lounge motorhomes

Perhaps the least well-known of the Rapido Group’s brands, Fleurette is served by two UK dealers. Its Discover A-class range is offered with a rear lounge layout, the 75 Loft, with the same floorplan featuring as a Florium Wincester (shown) with more contemporary décor.

The Loft layout comes with a fashionable side settee front lounge as well as a generous L-shaped settee at the rear.

The end lounge comes with a coffee table, while the forward seating is more suited to dining around its fold-in-half circular table.

The 7.46m model also features full-width external storage under the rear sofa and completely separate shower and toilet cubicles on opposite sides of the vehicle. A rear drop-down bed (in addition to the usual A-class bed in the cab) and a Home Cinema Pack with 32in TV are optional.

Prices start at £80,390.


Frankia rear lounge motorhomes 

Surely the leader in A-class motorhomes with a rear lounge, German premium brand Frankia offers the layout in four different body lengths, on two different chassis, and in overcab and A-class body styles. This is the Plus range.

The smallest of the Plus range is the Frankia F-Line I 680, which is just over 7m long. Available only on the Fiat Ducato chassis, it has a deep double floor, the usual Frankia garage and masses of payload. It’s primary a two-person vehicle but there is the option of a third travel seat in the form of a fold-away Aguti chair. The drop-down bed is available as a huge double, with an en suite that includes a shower.

The Frankia F-Line I 740 Plus is the best-seller of the four lengths of Frankia Plus layouts, according to dealer SMC, though it’s similar to the smaller 680. It has a longer rear lounge, with equal length sofas on either side (the 680 is longer on the offside), but the kitchen and washroom facilities are identical to the more compact model.

The Frankia Platin I 7900 Plus offers the largest garage of the range and not one, but two, drop-down beds. The lounge has plenty of space for four or five people to gather around the free-standing table. The Frankia Platin I 8400 Plus is arguably the most desirable of the range, with a C-shaped lounge and a spacious kitchen.


Read more about the different types of motorhomes, including layouts and reviews, by browsing the What Motorhome magazine archive. Use the search bar below to find a wide range of content and enjoy articles from as far back as 2012:




Hillside rear lounge campervans

Better known for its Volkswagen Transporter T6.1-based pop-top campers, Hillside Leisure has also been converting the larger Crafter since 2018. Its Hopton (from £57,495) is based on the 5.99m medium-wheelbase VW and we voted it ‘Best Van Conversion without a Fixed Bed’ soon after its debut.

The Hopton has a classic two-berth layout with a U-shaped rear lounge. Its central kitchen with Corian worktops includes two gas rings as well as an induction hob, while a gas oven/grill and eye-level 90-litre compressor fridge complete the spec. A 20-litre gas tank is standard, too.

Base vehicle spec from VW includes Crosswind Assist, adaptive cruise control, a DAB radio with 8in touchscreen, Climatic air-conditioning and front and rear parking sensors.

Manual or eight-speed automatic gearboxes are available, while the TDI engines offer 140 or 177PS outputs. Whichever version you choose, driver appeal is top of the class.


IH rear lounge campervans

Since 1992, the initials of Ian Hartley have also stood for upmarket campervans and, more often than not, those with a rear lounge.

Today, the range includes both Fiat Ducato and Volkswagen Crafter-based models, while its N-Class flagship showcases two key IH innovations – a fixed rear panel with an opening boot that replaces the barn doors with a much neater aesthetic, and a sliding side door substituted by a coachbuilt motorhome-style habitation door, freeing up extra space inside.

The rear lounge line-up starts with the six-metre Fiat 600 RL/RD at £59,395 – it’s an RD if the original rear doors are retained or an RL with IH’s fixed rear panel. Then there’s the 630 – based on the longest Ducato, of course – with the same options at the back.

You’ll find the same well-appointed kitchen here and, usually, half-leather trim in the lounge (U-shaped with the replacement rear panel) but the extra-long van allows better use to be made of the cab area when on site.

There’s another choice of body lengths and models with or without the rear entrance on the VW Crafter, with prices starting at £66,895.

It’s not hard to see the appeal of the more modern Volkswagen base, both in terms of driver appeal and the sophisticated range of options available, while the longer 680 CRL takes overall length up to 6.86m.

The newest addition to the line-up are the S4 models – the 600 RD/S4 and longer 630 RD/S4, both based exclusively on Fiat.

These are the long-awaited layouts with rear travel seats: IH said it wouldn’t offer such a thing unless it could do it properly and finally teamed up with a seat manufacturer to design rear passenger seats with automotive-style shaping.

Both S4 models offer a pair of back seats (not a bench) that slide apart to give more elbow room as well as moving forward to allow some degree of recline.

They certainly look a lot more comfortable than most of their ilk but, although these models have four seatbelts, they remain two-berth ’vans for sleeping. For additional accommodation you’ll need to add an awning or Cabbunk.

All IH models are offered with a huge variety of interior décor – cloth or leather upholsteries, five different cabinet finishes, six worktop styles and four gloss cupboard doors. In addition, a full range of exterior body colours and base vehicle options is available.


Le Voyageur rear lounge motorhomes

We called the LV 7.8 LU the ‘Best Ultimate A-class’ in last year’s awards issue. Here, then, is a unique motorhome with four individual travel seats up front and a one-of-a-kind rear lounge around an octagonal table.

Back here you can add the TV Pack with satellite dish and a 32in telly that rises, 007-style, from under the end of the kitchen. And that’s not the only secret this chic rear seating area is concealing – there’s a good-sized garage with headroom of up to 1.19m below.

The unusual front seating area doesn’t just mean there are four travel seats but also a second lounging/dining space with two small tables that store away en route to your next destination.

There’s a flat floor through the vehicle from one seating area to the other and plush, soft trim on the ceiling and walls.

Backlit details and double-stitched leather upholstery are more top-notch touches in this stylish motorhome but don’t forget to order the Duo Bed option in the cab, which turns the usual transverse A-class berth into a 2m-long lengthways super-king-sized bed.

Alde heating, a full-width double floor, Al-Ko chassis, built-in mains lead and fresh water hose and a 200-litre water tank are further pluses of this 7.85m motorhome with a starting price just north of £100k.


McLouis rear lounge motorhomes

This Italian brand has added a new rear lounge layout to its Fusion range for the 2021 season. The McLouis Fusion 330 stands out among competitors as it’s only 6.49m long; shorter than most other models in the class. Despite its size, it’s still suitable for a family as it has four seatbelts and four berths with two electric drop-down beds. You can read more details in our review of the McLouis Fusion 330.


Mobilvetta rear lounge motorhomes

Marquis reintroduced the Italian marque, Mobilvetta, to the UK scene in 2016 and has since expanded the range to include low-profiles as well as A-classes. Here, though, it’s the K-Yacht – more specifically, the 80 model in that range – that we’re interested in.

Priced from £79,995, this A-class has L-shaped lounges front and rear, each with a fixed table. There are drop-down beds above the cab and the rear seating, too. Length is a relatively modest 6.99m but you’ll need a C1 category licence to drive this 3,650kg motorhome.

It comes well appointed as standard, with the 160bhp Fiat engine, a heated windscreen, sat-nav, reversing camera, alloy wheels and automatic air-conditioning in the cab.

Heating is by gas/electric Truma Combi 6 and upholstery is described as ‘eco synthetic leather’ – presumably involving no harm to synthetic animals. The K-Yacht has a bold exterior look of its own and comes with a layout fully mirrored for the UK with the habitation door on our nearside and the single cab door on the offside.


Pilote rear lounge motorhomes and campervans

We could almost have overlooked this French maker in this guide, thinking that its Van range includes only the usual continental fixed bed floorplans.

Unlike its many Euro rivals, however, Pilote offers an exclusively British layout in the V630LG (from £54,884). This extra-long Fiat van conversion has a large rear lounge, a spacious kitchen with oven/grill and a bathroom with a proper separate shower.

Of course, as a UK special edition, it has the sliding door on the ‘correct’ side as well as a comprehensive spec including 6kW diesel heating, a 120W solar panel, a bike rack, awning, 16in alloy wheels and a reversing camera.

Perhaps even more exciting is a new addition to the Évidence coachbuilt range, which will be appearing for the 2022 season – and which we can exclusively introduce to you here.

The P696U will have the same all-inclusive spec as the other Évidence models, which have already gone down a storm in the UK since their debut this year.

However, this 6.99m low-profile introduces a brand-new layout with a U-shaped rear lounge with room for up to seven people. Above is a 2.00m by 1.60m drop-down bed, while the model also boasts a truly separate shower and a 153-litre fridge/freezer.

It certainly sounds like a vehicle that will be worth rear lounge fans waiting for and the first examples could be in the UK by September.


Rapido rear lounge motorhomes

This premium Gallic maker, with a range that focuses quite heavily on A-classes, has dabbled in offering a rear lounge to appeal to UK buyers on several occasions.

Its 9094dF debuted in 2015 and the layout gained extra appeal when it moved across into the more affordable 80-Series range to become the 8094dF in 2017.

The 8094dF’s layout has a side sofa front lounge that can convert into a pair of travel seats, while the rear L-settee facing a picture window is the star feature – even more so with the optional Cinema Pack with LED projector and screen, plus a subwoofer and Cabasse speakers!

Rapido says that the twin lounges can seat up to 10 people; crucially the seats at the rear are lower, reinforcing the concept that you dine up front and relax back here – if only other makers applied such logic.

This is a 7.49m motorhome on a Fiat Al-Ko chassis with double floor, priced from £80,150. It has a level floor throughout, a separate shower, 167-litre fridge/freezer and a choice of interior décor designs – Bellagio or the more striking Nacarat. The 2021-season models also get a new exterior back panel.


Rimor rear lounge motorhomes

Italian manufacturer, Rimor, specialises in family-friendly vehicles (which are a big part of its home market), so it’s no surprise to find that both its rear lounge models are multi-berth models with two seating areas.

The Evo is Rimor’s newest range, based on the Ford Transit, and the 77 Plus is a low-profile that sneaks in at just under 7m.

It has an L-shaped settee and single side seat up front, which are joined by the swivel cab seats to make a good dining area, while the rear U-shaped lounge also comes with a fixed central table.

There are drop-down double beds over each seating area, while the central washroom has a separate wet zone. Priced at £50,995, this relatively compact model has five berths and five seatbelts.

If you want something a bit more upmarket, then the Super Brig Suite is an overcab coachbuilt on Fiat Ducato, with a similar combination of L-sofa up front and U-shaped lounge in the stern.

It measures 7.17m long and comes with a 153-litre fridge/freezer, a large overcab bed with big rooflight, a pull-out mixer tap in the kitchen and optional Isofix. It’s a four-berth with prices starting at £59,495.


Roller Team rear lounge motorhomes

As Roller Team motorhomes are imported from Italy to the UK by sister Trigano Group company, Auto-Trail, you’d expect to find some Brit-friendly designs in their catalogue, including rear lounges. Not only that, but the Toleno van conversions are actually built in Blighty alongside their V-Line cousins.

Starting with the Fiat-based campervans (from £42,545), you’ll discover the Toleno L, which is a 5.99m two-berth, and the longer S, with no more sleeping capacity but two more seatbelts on the rear half-dinette bench, which, as it doesn’t have to form part of a bed, is well shaped for travellers’ comfort.

The Auto-Roller coachbuilts may be manufactured in the sunnier climes of Tuscany but they come with their habitation door on the UK side. Rear lounge layouts come with a choice of low-profile (747) and overcab (746) body styles, each with a pullman dinette at the front and a large U-shaped lounge out back.

Both measure 7.47m long and are priced at £53,545 but, if you want six seatbelts to match the six berths (including a drop-down double in the 747 and a big luton berth in the 746), you’ll need to fork out for an upgrade to 3,650kg from the standard 3,500kg.

These spacious family motorhomes come with the 120bhp Fiat engine, a reversing camera, solar panel, 6kW gas/electric heating and an oven in the kitchen. The Driver’s Pack (£1,500) adds a passenger airbag, cruise control, cab air-conditioning, etc.

You’ll even find a rear lounge in Roller Team’s A-class Pegaso range, again with the entrance door on the UK nearside.

At £65,350, the 7.41m-long Pegaso 745 is one of the most affordable A-classes on sale but it doesn’t miss out on spec, coming with alloy wheels, cab air-con, reversing camera, solar panel, radio with Bluetooth and sat-nav, and Combi 6 EH gas/230V heating as standard.

You’re sure to want to upgrade from the 120bhp engine, though, and payload on the standard 3,500kg chassis is only 362kg. The layout features a very generous U-shaped rear lounge, an L-settee up front with two rear seatbelts, a central kitchen with oven and tall fridge/freezer, plus a washroom with separate shower.


RP rear lounge motorhomes

If you’re looking for the ultimate Mercedes-based van conversion, start your search with RP Motorhomes in Yorkshire. This company’s vehicles aren’t cheap but its ethos is to use only the best fittings and components.

Increasingly, RP’s vehicles are based on the four-wheel drive versions of the Sprinter, too, to suit the more adventurous motorhomer.

The range starts with the 5.9m Rebel (from £74,995), which can be specified with either twin settees at the back or a U-shaped sofa. Or you can have the Rebel Slide with a slide-out section that incorporates the washroom – once deployed on site, it frees up a useful amount of extra floorspace at the front of the vehicle.

The larger Explorer (from £84,995) is based on the 7m Sprinter with a 3,850kg gross weight and comes as an Explorer 2, which is a pure two-berth, or the Explorer 4, which adds a pair of travel seats behind the cab.

An elevated lounge version allows extra underfloor storage. Whichever model you opt for, this large campervan comes with Truma Combi 6kW diesel heating, a 120-litre water tank, an oven/grill, three-burner hob and mains hotplate, a 100Ah lithium battery, 152-litre compressor fridge, 30-litre gas tank, Corian worktops in the washroom and kitchen, and a one-piece moulded bathroom pod.

At the top of the range is the 7.36m Phantom with a 4,100kg gross weight and prices from £94,995.

The extra space allows for RP’s largest bathroom, while the raised rear lounge creates a 900mm-high garage area below. The Phantom comes with two seating areas, four berths and four belted travel seats.


Shire rear lounge campervans

Bespoke van conversion specialist, Shire Motorhomes, offers campervans built on new or used base vehicles with a variety of layouts. Its Phoenix 2 (from £54,800 on a new Fiat Ducato with 140bhp Multijet engine) is a 5.99m model with rear U-shaped seating, while the Phoenix XLR Twin (£56,850) is based on the 6.36m extra-long van.

Unusually, the XLR Twin has its bathroom adjacent to the sliding door, narrowing the entrance there but leaving more space for the kitchen along the offside wall.

It comes with an 88-litre three-way fridge, three-burner hob, oven and grill, microwave and 25-litre gas tank. The cab seats swivel to make a roomy second seating area on site, while the rear U-shaped lounge converts into two 1.88m-long single beds or a huge double.


Swift rear lounge motorhomes and campervans

From a six-metre campervan to nearly £100,000-worth and over nine metres of tag-axle Kon-Tiki 649, Britain’s largest leisure vehicle manufacturer has a wide range of rear lounge offerings, as you’d undoubtedly expect.

Starting with the Select van conversions, now offered in a choice of metallic grey or a stunning red, the latest models have an overcab sunroof to create a lighter, brighter environment up front.

The Select 122 (£47,180) is a two-berth, six-metre model with a large end lounge, while the (three-berth, four-seatbelt) 144 is the same overall length but has a smaller rear seating area in order to accommodate a half-dinette up front.

Then there’s the 184, based on the extra-long Fiat, which again has two seating areas but here they each convert into a transverse double bed, making this a true four-berth.

Need six berths and six seatbelts? Then maybe the Edge 486 (£51,165) is for you. It’s a 7.32m overcab coachbuilt in Swift’s entry-level range and comes with a pullman dinette and side settee up front, while the end lounge has parallel benches, which convert into a transverse double bed.

New graphics mark out the 2021 version of the Edge (see below), which is a 3,500kg motorhome to suit younger drivers. The fridge has a modest 85-litre capacity but a microwave is fitted as standard, and it’s worth noting that there’s no separate shower in this model. Sheer living space is the 486’s forte.

The two-berth Escape 622 has disappeared from the range this year but the four-berth 674 remains, offering four berths and the same number of travel seats in a 7.41m low-profile, priced at £56,450.

Based on a 3,500kg, 120bhp Fiat Ducato, this model has a large rear U-shaped lounge that can be used as single beds, while the front half-dinette seating can make up into a transverse double. Surprisingly, the Escape lacks a separate shower, but its kitchen includes a 133-litre fridge as well as a microwave.

If you want something more compact, appropriately enough the Escape Compact C404 (£53,650) is worth a look. It has four travel seats, plus two double beds thanks to a drop-down bed over the rear lounge (which also makes into a bed).

Going up in size, price and weight, the Kon-Tiki Sport 596 (£71,930) is an 8.11m low-profile with berths and seatbelts each numbering six.

Its layout includes a pullman dinette, rear U-shaped lounge and a washroom with separate shower, while spec befits the price tag with Black Edition graphics, alloy wheels, a full-length awning, twin-lens reversing camera, external shower and barbecue points, Fenix scratch-resistant worktops, a solar panel and Alde central heating.

Finally, the flagship Kon-Tiki 649 High (£99,505) is a six-berth on a 4,800kg tag-axle chassis. It comes with the Swift Vision system with side as well as rear cameras to aid manoeuvring such a massive motorhome, as well as the unique Stargazer window, which extends into the roof over the end lounge.


Vantage rear lounge campervans

Always a leading exponent of rear lounge campervans on the Fiat Ducato, Vantage is the only company to offer conversions on all four lengths of Sevel panel van, including the 4.97m short-wheelbase.

The baby of the range, the Lux (£52,630), incorporates everything you’d expect in a Vantage ’van – even a proper washroom with bench cassette toilet – as well as a cosy U-shaped lounge, despite its sub-5m overall length.

A transverse kitchen, as in the Lux, enables the medium-wheelbase Cub (5.41m long, £54,630) – our favourite Vantage model – to offer a super-sized rear lounge (and single beds) in a length that normally results in a smaller lounge. Or there’s the more conventional Med in the same size van.

Move up to the 5.99m Ducato and Vantage offers the Max and Sol, the latter with a bigger rear lounge, both priced at £56,630.

However, it’s when you get to the 6.36m Fiat that the real choice begins, including Vantage’s newest models.

The long-established Neo is joined by the Eos with a huge rear boot for folding bikes or outdoor chairs, etc. Then there are the more recently introduced Rio and Sky, the first Vantage models to offer rear travel seats (via a half-dinette behind the cab).

The three-berth Rio (£63,630) can still offer lengthways sleeping in a generous bedroom/lounge area at the rear, despite the extra front lounge, while the innovative Sky (£67,630) is based on the taller H3 Ducato and comes with an electric drop-down bed over its rear seating. It has four seatbelts and five berths.

All models can be upgraded to Diamond Edition spec with colour-coded bumpers, alloys, high-gloss locker doors, leather upholstery, additional interior lighting and a Turbovent in the washroom.


WildAx rear lounge campervans

WildAx’s newest model is the Europa, a spacious two-berth rear U-shaped lounge layout based on the extra-long Citroën Relay van (or the Fiat Ducato if you want an automatic, for £4,000 extra).

Priced from £54,995 (in manual form), the new Europa has a generous kitchen with plenty of worktop and a microwave and tall 141-litre fridge/freezer opposite. It has a high-spec cab, with leather steering wheel, reversing camera, alloy wheels, metallic paint, sat-nav and air-conditioning, while the rear seating can be used as single beds at night (1.93m long on the nearside).

If you want an extra rear travel seat as well as an end lounge, WildAx’s six-metre Aurora Leisure (£52,995) and extra-long-wheelbase Aurora XL Leisure (£54,995) come with a trio of berths and belts. Both are, again, based on the popular Citroën/Fiat vans but a new option on both Aurora models is a Skyview overcab sunroof, priced at £2,300.

Another interesting option on WildAx vehicles is the £4,995 Volt Pack which swaps gas for diesel heating (Truma Combi D 6) and adds two 100Ah lithium batteries, two 150W solar panels, a 3kW inverter, an induction hob and an upgraded charging system.

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