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Motorhome rear lounge layout


  Motorhome layouts guide

Rear lounge motorhome designs usually major on plenty of relaxation space and great views out through big windows on three sides. If you’re a former caravanner, this format may look appealingly familiar providing great space.

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The rear lounge layout

Rear Lounge Layout

Plenty of space and great views

Rear lounge designs usually major on plenty of relaxation space and great views out through big windows on three sides. If you’re a former caravanner, this format may look appealingly familiar. But remember, these are (with very rare exceptions) pure two-berth designs that can never be used to carry more than a single passenger (in the cab).

The majority of rear lounge layouts are found in British models, but some older continental motorhomes offered rear lounge layouts, too (even in A-classes – a combination that is making a comeback, especially in larger, super-luxury models).

Lots of lounge variations

Lounge settee lengths vary, with larger lounges converting into either single or double beds (lengthways); shorter sofas making just a transverse double. Larger lounges that make single beds will also have plenty of room to put your feet up in the day. A few have a caravan-style chest of drawers under the rear window, while more common is wrap-around U-shaped seating. The newest type of rear lounge is the C-shape, where the sofa curves around to face in all four directions, but this has only been seen – so far – in top end A-classes.

Rear Lounge Layout variations

Great kitchens

Moving forwards, kitchens in coachbuilts tend to be quite well equipped. Opposite the kitchen is where you’ll usually find the washroom, the wardrobe and, sometimes, the fridge – the first offering everything from basic ablutions to bathrooms with separate showers.

The cab often plays little part in on-site living, although swivel cab seats and a coffee table can be useful if you and your partner have different sleep patterns.

Some disadvantages

Disadvantages of this type of layout include a rather enclosed feeling up front (between washroom and galley – check out the aisle width here) and, beware, as some (older models) are billed as four-berths with overcab double beds, but include no rear travel seats.

Also, with the washroom or wardrobe directly behind the driver, check that the seat moves far enough back to achieve a comfortable driving position, especially if you’re tall.

Our top tip

With no fixed bed, your biggest storage area (for bedding and outdoor gear) will probably be under the seats. Check it for size and that the area is not full of boiler, batteries, etc.

Rear Lounge Layout top tips

Our top choices

The ultimate rear lounge model is Carthago’s Liner-for-two or one of Frankia’s Plus layout A-classes but for either you’ll need well over £100k. For less than half that you could have Elddis’ compact Accordo 120 coachbuilt, which makes a good first-time couple’s motorhome.

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