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Wild Country Camplite 5


• PRICE £300
• WEIGHT 10.3kg

Packed size 80cm x 30cm
Materials Outer Ripstop polyester 4,500 hydrostatic head; inner polyester; groundsheet nylon, 5,500mm hydrostatic head; poles 11mm aluminium alloy
Dimensions Outer 470cm x 295cm (190cm); inners 165cm x 220cm and 110cm x 220cm; height 200cm (inner 170cm)


Wild Country may be the less technical sister brand of Terra Nova, but its tents are still made to exacting standards with the same amount of thought and, dare I say, love. And, I am pleased to find that the Camplite 5 is no exception.

On the face of it and material/build quality aside, the Camplite is a fairly typical tunnel tent. Starting at the back, the rear wall has a vent that is protected by a cowl. As you walk along the left side you will come across a round mesh window that backs on to the living area. A zip-down cowl protects the window and this can be guyed out or can be rolled out of the way to maximise ventilation.

A side door sits on the other sidewall. This has a large circular vinyl window that is closed off by an internal curtain. The large front panel acts as a large door.

The circular windows, couple with the curves of the trim, soften the tent’s lines. Even the rectangular panel that covers the mesh window has the edges taken off it by the use of light trim – all very pleasing to the eye.

Inside, the living area has a removable tub groundsheet that has grommets to attach it to the pole spikes, and elastic cord for pegging out at the front. The groundsheet has a semi-circle cut out of it at the side door so that wet gear can be removed when entering the tent. The outer has a valance around the living area to keep out drafts and to prevent water run off on to the groundsheet.

A panel of hanging pockets sits below the mesh window. The panel has been cut to follow the lines of the window – nice – and contains eight pockets.

There are two inner tents – each has six pockets and an apex vent. The inners toggle into position although the centre tapes use clips. Clips are also used to keep doors and windows open. A privacy panel backs each inner mesh door.

The Camplite gives away its technical heritage – the inners are sized for sleeping mats like inflatable mattresses rather than bulkier airbeds.

CAMPING SAYS This is a family tent for the technically minded – for those who probably come from an outdoor pursuits/backpacking background where paying good bucks for a quality product is not an alien concept. The premium price will get you a well thought out tent that will be equally at home on the wilder campsite as it is when making a statement at the larger family resort. And it will fit comfortably in your car boot... CG

Wild Country
Tel: 01773 837373

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