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Outdoor Revolution Scenic Premium 4.0i


PRICE £219.99

Pack size 75cm x 25cm x 36cm
Materials Outer RevTex 3000 polyester with 3,000mm hydrostatic head; inner polyester; groundsheet polypropylene
Dimensions Outer 485cm x 300cm; inner 220cm x 300cm; height 232cm


The high winds we experienced when pitching this tent highlighted how much easier it is to pitch a tunnel in these conditions. Most of the work is done out of the wind at ground level and the tent is only raised once the back has been pegged out and the guys located to keep everything under control.

The Scenic premium 4.0i makes life that little easier. It uses a central steel pole to provide the strength, stability and weight needed to keep the outer fabric under control even when the thinner glass fibre end poles are bending alarmingly.

And, this Scenic comes with six handy storm tapes that can be quickly pegged out to calm wilder situations.

Once up, the inner quickly clips into place. This is fully enclosed – except for the front porch that has a loose groundsheet. This groundsheet can be removed to make a wet area for taking off waterproofs and boots before entering the living area.

The front door can be rolled up or poled out. It has a large scenic window with a roll-up internal curtain. Windows sit to each side. These have a mesh apex protected by a cowl, and a toggle-closed curtain.

A door is located each side of the tent. These have mesh windows with an external roll-up curtain. The outer doors open on to the inner doors that lead to the tent’s living area.

All the inner doors have half-moon mesh uppers behind curtain panels, and fold neatly away into wall pockets when open.

The back of the tent features an apex vent under a cowl kept open by the two guys used to hold the tent up. There is also a large rear vent protected by a zip-down flap.

The sleeping compartment is split in two by a hanging curtain.


This tent is very compact for four people – there is little living area to store gear, let alone for a family to sit around a table. The 4.0i makes a far better two-berth touring tent for couples wanting the luxury of space, or for a family with a small child.

The angled poles maximise what space there is and ensures that the headroom is maintained right to the walls of the tent.

Like all Premium tents, it is an eye-catcher and it is neatly put together. Besides the steel pole and storm tapes, I do like the heavy-duty re-enforced pole bag and the large tent bag – always welcome features. CG


Outdoor Revolution
Tel: 01924 410050

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