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Therm-eco E.W.I.


Therm-eco E.W.I. Ltd is a family run business and very proud to be the U.K's longest established organization specializing in External Wall Insulation, specifically for Park Homes owners. During this time we have carried out installations from Edinburgh to Penzance. By choosing to cover a vast geographical area this has enabled us to create a network of the best approved installers throughout the country to fulfill the high demand we have for our services.

We run our company with a quality management system and use only the best BRE/BBA certified systems. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of workmanship, where our clients come first and detail is paramount.

Since opening in 2007, we have and still are successfully working alongside many Local Authorities, Energy Providers, Charities and Not for Profit Organizations.

Therm-Eco tells us: “Insulation is one of the most important things we can do to improve our homes. If we do not adequately insulate, then every time we heat our homes we are throwing money away.”

If you are buying a pre-owned home you may not be fully aware of all of the facts surrounding its insulation and, with a careful eye on economy, you may want to consider putting an extra layer of insulation on the exterior.

It has been proven that installing an External Wall Insulation system not only cuts your fuel bills but takes care of exterior maintenance at the same time, saving you money during the life of Therm-Eco EWI’s 10-year guarantee. In addition, the work is bound to have a positive effect on the home’s saleable value and appeal.

Therm-Eco EWI says that the system can reduce heating bills by up to 50%. It is also designed to increase sound insulation, plus improving the external appearance of a park home. You can choose the colour of the finish to suit your taste and the environment.

How it works

EWI is applied to the outside of the home and so protects the structure. And because the work takes place outside, there is minmal disruption to the home owner.

Therm-Eco says: “Imagine the cladding system being like a big jacket; we wear jackets in the winter to prevent our body heat from escaping, therefore keeping us warm. And during the winter your Therm-eco jacket will keep the warmth you generate within your home from being lost through the walls.

However, during the summer we don’t wear our thick jackets, so our body heat can escape and keep us cool – unlike your home where you simply switch the heating off. But a park home is just as vulnerable to the heat coming in as it is going out. So having protection from heat penetration is equally important. With the lowest u-values available, the Therm-eco External Wall Insulation system is proven to be the most efficient way of doing both these jobs.

Now imagine having a jacket that not only provides thermal protection, but also reduces noise intrusion, stops damp and mould, prevents degradation, and comes in a range of colour to suit any taste – a jacket so hard-wearing you don’t have to replace it for a guaranteed minimum of 10 years.

The system also has a fire rating of zero, which is the highest specification available.”



Therm-eco’s unique skirting system provides a high level of insulation as its main function is as a thermal barrier, as well as providing a high quality brick finish in a choice of colours to suit your needs. The company can insulate existing skirting, too.


Fascias and soffits

When the time comes to replace soffits, guttering and fascias, Therm-eco can supply and fit these, too.


Glazing and roofing

Replacing double glazing and roofing is an element of the Therm-eco offering, too.



As with any home, after 25 years, a park home is going to need exterior maintenance and some refurbishment. Therm-eco provides a complete refurbishment package; the company‘s surveyors will hep you plan your package.


How the system is installed

Stage one

The first part of the job is preparing the home for the system to be fitted. All fixings that protrude from the surface need to be removed; that’s exterior lights, aerials, etc.

Once this has been done, the starter rail is fixed to the bottom of the wall to support the insulation, and sill boards are fitted to the bottoms of the windows to compensate for the depth of the cladding.

Then, 60mm thick interlocking insulation board is fixed to the outside of the whole home and all the exposed edges are fitted with corner bead.


Stage two

A special polymer-based render designed specifically to adhere to Therm-Eco’s insulation board is applied to the whole home, and a glass fibre mesh is set into the surface to give it maximum strength. This is finished off with another thinner layer of render to cover the mesh and prepare for the final stage.


Stage three

The final stage is to render on a top coat in the home owner’s choice of colour. The render contains high quantities of marble dust which, because it is one of the hardest stones available, significantly increases the durability of the visible surface, as well as providing an attractive texture.

This layered, integrated system of insulation provides a decoration and maintenance-free finish.



Therm-eco EWI
39 Marsh Green Road West, Marsh Barton Ind. Estate, Exeter EX2 8PN
01392 424898

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