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Discover the best Cyber Monday deals for outdoor living


Although it seems like the entire month of November is given over to deals and discounts across every brand and retailer in the world, there are some single events that are still worth keeping in your calendar – Cyber Monday is one of them

If you’re not yet clued in, allow us to fill in the blanks:

Cyber Monday follows hot on the heels of Black Friday, the behemothic global shopping event that dominates your email inbox for weeks. You can find Black Friday deals online these days, but it started as an in-store phenomenon – Cyber Monday is and always has been a purely digital event.

Essentially, shops and brands cut their prices for a single day, resulting in some fantastic online deals.

If you’re in the market for new clothes from outdoor brands, electrical accessories for motorhomes or campervans, or general outdoor lifestyle products, you’re in luck – these are the best Cyber Monday deals out there for outdoor living!

Words by Jack Hart, Senior Content Editor


Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

(Photo courtesy of Barebones)

Food cooked outdoors just tastes better – right? That’s particularly true of anything grilled over an open flame and the epitome of this style of cooking is the Cowboy Fire Pit Grill from US brand, Barebones, sold in the UK by WildBounds.

It uses a modular system featuring a convivial fire pit, open fire barbecue-style grill and elevated cooking station, with adjustable grates to help you control the heat to achieve the perfect results every time. With an overhead tool storage bar, included side table and tool hanging brackets, you’ll have everything you need to cook up a storm close at hand.

Even better, you can currently save about £200 in this Cyber Monday deal.

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Store-It-Out MIDI Garden Storage Box

Garden storage box

(Photo courtesy of B&Q)

If you’re interested in camping, caravanning and all things exploring the great outdoors, we reckon it’s not a huge stretch to assume you enjoy spending time in your garden. And if that’s the case, saving £46 on this 880L storage box is likely to capture your interest.

It opens from both the top and the front and is lockable for complete security, with a sturdy built-in floor panel to keep your items dry in poor weather. Its wood-textured doors ensure that this garden storage box blends into your garden, as well as effectively keeping weather out with no maintenance or fading.

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Remoska Prima Portable Oven

Remoska Prima 2L portable oven

(Photo courtesy of Remoska)

The Remoska Prima 4L was one of our highest-rated products that we reviewed in 2023, and this 2L version ticks all the same boxes, bar the obvious slightly reduced capacity. With a low wattage of 400W, this compact portable oven is perfect for motorhomers, caravanners and campervanners alike.

Even better, the Prima 2L is fantastic at saving energy – the cost of pre-heating an electric oven for 10 minutes is the equivalent of cooking in a Remoska for one hour. So when you’re trying to keep your leisure battery from running dry, using this portable oven rather than a built-in cooker could make a massive difference.

With options to bake, roast or grill, the Prima 2L is an impressive portable cooker that will be a significant upgrade to your camping set-up, and it’s now available with £30 off!

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Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

(Photo courtesy of Apple)

You might not immediately make the connection between an Apple Watch and outdoor living, but let us clear it up.

This Ultra version features all the impressive features that you’d expect from Apple’s iconic wearable range, including detailed sleep tracking to help you tackle hills with energy, heart rate tracking so you know when to take a break on a camping chair, maps to help you navigate to the campsite (or for a pub lunch) and much, much more.

It’s also built to go the distance in the great outdoors, with screen and casing that is highly resistant to cracks, dust and water. And right now, you can pick one up at reduced price, saving £100.

Buy it here   


Amazon Kindle

(Photo courtesy of Amazon)

Whether you’re staying in a tent, campervan, caravan or motorhome, curling up with a good book is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The thing is, if you’re going on holiday then packing enough books to keep you going can take up valuable space.

You’ll know the answer we’re going to suggest, both because it’s written just above and because they’ve proven very popular for quite a while now: the Amazon Kindle.

True, it doesn’t provide the same tactile experience as a physical book, but that trade-off gives you the ability to access thousands of books in a slimline e-reader that you can personalise by bookmarking your favourites. If you’re interested in trying it, now is the time – you can get around £16 off today.

Buy it here   

Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Backpack

Deuter Alpine 30 Backpack

(Photo courtesy of Deuter)

With a 30-litre capacity, a wide mesh hip belt and flexible shoulder straps, this backpack is perfect for a day’s outing into the hills, whether you’re hiking along the Norfolk coast or are exploring alpine foothills.

Deuter has created an innovative answer to backpacks shifting uncomfortably on uneven terrain – its ActiveFit shoulder straps and flexible aluminium rails move as you do, acting like suspension on rough ground. The result is a much comfier ride if you decide to explore off-road or pick up the pace.

Originally created with mountain biking in mind, this is an impressive backpack that will suit any intrepid outdoors lover. And with £20 off in the Cyber Monday sale, you’ll love the price, too.

Buy it here   

Lavazza coffee machine

Lavazza coffee machine

(Photo courtesy of Lavazza)

In a recent review of the Rimor Horus 66, our lead road test editor, Peter Vaughan, was applauding the spacious work surface in the kitchen, which allowed him to use his beloved coffee machine. If you’re going to personalise your campervan, caravan or motorhome with accessories, coffee is often going to be a priority.

In which case, this deal on the Lavazza pod machine is well worth looking at – you can currently save over 50% on this sleek model that is compact enough to fit on a campervan, motorhome or caravan kitchen surface without dominating the area.

Your morning routine on the campsite just got a significant upgrade.

Buy it here   

Tower Air Fryer

Tower Air Fryer

(Photo courtesy of Tower)

When they first came out, we assumed that air fryers would have a brief moment in the sunlight before being relegated to the back of a kitchen cupboard, like the toasted sandwich maker and electric fruit juicer before them. As it happens, they look to be standing the test of time and becoming ever more popular.

People are excited for different reasons: food is claimed to be healthier, since you use no oil, and tastier, since you can precisely control the settings for individual food items. Whatever rationale you pick, the result is an alternative to an oven that looks perfect for anyone saving space in their campervan, caravan or motorhome.

You can now save 29% on this dual basket air fryer from Tower!

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