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Five reasons to sell to a motorhome dealer


Have you considered selling your motorhome to a dealer? No? Here are the top five reasons you should think about selling to a motorhome dealer.

Why selling to a motorhome dealer is a good plan

  • 1. Guaranteed sale - Selling your motorhome to a dealer is a guaranteed sale. Although you may not get as much money by selling to a motorhome dealer as you would selling privately, a dealer will take all the hassle of having to speak to and deal with private buyers. And, it's good to know you will sell your motorhome quickly.
  • 2. It’s easy - Selling to a private buyer can be a minefield. You hear about scams of people handing over their motorhome to a private buyer and being paid with fraudulent bankers’ drafts or bounced cheques. A reputable motorhome dealer is a safe bet to sell to.
  • 3. Timing is money - Now is a good time to sell your motorhome to a dealer. The number of used motorhomes available for sale now is much lower than it has ever been, which means there is a shortage of quality used motorhomes on the market. The simple rules of supply and demand mean you could get a better price if you sell to a motorhome dealer now while they are looking for quality used models to sell to their customers. They want the stock. However, you need to act fast. New vehicle registrations happen in March and September, so the number of trade-ins goes up during those months as motorhomers collect their new models. As more used models come on for sale on dealers’ forecourts, so prices down for pre-owned motorhomes are driven down.
  • 4. Trade on the trade-in - If you are one of the lucky ones who are buying a new motorhome, then consider trading-in your current motorhome to a dealer, which means you should get a better deal either on your new motorhome or on the trade-in price of your used model. If you are smart and negotiate well, you will get a better deal. Don’t be afraid to play dealers off, if one offers you a better trade-in price but doesn’t sell the new model you want, then ask the dealer you’re buying off to match the trade-in price.
  • 5. Save time - Owning a motorhome is desirable, and you will sell your motorhome, eventually. But, you might have to deal with all the 'time wasters' who contact you and can't really afford your motorhome. Who wants that? Selling to a motorhome dealer saves you time.

Selling your motorhome to a dealer is a lot easier than you might think. It saves you time, makes selling your motorhome risk-free, and it helps you get a better deal on a new ’van.

Be prepared for your motorhome dealer

Remember that you get the best deal for your motorhome if you prepare well.

Ensure it has an up-to-date habitation and base vehicle service and make sure it has an MoT. Clean it so it is spotless inside and out. Make sure it has recent damp and weighbridge certificates. First impressions count, and this preparation shows you have looked after your motorhome and also means there is less negotiating room for a dealer.

Then be realistic about what your motorhome is worth. Every issue of MMM magazine, Britain’s best-selling motorhome magazine, has a secondhand price guide giving up-to-date prices dealers and private sellers are asking. Look for examples of similar models that are of a similar age and use the prices as a guide to set your value.

Then cross-check with the used models for sale on the Motorhomes for Sale section.

Having a good sense of your motorhome's value before you contact a dealer will make it easier to get a good deal.

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