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Best new motorhomes – under £50k


Not so long ago, £50,000 was a typical spend for a mid-sized motorhome or a fairly well-spec’d campervan. Now, your choices aren’t as varied – thank exchange rates, ever higher kit levels, Brexit or inflation, or a combination thereof.

The important thing, though, is that – even with demand at an all-time high – you should be able to bag yourself a great motorhome for £50k.

There’s everything from VW campers to family coachbuilts sleeping up to seven in our selection here, and you won’t feel short-changed by any of them.

Even some quite prestigious names feature (as long as you don’t get too carried away ticking those optional extras).

There are advantages, too, to some of the more affordable models on the market – less spec means less complexity (easier to use and fewer things to go wrong), while also allowing for more payload on a 3.5-tonne base vehicle that can be driven by anyone and without the speed limits, tolls, etc, that can apply to larger, heavier motorhomes.

Whatever you choose, these vehicles are a ticket to cheap, safe staycation holidays for years to come and they should hold their value much better than any mainstream car.

Brand new motorhomes under £50k


Adria motorhomes under £50k


For sub-£50k motorhomes from this Slovenian maker you need to head to its more affordable Sun Living brand but the parent company does still have a couple of campervans that slip into our price band (just – and ignoring for a moment that really you’ll want to add at least one of the options packs offered).

Adria was the originator of the fixed bed campervan and its Twin range is still seen as one of the market leaders. Only Plus spec dips below £50k, so you’ll have to forgo the Supreme’s overcab sunroof, but even the Twin Plus now gets a full-height walk-through into the cab, called the Cabin Loft Design. All 2021-season models also get an oven/grill and improved insulation using recycled Ecofiber 40, as well as a new compressor fridge.

Based on the Fiat Ducato, the Twin Plus offers eight exterior colours, new graphics for 2021 and the Sandy White interior colour scheme.

Two proven layouts are available in the Twin Plus range, the 600 SPB (£48,900) and the 640 SLB (£49,900). The SPB is the classic six-metre model with transverse rear double bed. It’s the only Twin with a UK-handed layout, which for some buyers will be a key reason to put it top of the must-see list. It’s a top-quality, contemporary-style camper and the Duplex washroom with a curved wall behind the basin that hinges around to create a curtain-free shower cubicle is another bonus.

A full review of the Adria Twin Plus 600 SPB motorhome is here.

Alternatively, the Twin 640 SLB has similar lounge, kitchen and bathroom arrangements (albeit with the sliding door on the continental side) but the extra-long (6.36m) Ducato base vehicle creates room for lengthways sleeping in twin beds at the back.


Auto Campers campervans under £50k

Under the strapline ‘intelligent versatilty’, Auto Campers offers a range of largely Ford Transit Custom-based campervans (VWs are also offered but will usually exceed the £50k mark). The line-up might look rather samey but each model has its USP and every one is offered as a Lo-Line (standard height panel van, the cheapest option), a Pop Top (with optional roof bed) and a Hi-Line (with Ford’s taller steel roof and full-height rear doors).

The Auto Campers range kicks off with the Day Van Eco-Line, which is available as a conversion only from £13,000 on a late pre-owned base vehicle. On a brand-new Ford it starts at a very commendable £36,000.

This low price has been achieved with a modular conversion and menu pricing, so you only pay for the elements you want. Extra furniture units can increase storage, or you can opt for a wide bed instead. Choose a rock ‘n’ roll seat/bed or removable OEM Ford seats and a suspended bed system for even more versatility and greater boot storage for bikes, dog cages, etc. Up to seven seats are possible in this cleverly designed camper.

The Leisure Van (from £42,000) is, perhaps, a more conventional looking side kitchen campervan but it still boasts some novel touches. For a start, there are twin sliding doors, so the drawer-style fridge can be accessed from outside as well as in and the kitchen can be used while al fresco, too, or you can even fit an awning on this side.

A shorter galley unit also allows the driver’s seat to swivel right round, while tall pilots will find that the kitchen doesn’t restrict seat adjustment (unlike in some campers). There’s a new Vari-mount sliding seat option and you can choose from five furniture colours – white, matt grey, Sahara Night, Duck Egg blue or Drift Wood. All models are built on the high-spec Custom Limited and even the long-wheelbase Hi-Line with the 170PS engine comes within budget, at £46,500.

Finally, there’s the Auto Campers MRV – Multi Recreational Vehicle. Priced from £42,000 on a short-wheelbase Custom Limited, the MRV has Auto Campers’ unique suspended multi-height bed system combined with M1-certified floor tracking to secure its individual automotive-style travel seats, which simply clip into place (additional seats cost £750). Twin sliding doors and the inside/outside kitchen with external serving flap again feature here, while the spec includes a 115Ah leisure battery, solar panel and 16in alloy wheels.


Autohaus campervans under £50k

Based in Somerset, Autohaus is best known for its VW Transporter campervans, which it has been building since 1994 – hence, the name of the company’s entry-level conversion, the Ashton 94.

Based on a 110PS Startline T6.1, this budget campervan (from £42,999) has a flat fridge door unit, like Autohaus’ earlier models, along with Golf GTI-style tartan upholstery. It comes with a 1.20m-wide RIB seat and colour-coded Reimo elevating roof, as well as Tristone worktops for the classic side kitchen. A swivel passenger seat, blackout curtains, 50-litre compressor fridge, 100Ah leisure battery and 30-litre fresh water tank are also included.

Those seeking a little more spec can move up to the more popular standard Ashton, which is available from £45,999. Then, there’s the Spartan (from £44,999) which has the wider (1.29m) RIB bench with three rear seatbelts.

That, of course, also means a wider bed, but a narrower galley, although a 50-litre fridge is still included. Above that, where the unit is wider, a combination unit features a stainless-steel sink and single-burner hob. Finally, the Camelot is a rear kitchen layout, fitted cassette toilet and single beds. It’s available with a high-top or an elevating roof, with prices starting at £46,750.

If you’d prefer a Ford to a Volkswagen, Autohaus offers its Spartan GT on the Transit Custom (from £48,495). This side kitchen layout uses the extra width of the Ford to feature a three-seater RIB bench as well as a comprehensive galley.


Dip into the extensive range of motorhome and campervans reviews featured in What Motorhome over the last few years by using our fully searchable digital content library. Start by typing in the make or model you're looking for into the search bar below:




Auto-Trail motorhomes and campervans under £50k

This Trigano Group brand hit the headlines this season with a full-sized Fiat van conversion priced at just £36,995. Here, then, is a camper built on a brand-new base vehicle by one of the country’s leading motorhome manufacturers at a price that would usually be associated with a pre-owned camper with several seasons’ use behind it.

Of course, the new Expedition doesn’t quite have all the spec that you’ll find in Auto-Trail’s V-Line, or other rival models, but it gets surprisingly close and even has Fiat’s 140bhp engine as standard. It features cab air-con, driver and passenger airbags and cruise control, too, while the habitation side includes an oven/grill and 4.7kW gas/electric heating. Based on the 5.99m Ducato van, the Expedition comes only in black (with very simple exterior graphics) and you’ll need to budget a little extra to pay for a radio. However, the automatic gearbox and even alloy wheels can be added as factory options.

The Auto-Trail Expedition 66 has the classic two-berth rear lounge layout for maximum relaxing and sleeping space, while a grand more will buy you the Expedition 67, which gains two extra travel seats behind the cab (but has a more compact end lounge).

The Expeditions certainly play the value card to the max but Auto-Trail also offers its V-Line S campervans in the sub-£50k price range. These are the 660 (rear lounge), 669 (rear double bunks), 670 (rear lounge and front half-dinette) and the 680 (a longer version of the 670 on the 6.36m van), with prices starting at £45,556. Unlike the Expeditions, the V-Line S campers come in a range of Fiat colours, with a choice of upholstery fabrics and can be upgraded with the new Cab-Plus option (with full-height walk-through into the Ducato cab).

If you’re looking for something a little more spacious, then the F-Line low-profile range (basically a rebranding of 2020’s Ford Tributes) also starts at under £50,000, although you’ll need to bear in mind the Drivers Pack (£1,499) and Lux Pack (£1,399), while the electric drop-down bed option is a further £900.

There are two compact six-metre F-Lines (£46,755) and three longer, 7.32m models (£48,285). The small F60 is the star of the show and was a What Motorhome award winner in 2020. This is an ideal two-person starter motorhome with a spacious front lounge and generous end washroom, complete with wardrobe and separate shower, although you’ll need to add the drop-down bed to make night-time as good as the F60 is in the day.

The longer models are the F70 (twin beds), F72 (front and rear lounges) and new-for-2021 F74 (island bed). All models come on the latest Ford Transit cab with an array of colour choices and a 130bhp engine. An overcab sunroof is standard, as is Whale’s 4.7kW gas/electric heating system with iVan touchscreen controls.


Benimar motorhomes under £50k

Spanish brand, Benimar, has become well known here for its value-for-money motorhomes imported by Marquis Leisure and the trio of overcab coachbuilts in its entry-level Primero range all duck under £50,000 – by a fiver. That, for once, is a realistic price tag, however, as there are no pricey options packs that you can’t live without. These motorhomes are also NCC-approved and have their habitation door on the UK side.

For £49,995, the Primeros have a 140bhp Fiat engine, cruise control, driver and passenger airbags, air-conditioning, alloy wheels, a 120-litre fresh water tank, flush-fitting framed habitation windows, Truma Combi 6kW gas/mains heating and a DAB radio.

Three models are available, all of them just 5.99m long and on a 3,500kg chassis – ideal if this is going to be your first motorhome. The Primero 301 has a half-dinette lounge and rear transverse bed over a garage, the 313 is a great family layout with bunk beds across the back, and the 331 (the 2020 model is reviewed here) has a French bed at the rear offside with the washroom adjacent. Each model has a large overcab double bed (2.05m by 1.55m) in addition to the downstairs sleeping arrangements.


Bilbo's campervans under £50k

With over four decades’ experience of building Volkswagen campervans (and rarely anything but VWs), Bilbo’s NCC-approved conversions are a must-see if you’re in the market for a T6.1. Its campers are offered in entry-level SL spec or better equipped HL versions, with some of the latter sneaking in below £50k.

The range kicks off with the innovative Space (from £39,950), which has four individual seats and a rear kitchen. Built to the same high standards as other Bilbo’s models, the Space differs from more conventional rear galley designs in having removable furniture pods that allow the vehicle to adopt a business or load carrying role during the week, then return to camping duties at the weekend. Key features include a portable stove, microwave oven, plastic sink served by two 12-litre water carriers, and twin beds.

The Nexa+ (from £42,950) is the more conventional rear kitchen model and now features a cassette toilet, too. Its three-burner hob, waist-height 50-litre fridge and generous worktop give it a better galley than most rivals.

Side kitchen layouts feature of course, too, with the Komba (£42,950) having a slimline kitchen and wide seat/bed, while the same price Celex is the conventional best-seller with four seats and a more comprehensive galley, here featuring a 65-litre fridge (bigger than in most T6s) and a grill/warming oven as standard, as well as practical drawer-based storage.

Bilbo’s offers its campers with a high-top, rear-hinged rising roof or its own side-tilting Low-Lie roof which works especially well with the rear kitchen floorplans.


Burstner motorhomes under £50k

You won’t be able to bag yourself a new coachbuilt from this popular German marque for less than £58,995, but its campervans do still come into the sub-£50k sector. Its Eliseo Active range, which is new this year, starts at £45,995.

You can choose from double bed or single bed layouts, medium-wheelbase, long and extra-long Fiat base vehicles and all versions include new features such as a full-height cab area (with optional sunroof) and a new tambour door for the washroom (which has a fixed corner basin and an opening window). There’s indirect and dimmable lighting, windows are flush-fitting with aluminium frames and there are 11 exterior colours to choose from. ESP, including ASR and Hill Holder is standard on the Ducato base vehicle.

Other features of the Eliseo include Isofix for child seats, compressor fridges (75 to 130 litres, depending on model), an adjustable rear travel seat and multi-zone cold foam mattresses. The portable Home light is a novel touch, too, while UK-bound models all get the Active Package of quilted upholstery, 16in alloy wheels and additional graphics.

The four models are: C 540 (5.41m, transverse double bed, half-dinette lounge), C 543 (bar version of the 540 with extra sideboard in place of the back seat), C 600 (like the 540 but with the extra space of the 5.99m van) and C 641 (6.36m, rear single beds).


Carado motorhomes and campervans under £50k

We’re big fans of this budget Hymer brand here at What Motorhome and we’re pleased to inform you that you can still find examples of its campervans, low-profiles, overcab coachbuilts and its narrow-bodied Van range for less than £50k.

The Carado campervan range has a quartet of the usual continental layouts: CV540 (medium wheelbase, transverse bed), CV600 (long-wheelbase, transverse bed), CV601 (LWB with rear double bunks) and CV640 (extra-long, rear single beds). Prices start as low as £35,879 for the CV540, but you’ll want to add the Basic Pack (£1,309) and Chassis Pack (£1,739) as a minimum to bring the spec up to scratch.

Most excitingly, Carado has added Clever and Clever+ Edition models across its line-up this year and the latter fully-equipped campers look even better value than the standard models, ranging from £41,459 up to £44,239 for the CV640.

All the Clever+ campervans get an engine upgrade to the 140bhp unit and a weight uplift from 3,300kg to 3,500kg, as well as featuring Traction Plus, 16in alloy wheels, a painted bumper and Campovolo pale grey exterior colouring. An awning is fitted as standard, along with cab blinds and the Chassis, Chassis Comfort and Basic Packs.

In the low-profile motorhome range (or semi-integrated models, to use the brochure’s Germanic terminology), it’s the sub-7m models that come in below £50k and here it’s worth noting that the essential Basic Pack and Chassis Pack are included for UK buyers. The T135, at £45,589, is the baby of the range at 5.95m long with a French bed layout.

Then there are four models at just short of 7m: T334 (transverse rear bed and comprehensive en suite with opposing shower and toilet cubicles), T337 and T338 (two slightly different single bed layouts, the latter with the option of a drop-down bed over the lounge) and the T339 (island bed).

Three out of the four of the overcab ‘A’ range are still in budget, too. Choose from the A132 (5.95m long, rear transverse double bed over a garage), A361 (6.60m, pullman dinette, rear bunk beds) and A464 (7.25m, rear double over garage). As with the low-profiles, the packs that you wouldn’t want to be without are included, as well as features such as Truma Combi 6 E gas/electric heating.

If you’re considering your first coachbuilt motorhome, or you like to explore more off-the-beaten-track locations, then the Van range (at 2.14m wide, instead of 2.32m) is worth a good look. There’s a trio of layouts, starting at £36,839 for the sub-6m rear transverse bed V132. Longer models are the 6.65m twin bed V337 and the 6.86m island bed V339.


CCCampers campervans under £50k

CCCampers offers three conversions on the Renault Trafic, all at less than £50k.

The Shelsley is a conventional side kitchen camper using a rear Bliss seat/bed system with a reclined position for use on site. Unusually for this type of layout, its elevating roof is front-hinged, while a roof bed is an optional extra.

The Witley is a rear kitchen pop-top camper with four or five travel seats (depending on whether a single or double cab seat is fitted). Based on a high-spec Trafic Sport (featuring alloy wheels and sat-nav as standard) with the 170bhp engine, it is priced from £46,199.

The Mamble (from £46,999) is a most unusual design of the three, with a side settee layout that creates a more open feeling within the vehicle and this is based on the long-wheelbase Renault. It has three travel seats (all in the cab) and CCC’s Stargaze elevating roof, as also seen on the Witley and Shelsley.


Chausson motorhomes under £50k

For 2021, Chausson, the innovative French brand from the Trigano Group, has consolidated and simplified its range, focusing on core layouts.

It has also introduced a choice of three spec levels available across its entire range of low-profiles, with First Line (from £47,940) being the entry-level offering. These are based on the Ford Transit with 130PS engine and manual gearbox but the standard spec still includes cab air-conditioning, cab seats with height adjustment and double armrests, cruise control, DAB radio and twin airbags.

The bodywork uses Chausson’s IRP structure and features an overcab sunroof, as well as a Technibox for exterior access to various services, including the RCD. A flyscreen door, TV bracket and diesel-fired heating are also featured as standard.

The three Maxi Lounge models all come in at under £50k in First Line trim. The unique 630 offers drop-down single beds (so couples can have different bed times), the popular 640 has a broadly similar end washroom/garage layout with an extra-wide drop-down double bed, while the 650 is the compact version at less than 6.4m long.

Other sub-£50k models include the 648 (a sub-7m island bed layout with side sofa lounge) and the new 644 which has five seatbelts and a rear transverse double bed over a garage that also has internal access.

The Gallic marque relies on its sister brand, Auto-Trail, to build its 33 Line van conversions, which are closely related to the V-Line range. Two models are available, the V594 (£43,990) and longer V697 (£46,990); both have a rear lounge but the 6.36m model uses its extra length to include rear travel seats.

The 33 Lines each come with air-con, cruise control, black alloy wheels, 140bhp engine, sat-nav, cab blinds and an oven. New options this year are the £1,990 Outdoor Pack (foglamps, bike rack, awning and 90-litre fuel tank) and the Panoramic View sunroof at £1,490.


CMC HemBil campervans under £50k

Concept Multi-Car’s HemBil range comes in Smart Line or Comfort spec, so it’s the former that features here. These are based on the T30 Kombi Startline version of the T6.1 Transporter, with the 110PS engine as standard.

This Kent-based company has been building campervans since 1988 and was instrumental in introducing Reimo products (including its rising roofs and sliding seat systems) to the UK. Today, its HemBil range is said to be inspired by the principles of Scandinavian design with functionality and simplicity. The Escape (from £47,950) is the most conventional model, with a classic side kitchen design offering a choice of top or front-loading fridge and an optional mini grill, as well as versatility of the Variotech 3000 sliding seat.

The Drift adds a novel twist on the side kitchen camper theme with its second sliding door and a galley that pivots out through it to allow al fresco cooking. It has a three-seater rear bench, while additional removable seats can make it up to a seven-seater.

Then there’s the Urban with its extra-wide rear seat – one of the very few VWs that can genuinely seat three adults in the back, or accommodate a trio of child seats. This model comes with a 20-litre top-loading fridge but its party piece is the removable section of galley (including the two-burner hob) that can simply be unbolted and used outside.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more affordable camper without compromising on the quality of the conversion, then CMC also offers its Escape model based on the Renault Trafic. Priced from £45,950, it’s based on the Sport spec van with metallic paint, sat-nav, automatic lights and wipers, 17in alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, etc. It has the same high-quality Reimo roof and sliding seat as its VW-based sisters.


Compass motorhomes and campervans under £50k

Sister brand to Elddis, this long-established British name was resurrected just over two years ago on a range of campervans and entry-level coachbuilts that are basically established Autoquest designs with different colours, graphics, fabrics, etc – and which are sold through a separate dealer network.

The Avantgarde CV range (from £41,269) features four models, all based on the six-metre Fiat Ducato: CV20 (two-berth, rear lounge), CV40 (three-berth, front and rear seating), CV60 (novel two-berth layout with a rear settee/French-bed design) and the newest addition, the CV80 (four-berth, front and rear lounges, plus a pop-top). You’ll need to add the Lux Pack (air-con, cruise control, passenger airbag) at £1,218, but the standard spec is otherwise pretty good.

All six Peugeot-based Avantgarde coachbuilts are also priced below £50k. Choose from the compact two-berth 115 (£42,169) up to the six-berth 196 (£49,219) with two lounges and a drop-down bed. New this year is the addition of the 150 model with an island bed. This model features a side settee front lounge with fold-away Aguti travel seats hidden under the sofas. Improved LED lighting and a new Syracuse upholstery feature this year, while the essential Lux Pack again adds £1,218.

Also new for 2021 is the Navigator range (from £45,419), which is closely related to Elddis’ Accordo. Two layouts are offered: 105 with a side settee front lounge and an across-the-rear washroom and the 120 with a surprisingly spacious rear lounge that includes a central chest of drawers. Based on a low-line Peugeot Boxer chassis, these compact coachbuilts are just 5.99m long and only 2.14m wide, while the Azure Blue exterior gives them a distinctive look on the road, or the campsite.


Consort motorhomes and campervans under £50k

Relatively new brand, Consort Motorhomes, has a strong pedigree as it comes from the founder of Vantage Motorhomes, Scot Naylor.

The new Leeds-based maker focuses on rear lounge Fiat Ducato-based campervans, the smallest of which (the 5.41m Kite) just falls into the sub-£50k sector.

This classic two-berth design has some neat details and offers a choice of side settees or a wrap-around U-shape at the back, the latter including a good-sized boot for storage of wet gear and outdoor items.


Devon campervans under £50k

Here’s a campervan convertor that has always been associated with strong value for money. Today, its range of Ford Transit Custom and Fiat Ducato-based conversions are all still under £50k, with only the Mercedes Sapphire exceeding this budget.

Those seeking a compact vehicle with a rear toilet area and single beds should look at the Ford-based Firefly, which is available in pop-top, high-top and long-wheelbase high-top versions from a very keen £41,999, including cab air-con, alloy wheels, metallic paint, heated front seats, parking sensors and automatic lights and wipers.

On Fiat Ducato (or Peugeot Boxer), Devon’s range covers almost all the bases. The Aztec (from £46,061) is the ever-popular rear lounge two-berth, offered in MWB, LWB and XL forms. Even the medium-wheelbase model features a useful worktop behind the driver’s seat (above the fridge) as well as an extra side window here, while the XL version has a generous rear boot and U-shaped seating.

The Sahara (£49,079) is another rear lounge offering (or, alternatively, you can have a fixed bed in the rear). Where this model, based on the 6.36m Boxer/Ducato, really differs, though, is in having a second seating area with two individual rear passenger seats. These convert into twin dinettes or single beds, using the cab seats. The kitchen is surprisingly comprehensive and includes a full cooker with separate oven and grill, while a dividing door can separate the front and rear sleeping areas.

The newer medium-wheelbase Colorado (£46,063) and long-wheelbase Arizona (£47,659) come with a more contemporary furniture style than Devon’s earlier models, and both feature a traditional front lounge/rear kitchen and washroom layout. These vehicles can be specified with four travel seats or three. In the latter the fourth forward-facing pew is replaced by a side sofa facing the big sliding door.


Dreamer campervans under £50k

This French campervan marque is part of the Rapido stable and its ’vans are built alongside those of the parent company in Mayenne. It splits its line-up into the Fun range, which we’re focusing on here, and the more upmarket Select models. You’ll find Fiat Ducatos in medium, long and extra-long forms here, as well as layouts that aren’t replicated elsewhere.

All Fun models are in budget but you will need to allow an extra £1,620 for the Fun+ Pack, which adds the 140bhp engine, cab air-conditioning, cruise control, a Pioneer radio with Bluetooth, a second leisure battery, electric step, flyscreen door and more.

The smallest, 5.41m-long, models are the D42 (French bed) and new D43 Up (transverse rear bed and a pop-top, making this a four-berth despite its compact size). The D43 Up also comes with a panoramic Skyview sunroof above the cab, included in its £47,000 price tag.

On the 5.99m Ducato, Dreamer offers the D53 (£43,300) with rear transverse double bunks and the D55 Exclusive (£47,000), which adds the proven Modul’Space washroom with clever separate shower that also accommodates the hinged wardrobe, to the popular rear double bed floorplan. As an Exclusive model, the D55 also gets the Skyview sunroof, 15in alloy wheels, diesel heating and the Fun+ Pack as standard.

In the largest Fiat van, there are three layouts available: the D68 Exclusive with rear single beds, the new D60 – reviewed here – with an electric drop-down bed over perhaps the biggest garage in its class, and the unique Camper Five.

Voted Best Family Van Conversion in our awards in 2020, the Camper Five has rear bunk beds as well as a separate seating area adjacent for the kids. Up front, its L-shaped lounge is surprisingly spacious and offers five belted travel seats, while the main bed is a drop-down double above. This model, based on the tallest H3 derivative of the Fiat van, even includes a 133-litre AES fridge within its £47,300 price tag.


East Neuk campervans under £50k

The Fifer Combi (£43,000) is the latest campervan from this highly-regarded and multi award-winning Scottish converter. Based on the short-wheelbase Renault Trafic in well-equipped Sport trim, it has East Neuk’s own high-top (designed to offer more headroom and storage than Renault’s own roof) and a rear kitchen layout, while the four individual travel seats convert into twin single beds at night. There’s a slide out toilet at the rear and a partition for its private use.

Alternatively, the Fifer Touring M (£49,900) is the company’s best selling model, based on the 5.41m Citroën Relay with 140bhp engine. It has a unique take on the rear lounge format, which can offer single beds or a double. It comes with a solar panel, TV aerial, 230Ah leisure battery, dimmable lighting and Webasto diesel heating.

The Citroën cab (sister to the Peugeot Boxer) has air-con, metallic paint, cruise control, DAB radio and twin airbags. Unusually, the galley runs widthways behind the passenger cab seat, and here you’ll find an 85-litre compressor fridge, a three-burner hob and an oven/grill. The phrase ‘a quart in a pint pot’ seems to have been coined especially for this camper.


Elddis motorhomes under £50k

Think ‘affordable coachbuilt motorhome’ and one name has long been on the tip of most UK buyers’ tongues – Elddis. That’s still true today, except that now this is also a brand to be reckoned with if you’re looking for a full-sized campervan, too.

The Autoquest coachbuilt range covers everything from the super compact 115 at just 5.70m long to the six-berth family layout 196 at 7.34m, but even this is on a 3,500kg chassis to suit every driver. In between, you’ll find a variety of fixed bed formats: French bed in the 155, island bed in the brand-new 150, twin low-level beds (with an end washroom) in the 185 and singles over a garage in the 194. Prices for these motorhomes start at £42,169, but you’ll want to add the Lux Pack (for £1,218) to get a passenger airbag, cruise control and air-conditioning.

As well as the new 150 layout, the 2021-season Autoquests (all built on the Peugeot Boxer) feature the Whale CompleteHeat heating system, a new wood colour, Argyle upholstery, improved LED lighting, a new oven and, on some models, a better bedroom vanity/storage area. Look out for dealer special edition versions of these Elddis ’vans at your local retailer, too, as these often add useful extra kit to the mix.

If it’s a campervan you’re after, the Autoquest name is central to your search once again, with a range of four Fiat Ducatos, all in long-wheelbase, 5.99m form. The CV20 is the one if you’re after a spacious two-berth, while the CV40 incorporates rear travel seats and the new CV80 adds a pop-top to become a full four-berth. The CV60 is the one that breaks with convention, with swivel cab seats and a removable table making for a cosy dining area up front, while a side settee (more like a day bed, actually) at the rear offside pulls out to make a lengthways double bed with a dresser alongside. Well priced, like all the CV range (at £41,269), this is one that you need to see in the metal before you make up your mind.

All the Autoquest campervans come with a 140bhp engine and the option of an automatic gearbox (at extra cost). Interior lighting has been improved this season and they have a new 90-litre fridge, as well as revised décor and a 25-litre underslung gas tank. Fiat’s metallic grey paint is optional if you don’t like the standard white, while other colour schemes can be found on dealer special edition models.

Finally, Elddis offers its campervan-sized coachbuilt, the Accordo (from £45,419), in three flavours – 105 (end washroom, front side sofa lounge), 120 (rear parallel settees) and 135 (rear lounge and a front half-dinette).


Etrusco motorhomes under £50k

One of the newest brands on the block, Etrusco can actually count a great deal of experience behind it. Its motorhomes and campervans are built at the state-of-the-art Laika factory in Tuscany, its designs are closely related to those of sister brands Sunlight and Carado, and it is part of the huge Erwin Hymer Group. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that it already has four dealers in England, plus one each in Wales, Scotland and Eire.

As an entry-level brand, it offers a full range of options in this price range – four fixed bed campervans (from £36,990), one overcab coachbuilt with bunk beds (£49,490), a French bed low-profile (£47,690) and a pair of slimline ‘Van’ low-profile motorhomes (from £38,990).

All models are based on the Fiat Ducato and all claim a dash of Latin style.


Globecar campervans under £50k

One of the top brands for campervans on the Continent, this high-quality maker of fixed bed Fiat Ducato van conversions only just scrapes in here. Two of its D Line models have a list price just below £50k – the 5.41m Roadscout R and the 5.99m Globescout – although, in reality, you still need to add the £1,995 UK Comfort Package. Still, it could be worth stretching the budget for one of these top-notch campers…


Hillside campervans under £50k

Only the entry-level Birchover S from this Derby-based converter comes in at under £50k but you’re getting the same build quality here as with the company’s more expensive campers, as well as the reassurance of buying a vehicle with NCC approval and European Whole Vehicle Type Approval from one of the UK’s foremost VW campervan converters.

The Birchover S (£41,995) comes with the traditional side kitchen layout, with the galley here being slightly deeper where the 50-litre compressor fridge is fitted (behind the driver’s seat). It features swivels on both cab seats, the popular RIB rear seat/bed unit and a top-quality TÜV-approved SCA elevating roof with roof bed (or a high-top as an option). Based on the Startline-spec T6.1, it has Sidewind Assist, a DAB radio with 6.5in touchscreen, leather steering wheel, cruise control, rear parking sensors, Climatic air-conditioning, Hill Hold Assist, Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, and the 90PS engine as standard. Other VW options can be added if required.


Hobby campervans under £50k

This German manufacturer’s OnTour models have developed a reputation for offering typical Hobby quality at great prices and there are OnTour versions of both layouts in the Vantana campervan range. Choose from the six-metre K60 FT (£47,995) with a transverse double bed and the 6.36m K65 ET (£49,995) with single beds.

The floorplans are the continental staples but the interiors are contemporary and come with cold foam mattresses, a 70-litre compressor fridge, flyscreen on the sliding door, good worktop and drawer storage in the galley, a washroom with opening window and fixed corner basin, cab blinds and extensive winterisation, including a GRP internal floor with XPS insulation. Having experienced a Vantana in the midst of the Norwegian winter, we can vouch for how well suited they are to year-round camping!


Itineo motorhomes under £50k

This Rapido Group brand is known for its A-class motorhomes but you’ll have to stretch the budget by around another £10k for one of those (still much less than most other A-classes). However, as the French group also owns the budget brand, PLA, it has been able to add some keenly priced low-profiles into Itineo’s mix via this Italian factory.

Three models make up the Peugeot-based range, with prices starting at just £44,390 for the 5.99m-long PF600 with a French bed layout. There’s also a 6.99m single-beds-over-garage floorplan in the PJ700 and a 7.40m island bed model with on-trend side settee lounge, called the PM740.

Each one can be specified with an electric drop-down bed, while the Elite Pack (£1,080) adds a reversing camera and superior habitation door and the Life Pack (£690) adds cab air-con, an overcab sunroof, ESP, front foglamps, tyre pressure monitoring and more.

Standard equipment on the Itineo low-profiles includes polyester bodywork with Styrofoam insulation, Truma Combi 4 heating, LED mood lighting, net curtains, a heated waste water tank and a large automatic energy selection fridge.


Laika campervans under £50k

You probably wouldn’t expect to see this luxury Italian brand in this guide, nor associate it with campervans, but it’s the company’s Kosmo van conversions (on Fiat Ducato) that see it included here. There are the usual medium-wheelbase, long and extra-long versions, all with fixed beds at the rear, and prices start at £40,905.

The Kosmo range also includes a pair of slimline low-profiles, called Compact, with prices from £42,705.


Leisuredrive campervans under £50k

This Bolton-based company has been building campervans for over 50 years, making it the longest running independent converter in the UK. Its conversions have European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and come with a two-year warranty, while its vehicles have long been associated with great value pricing.

Its most popular model is the Vivante (from £44,500). Honed over the last 25 years, this VW T6.1 campervan eschews the usual side kitchen format for a rear galley where you’ll also find a built-in cassette toilet and privacy screen. Rather than a compressor fridge, a three-way 60-litre absorption type is fitted, and the Vivante is as likely to be seen with a high-top (Leisuredrive’s own) as the company’s side-hinged elevating roof. Up front, the lounge area features lay-flat cab seats that combine with either two forward-facing seats or one travel seat and a side settee to convert into single beds or a large double.

The newest addition to the Leisuredrive line-up, the high-top Zest, offers a similar rear kitchen and loo layout on the VW T6.1 Startline at the even lower price of £39,990. Then, there’s the Crusader, with its more conventional side galley floorplan and a choice of pop-top or high roof, from £41,995.

And Leisuredrive doesn’t just convert VWs. If you’d prefer the slightly more spacious interior of a Ford Transit Custom, check out the company’s side kitchen Calypso (from £39,990) and the ‘walk-through layout’ Occasion (£42,250) with rear kitchen and cassette toilet. The Fords are also offered in rising roof form or with the factory steel high roof. Finally, the Renoir conversion on the Renault Trafic has also been reintroduced.


Pilote campervans under £50k

You won’t find a Pilote coachbuilt for this sort of money, but a new campervan from the French firm is within reach. The Van range – in Standard finish – which has been reintroduced to the UK following Pilote’s sell-off of the Danbury brand, starts at £45,450.

You’ll find the usual choice of lengths of Fiat Ducato base vehicle – 5.41m, 5.99m or 6.36m – as well as a rear double bed or twin singles. Interestingly, the V600J goes without rear travel seats (it has a sideboard instead) and fits lengthways twin beds into the 5.99m van, while the V630G has a transverse double bed in the longest Fiat, using the extra space for a larger lounge with L-settee. Some models also have a slide-away cassette toilet to make more room for showering.

Read our review of the Pilote Van V600G Premium campervan here.

Rimor motorhomes under £50k

The Italians once owned the entry-level motorhome market, so it’s no surprise to see a company like Rimor (now part of the Trigano Group) still featuring strongly in the under £50,000 sector.

The Horus van conversions range includes two 5.99m Fiat-based models: the 38 (rear transverse double bed) and 45 (double bunks at the back and up to six berths!). Prices kick off at £42,995 and features include a 97-litre fridge, Truma Combi 4 heating and a large rooflight above the lounge.

Then, there’s the Ford Transit-based Evo range, which includes both low-profile and overcab body styles. The 69 Plus and 95 Plus – both priced at £49,495 and both 7.31m long – are the low-profiles, offering a choice of an island bed or singles. Each has a garage, a drop-down bed over the lounge and seatbelts as well as berths for five. Washrooms include a separate wet area for the shower and basin, while kitchens include a 141-litre fridge/freezer, and Isofix is optional.

Moving on to the overcabs, you have a choice of the six-berth Evo 5 with a pullman dinette and rear transverse double bed or the seven-berth Evo Sound with twin dinettes and rear bunk beds.

Rimor’s Seal range (based on Fiat) offers even more choice, with seven models listed at just under £50k. Predominantly, these are overcab coachbuilts – a type that is seeing a resurgence in popularity with more young families coming into the motorhome market and appreciating the value of that big (always ready) overcab bed.

Here, there’s a variety of layouts: Seal 3 (only 6.48m long with a French bed), 5 (pullman dinette, rear transverse double), 8 (half-dinette lounge, transverse double), 9 (a seven-berth with two dinettes up front and bunks across the back) and 50 (a six-person ’van with unique quadruple bunks lengthways at the rear and facing L-settees at the front).

Two low-profile Seals (from a range of 12) also sit below £50k. These are the 12 Plus (6.48m with a French bed) and the new-for-2021 67 Plus with the fashionable layout of the moment and a 6.45m length. This newcomer has a side sofa lounge with drop-down bed above and a full-width end washroom and garage with vast wardrobe above.

Needless to say, few rivals can offer as much choice at this price point, especially if you’re after a family-friendly motorhome.


Roller Team motorhomes and campervans under £50k

Here’s another Italian marque (also a Trigano company) with a strong value-for-money element to its ethos. You’ll find Toleno campervans and Zefiro coachbuilts within our price range here.

The Fiat-based Toleno models (from £42,545) are actually built in the UK at the Auto-Trail factory, alongside closely-related sister models from Benimar and Chausson. Here, there are three models – the Toleno L (rear lounge, two-berth, 5.99m), R (rear double bunks, front half-dinette lounge, 5.99m) and S (front and rear lounges, 6.36m).

The models with rear passenger seats offer more shapely and comfortable pews for travelling than many rivals but these seats cannot be made into a bed. New graphics and fabrics mark out the 2021-season versions but they should be compared closely with other very similar vehicles from the Trigano stable.

The Zefiro range, by contrast, is built in Italy and uses the appealing Ford Transit base vehicle. Two overcab models and three low-profiles fall into budget, including the new Zefiro 665 (£48,445) – a compact (6.41m) four-berth motorhome with a transverse rear double bed over a large garage, plus a drop-down double over the half-dinette lounge. Like its bigger brothers, the new kid on the block has its habitation door on the UK side.

The other, longer, Zefiro low-profiles have the layouts you’d expect – twin single beds in the 685 and an island bed in the 696. Each of these ’vans is 7.45m long and has an electric drop-down bed over its lounge.

Even more family-orientated are the two overcab Zefiro models, which now have a Skyroof in the luton to match the light and airy feel of the low-profile versions. The 675 (£48,445) is 6.99m long and has a pullman dinette and rear bunk beds. The 690 is broadly similar but has a double bed at the back and a large garage.

All the latest Zefiros get grey exterior side walls and can be specified with Ford’s automatic gearbox for an additional £1,740. You’ll also want to add the Drivers Pack (£1,500), which includes cab air-conditioning, cruise control, radio with Bluetooth, passenger airbag, electric/heated mirrors and removable carpets.


Rolling Homes campervans under £50k

You’ll have to be shy with the options and probably stick with a Startline spec base vehicle to keep a Rolling Homes Columbus – the one with the beautiful real oak cabinets that are such a hallmark of the brand – under £50k, but the company’s Shackleton model starts at a very reasonable £43,995 on the latest T6.1 Volkswagen.

You won’t have the same interior look, as the Shackleton uses Vöhringer lightweight board for its furniture, much like many rivals, but this is still a high-quality camper with an SCA Deluxe rising roof, rear RIB seat/bed and Corian work surfaces. It is insulated with sheep’s wool, comes with a 50-litre fridge and blown-air heating and is NCC approved.

If you’re after a more back-to-basics VW camper with a super-sized bed, take a look at the Weekender, too.


Sunlight motorhomes under £50k

This is the budget brand to Dethleffs, just as Carado is Hymer’s entry-level offering. The two marques are made at the same factory, called Capron, in eastern Germany. The sturdy, no-nonsense build quality is the same here, as are the layouts, but different décor gives the Sunlight vehicles their own identity. Carados are said to be more conservative, while Sunlight motorhomes are designed to appeal to a younger, sportier clientele.

As with Carado, you’ll find campervans (called Cliff), low-profiles, overcabs and a narrow-bodied Van range. That slimline (2.14m wide) range gets the addition of an island bed layout in the V 69 (£39,579) this year, while the new overcab A 60 (£43,779) is also compact in its own way (at 5.94m long). This is Sunlight’s smallest luton-bodied motorhome ever but with its generous overcab double, rear fixed bed and large garage, it could make an interesting alternative for families that want a more manoeuvrable motorhome.

Look out for the Adventure Edition versions of both the Cliff campervans and the T58 low-profile (5.95m long, French bed). These gain a load of extra spec, which on the van conversions (from £41,439) includes metallic black bodywork, 16in alloys, a 90-litre fuel tank, awning, large rooflight, washroom window, flyscreen door, air-conditioning, cruise control and a leather steering wheel.


Sun Living motorhomes under £50k

Fancy an Adria motorhome but find that funds won’t stretch? Sun Living vehicles are built in the same purpose-built Slovenian factory using predominantly the same production techniques.

Better still, the latest models come with more homely interior décor, new cupboard handles, new spotlights, ambient lighting and bolder graphics. There’s a new Ergo bathroom in some models, too, and a Smart Comfort dinette that has an extra backrest section for enhanced seating but still converts into a flat bed. Garages are said to be e-bike ready.

All but one Sun Living model has a price tag starting with a four, so there’s plenty of choice here – campervans, low-profiles and an overcab (the only such vehicle from Adria, now that the Coral XL has gone from the line-up). It’s no surprise at all that every model is based on the Fiat Ducato, just like the parent brand.

The V Series van conversions start at £44,000. The six-metre V 60 SP has the expected rear transverse double bed, but the V 65 SL has rear twin beds that, unusually for a continental camper, double up as a lounge.

The S Series is the low-profile range, starting with the six-metre, transverse bed S 60 SP (£47,200), while the S 65 SL has a similar layout but uses its extra length (6.70m) to offer single beds over its rear garage. Then, there’s the seven-metre S 70 DF with a French bed and a spacious front lounge incorporating a pullman dinette and side seat. With the optional drop-down bed, this model can sleep six, as well as having six seatbelts.

The sole overcab model, the A 70 DK (£49,000) has seven berths and six seatbelts (or seven belts when uprated to 3,650kg). A true family motorhome, it has twin dinettes (the smaller one converting into a side sofa) and bunk beds across the stern.

With all Sun Living motorhomes you’ll need to factor in the £1,820 Pack 1 for vital cab spec including air-conditioning, while few will want to miss out on the £1,359 Comfort Pack. These packs might push up the prices, but Sun Living motorhomes offer proven Adria quality and practicality, along with fresh, modern design.


Swift motorhomes under £50k

The UK’s largest leisure vehicle manufacturer has just one motorhome under £50k, although none of its entry-level Edge coachbuilts exceeds £52k – if there’s a little elasticity to your funds, then investigate further. Otherwise, the Edge 464 is where it’s at – a 6.75m low-profile with a French bed layout. It benefits from Swift’s wood-free SMART construction, Grade III insulation, dual-fuel heating and a Duvalay mattress.

There’s more choice in the Fiat-based Select campervan range, where three of the five models are still in budget at time of writing. These are six-metre models: 122 (two-berth, rear lounge), 144 (three-berth, rear lounge and front half-dinette) and the 174, which swaps the 144’s second seating area for a fixed/foldaway double bed.

All Select models have an on-trend overcab sunroof, as well as metallic paint, cab air-con, an 85-litre three-way fridge, Truma Combi 6kW gas/electric heating, Winter Pack, a security tracking system and dimmable LED lighting.


Weinsberg campervans under £50k

This very Germanic-sounding maker is part of the Knaus Tabbert Group and its campervan ranges, the Fiat-based CaraBus and CaraTour feature here.

In the CaraBus range, you’ll find the usual 5.41m and 5.99m lengths and fixed bed layouts, while the 600 K Campo (nothing to do with Last of the Summer Wine!) is a special edition with double bunks, Media Pack (including 21in TV), alloy wheels, air-con, cruise control, DAB radio, leather-look upholstery and Campovolo Grey paintwork – all for £42,995.

The CaraTour, similarly, offers medium and long-wheelbase Ducato CUVs – they’re Caravanning Utlity Vehicles, not campervans, apparently! – with fixed beds at the rear. Where the CaraTour (from £45,410) differs is with its more contemporary, minimalist interior design.


Wellhouse campervans under £50k

Built to Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) standards, Wellhouse is best known for its campers based on the Transit Custom and one of its latest models, the Misano 2 Kombi, is available from £49,000.

Offered with a pop-top, Ford’s high roof or a taller after-market high-top for full standing room, the Misano has a German sliding seat system with three seatbelts and an Italian-styled side kitchen with curved cabinets. It is also available through selected Ford dealerships and comes with a three-year warranty on the base vehicle and the conversion.

Similarly priced is Wellhouse’s Blighty conversion of the latest Vauxhall Vivaro (which is built in Luton). Again, there’s a crash-tested sliding seat system and a side kitchen. Both cab seats swivel in this 4.95m-long camper, which has a low overall height of 1.98m with the pop-top roof closed. Based on the highest-spec Vivaro, the Elite, it comes with sat-nav, voice control, trip computer, front and rear parking sensors, cornering lights, 17in alloy wheels, lane departure warning, rear view camera and a head-up display.

A similar conversion to the Blighty is available on the Vauxhall’s sister van, the Toyota Proace. With a five-year warranty on both the conversion and the base vehicle, the Matino 2 is priced from £47,000.


Westfalia campervans under £50k

You might end up spending more, because this is a premium brand, but it is possible to get a Westfalia Amundsen (read our review of the 600D from 2020 here) for under £50k, especially if you stick with the medium-wheelbase 540 D and keep a cool head when going through the options. The layout is the typical transverse rear bed continental design but Westfalia’s 65 years of building leisure vehicles is bound to show through in the details.


Wheelhome campervans under £50k

If you want a camper that’s genuinely car-sized, then Wheelhome is the true specialist in the sector and its latest model, the Vikenze III, seems to have gone down a storm with buyers. At just 4.40m long and only 1.84m high, it’s small enough to go in a domestic garage, while the clever interior design offers up to four belted travel seats (original Vauxhall seats, too).

Despite its ultra-compact dimensions, this little Vauxhall Combo-based camper can sleep two (one bed made from the seats and a second in the electrically operated elevating roof. Unusually, too, the Vikenze III does without gas – all cooking is electric, via an induction hob and a microwave. With a 300W solar panel and an inverter, two to three days’ worth of cooking off-grid is said to be possible.

Other features of this unique camper are 10-litre fresh water storage, a 14-litre fridge and storage for a Porta Potti (which remains accessible at night). The Vauxhall base also comes well equipped, with alloy wheels, an 8in touchscreen with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and front and rear parking sensors. Most importantly, it is available with a 1.2-litre 130bhp petrol engine and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, in which form it is priced from £43,317.


Wildax campervans under £50k

This manufacturer, which is owned by Rapido, is better known for its larger Fiat-based van conversions, but it has more recently ventured into the pop-top market with a pair of Ford Transit Custom-based models.

The Proteus is the short-wheelbase model with the more conventional layout and nips in here at a fiver under 50 grand. It comes with a roof bed, 40-litre compressor fridge, cab air-con, metallic paint and reversing camera, as well as a sliding seat system, but the latter can restrict access to storage, depending on where on its tracking it is positioned.


You can read our selection from brand new motorhomes under £50k from 2020 right here















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