What Motorhome - December/January 2021

What Motorhome - December/January 2021 ...

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Packed into the December/January 2021 issue of What Motorhome:

News and views

  • New trends this season - but maybe more change in 2022?
  • An all-electric camper
  • A cheaper VW California

Trends of 2021

  • High-tops with pop-tops - larger campervans with extra beds up top are a rapidly growing sector
  • Overcab coachbuilts - once the main type of motorhome, this forgotten breed is making a comeback
  • Compacts with island beds - slimline models with great bedrooms
  • Magnificent seven - these 7m models have it all
  • Twin lounges with drop-down beds - spacious family ’vans


  • Bailey Adamo 75-4I - exclusive first test of this Ford-based island bed model
  • Edge Campervans Linear - boat-builder turns to VW campers
  • Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM - German low-profile with bunk beds
  • Le Voyageur Classic LV6.8LF - Gallic style, a huge drop-down bed and more in well under 7m
  • Swift Escape 604 - sub six metres with a drop-down bed
  • Weinsberg CaraCore 650 MF - super-rare A-class with a French bed


  • Motorhome hire - before you invest in buying a campervan or motorhome, why not try renting?
  • Finance - if you think your credit rating is wrong
  • Classified advertising - buy and sell motorhomes and accessories

And much more!