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MMM - May 2024 issue ...

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Packed into the May 2024 issue of MMM:


  • USA Midwest America - makes for a dramatic tour in a rented RV
  • MOROCCO - Exploring the sights, sounds and smells in this amazing African country
  • CANADA - The eastern provinces provide a stunning introduction to this huge North American country
  • NEW ZEALAND - From the shore to the Shire, North Island has hot springs, amazing beaches and beautiful vistas even hobbits would love
  • WEEKEND TRAVEL - The small Scottish community of Tyndrum is worth a weekend diversion on your way to the Highlands
  • SITES - For that extra something, from large luxurious pitches to perfect locations
  • YOUR SITE REVIEWS - Readers rate the campsites they’ve stayed at


  • SWIFT TREKKER - Taking a look at Swift’s impressive new Ford campervan
  • KNAUS TOURER VAN - This model marks the return of the VW Transporter-based motorhome
  • DETHLEFFS GLOBETROTTER - An XXL motorhome fit for a family or a touring couple and all for a £220k price tag
  • MY MOTORHOME - Buying a secondhand Concorde A-class for long-term touring


  • TECH HELP - Readers’ questions answered and problems solved, from oily stuff to electrics
  • DREAM TOURS ESSENTIAL ADVICE - All the options for making that bucket list aspiration a reality, including hiring, swapping and exporting


  • BUYING ADVICE - Preparing to collect your new or new-to-you motorhome from a dealer
  • VINTAGE ’VANS - On the hunt for a classic VW Westfalia? Read Martin’s top tips
  • ACCESSORIES - Gifts and gadgets to enhance your motorhome life


  • LETTERS - Readers’ tips, tricks and more
  • YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTOS - First trips abroad and a quiet NC500 – dreams do come true
  • MOTOR MUSE - Tackling the issue of rainwater harvesting in his own way
  • OUR MONTH - What the MMM team’s been up to this month
  • NEWS - Launches, events and other happenings in the motorhome world
  • SHOW NEWS - Entertainment and essential info for visiting our own outdoor events
  • MOTORHOME NOMAD - Is this the time to make your first foray over the Channel?
  • MY TRAVELS - An unplanned whistle-stop tour of the southwest of England
  • MY VIEW - Memories of campervan trips and overnight stays in the desert


  • PUZZLES - Solve our brainteasers to be in with a chance of a cash prize

What Motorhome included in this issue, this A-class special is packed with:

  • Coachman Imperial − The Travel Master was a brilliant start, now there’s something bigger
  • Eura Mobil Integra Line − This German brand is back and here’s an A-class that’s really wellsuited to the UK
  • Le Voyageur Eterna − If you find Teutonic ’vans a bit too austere, how about some Gallic panache?
  • Morelo Empire Liner − Time to dream. This is what a £500,000 motorhome looks like!
  • PLUS! − An exclusive interview with Laika’s Head of Product Management

And much more!