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Guest speakers confirmed for our National show


Discover Expert Insights at The National Motorhome & Campervan Show in the Advice Centre

Have you just bought a van or are you still deciding which type is best for you? Whether you're eager to gain more knowledge or seeking fresh ideas for your summer travels, make sure you visit the Advice Centre at The National Motorhome & Campervan Show. Located in the Sir Stuart Goodwin building, our FREE talks are presented by various industry experts, YouTubers, bloggers, and podcasters. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Meet The Speakers

Peter Vaughan & Iain Duff

Two of the industry's most knowledgeable figures, Peter Vaughan and Iain Duff will cover all the major points you need to consider when buying a vehicle, new or used. Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced motorhomer looking for a change, this seminar is packed with information to help you choose the right model. Peter Vaughan brings his experience as the Editor of What Motorhome and Road Test Editor of MMM, while Iain Duff adds his perspective as the Editor of Campervan Magazine.

Kat - Wandering Bird

Kat from Wandering Bird is an experienced motorhome traveller and blogger who shares her extensive knowledge and passion for life on the road. With years of experience navigating the UK's scenic routes and beyond, Kat offers invaluable advice on planning trips, finding the best spots, and making the most of your motorhome adventures. Her engaging stories and practical tips will inspire both new and seasoned travellers to explore the open road with confidence.


Gemma and Campbell, the dynamic duo behind Highlands2Hammocks, are renowned for their adventurous spirit and love for the great outdoors. Specialising in travel across the Scottish Highlands and other stunning locations, they provide insights into the best destinations, hiking trails, and camping spots. Their sessions are perfect for those looking to combine their motorhome travels with nature-filled adventures and breathtaking landscapes.

Touring With The Kids

Kiera and Rick from Touring With The Kids are passionate family travellers who share their adventures on YouTube. They focus on making motorhome travel enjoyable and stress-free for families with children. From planning kid-friendly routes to engaging activities on the road, Kiera and Rick offer practical tips and personal insights to help families create unforgettable memories together.

Motorhome Matt

Meet Motorhome Matt, the lively voice of the motorhome world and BBC Radio 5's go-to motorhome guru! At the helm of several award-winning motorhome ventures, Matt brings the fun and facts of motorhomes to life. His podcast, the Motorhome Matt Podcast, is a rollicking ride through the ins and outs of motorhome adventures, peppered with honest advice and answers to those "too-embarrassed-to-ask" questions.

The Roaming Radfords

The Roaming Radfords, a family of enthusiastic motorhome travellers, share their journey of exploring the world one mile at a time. Known for their engaging content and practical advice, they cover everything from route planning and vehicle maintenance to finding hidden gems along the way. Their passion for adventure and love for the motorhome lifestyle is contagious, making their sessions a must-attend for anyone looking to embark on their own roaming journey.

Darran - Urban Motorhome

Darran, also known as "The Urban Motorhome," is a UK-based full-time motorhome dweller and YouTuber from Essex. Living in his motorhome since April 2017, he primarily parks in urban areas such as streets and industrial estates. Darran shares his experiences, tips, and motorhome modifications through his YouTube channel and website, offering practical advice and insights into the van life.

Life Beyond Bricks

Tash and Jon, the couple behind Life Beyond Bricks, have been living full-time in their motorhome since 2018. They offer a wealth of knowledge on long-term motorhome living, from managing everyday life on the road to finding work and staying connected with loved ones. Their down-to-earth approach and honest experiences provide valuable insights for anyone considering a full-time motorhome lifestyle. Whether you're dreaming of a permanent life on the road or just curious about the challenges and rewards, Tash and Jon's sessions will give you a realistic and inspiring look at life beyond bricks and mortar.



10:30 Peter Vaughan & Iain Duff | Buying a Motorhome or Campervan

Join motorhome experts Peter Vaughan and Iain Duff as they guide you through the process of purchasing a motorhome or campervan. Learn about the key factors to consider, the differences between models, and how to make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and budget.

11:30 Kat - Wandering Bird | What's Required for Travelling in Europe

Kat from Wandering Bird shares essential information for preparing to travel in Europe with your motorhome. Discover the necessary documentation, legal requirements, and practical tips for a smooth and enjoyable European adventure.

12:30 Kat - Wandering Bird | Travelling with Dogs – Practical & Essential Information

Kat shares her expertise on travelling with dogs in a motorhome, covering everything from preparation and packing to finding pet-friendly sites and managing the needs of your furry companions on the road. Learn how to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for both you and your pets.

13:30 Highlands2Hammocks | Ireland Inspiration

Gemma and Campbell from Highlands2Hammocks inspire with their travel experiences across Ireland. Learn about the best scenic routes, must-visit spots, and practical tips for exploring the Emerald Isle in your motorhome.

14:30 Touring with the Kids | Vanlife Adventures: From the Arctic Circle to The Sahara Desert

Touring with the Kids shares her family's epic vanlife adventures from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert. Hear about their experiences, challenges, and the incredible memories made, along with tips for travelling with children to extreme destinations.

15:30 Motorhome Matt | How to Get Good WiFi on the Road

Motorhome Matt shares essential tips for securing reliable WiFi while traveling. Learn about the best equipment and data plans to keep you connected on the go.


10:30 Peter Vaughan & Iain Duff | Buying a Motorhome or Campervan

Peter Vaughan and Iain Duff return to offer their expertise on buying a motorhome or campervan, covering everything from initial research to final purchase. Get answers to your questions and learn how to choose the perfect vehicle for your needs.

11:30 Darran - Urban Motorhome & Jon (Life Beyond Bricks) | Which Gadgets are a Must-Have

Darran and Jon discuss the must-have gadgets that can enhance your motorhome experience. From practical tools to the latest tech, find out what essentials you should pack to make your travels more comfortable and convenient.

12:30 Darran - Urban Motorhome | Travelling to Europe for the First Time

Darran shares his insights and tips for first-time travellers heading to Europe in their motorhome. Learn about the preparations needed, what to expect, and how to make the most of your European journey. As always, expect a lot of funny stories and laughter.

13:30 Highlands2Hammocks | How to Plan to Tour the NC500

Gemma and Campbell guide you through planning a tour of Scotland's famous North Coast 500. Discover the best routes, attractions, and hidden gems along this stunning coastal drive, ensuring an unforgettable Scottish adventure.

14:30 Darran - Urban Motorhome & Tash (Life Beyond Bricks) | Living Life Full-Time in a Van

Darran and Tash share their experiences and practical advice on living full-time in a motorhome. Learn about the challenges, rewards, and day-to-day realities of this lifestyle, from finding work to maintaining a sense of community on the road.

15:30 Tash (Life Beyond Bricks) & Urban Motorhome | Becoming a Digital Nomad

Tash and Darran discuss how to successfully become a digital nomad while living in a motorhome. Gain insights into remote work, maintaining productivity on the road, and balancing work with travel adventures.


10:00 Peter Vaughan & Iain Duff | Buying a Motorhome or Campervan

Peter Vaughan and Iain Duff continue their informative series on purchasing a motorhome or campervan, offering detailed advice and answering your questions to help you make a well-informed decision.

11:00 The Roaming Radfords | Adriatic Adventure

The Roaming Radfords share their exciting travels along the Adriatic coast. Learn about their favourite destinations, travel tips, and the unforgettable experiences they've had exploring this beautiful region.

12:00 Highlands2Hammocks | A Guide to Touring Scotland

Gemma and Campbell provide a comprehensive guide to touring Scotland in your motorhome. Discover the best routes, attractions, and practical tips for an incredible Scottish adventure. Whether you're exploring the Highlands or the Lowlands, their advice will help you make the most of your journey through this stunning country.

13:00 Tash (Life Beyond Bricks) | Solo Female Travelling with Special Guests

Tash offers valuable advice and shares her personal experiences on solo female travel in a motorhome. Learn about safety, finding community, and embracing the freedom and empowerment of solo travel.

14:00 The Roaming Radfords | Morocco Inspiration

The Roaming Radfords inspire with their stories and tips for an adventurous motorhome trip to Morocco. Discover the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and practical advice for navigating this exotic destination.

15:00 Touring with the Kids | Travelling to Europe with Kids

Touring with the Kids discusses the practicalities and joys of travelling across Europe with children in a motorhome. Get tips on planning, keeping kids entertained, and making the most of your family adventures.

How to Find the Advice Centre

It takes place in the Sir Stuart Goodwin Building. As you enter the exhibition area from the day visitor entrance, if you walk straight up ahead, you will see the directional banners for the Advice Centre. Alternatively, you can simply use the What3Words directions link.


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