Campervan Campout 2024 - Self Build Display Show



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Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May 2024

Self Build Show at Campervan Campout 2024

Celebrating Creativity & Innovation

Welcome to the Self Build & Display Vehicle Show at Campervan Campout, the ultimate showcase of creativity and innovation on wheels! This special area of the festival is a dream come true for self-build enthusiasts and admirers alike. It's a vibrant exhibition featuring a diverse array of self-built vans, where the extraordinary meets the practical. From ingeniously converted buses and library vans to classic campervans, caravans, sprinter vans, and even transformed ambulances, the variety is as endless as the imagination of their creators.

This is more than just a show; it's a community hub where self-builders and future builders unite. Whether you're just starting to toy with the idea of a self-build project, or you're midway through your own conversion, this is the perfect place to gather inspiration, ask questions, and learn from those who have turned their visions into reality. Alongside the display, some of these innovative self-builders will be taking the stage at The Campout Hub, sharing their journeys, insights, and tips on creating your very own home on wheels. Dive into this world of self-built marvels and get ready to be inspired, educated, and awestruck!


Converted Bus

We are a family of 5 based in the East Midlands and started looking for our dream project in lockdown. We instantly fell in love with the Mercedes Vario and couldn’t wait to get our hands on one to convert as a holiday home on wheels. This vehicle was perfect for us, it stood out, fit us all in and was 7.5t making it easier to add everything in that we wanted. We have had our big red bus for 3 years now and is still a work in progress after some huge jobs taking place such as a roof raise.


Alice in Wonderland themed campervan

I’m Kirsty, also known as Hedgehog. I’ve found myself as a solo female vanlifer in my Alice in wonderland themed Campervan, called Maryanne. She’s a Peugeot Boxer self build, and I’m very proud of her decor! I like to make content for YouTube and Instagram about my travels around the UK, usually focusing on all the fun stuff that happens within the vanlife community!


Local school bus turned family home

We are a family of 3 that converted our own van over the course of two years. Our van was previously used as a local school bus in Yorkshire and then as a run around for local schools and events in South Wales. It was more rust than metal, but over time we have made it our own - learning as we went. We've loved every minute of it and our highlight to date was making it all the way to Monaco and back in the bus!


Relighting lost energy

We built our van Badger (named because we live in the New Forest & hubbys a bit of a bodger, but we don't tell him) just over four years ago when our childrren were struggling with life, becoming withdrawn from the real world, going out became very challenging. We used all the energy we didn't have and poured our love and emotion together with our children into a space that has allowed our family to engage with other families, make friends, become strong and hopeful again, whilst having a safe space for our boys whenever we are out in the van.


Our second self-build camper

This is our second self-build camper, after converting a small transit van before lockdown. We soon realised we needed more space for the 3 of us. After months of searching, we finally found Oursupersprinter and set to work on the conversion. Since completing the conversion it has opened the door to so many great memories and finding new lifelong friends. We can't wait to make more memories and friends on this journey with #oursupersprinter


12 tonne truck

I bought this MAN tgl 12 tonne truck from eBay. It was inspired by trips to the paddock of BSB motorbike race meets. The race trucks fascinated me and I decided to create my own. He went to a horsebox fitter who installed a new roof, lockers and replaced the shutter door with a ramp. I got him back and started the internal fit. My Dad came to help do the installation of the windows, doors and shower. I then spent all my spare time for the next year fitting out the rest of the truck. The final touch was having the bifold doors fitted in the back. The company were great and after an initial scratch of the head made it work, their first installation in a moving vehicle. I then took my HGV class C test, so I could start enjoying the hard work and taking him away on a few short adventures.


Full lorry conversion

After living and travelling all over Europe with our family of 5 for over a year in our self converted panel van, we knew that we didn’t want to give up this nomadic lifestyle that we had grown to love. But we needed something bigger! So this last summer we self-converted a 7.5t lorry into our new spacious family home. Having already experienced full-time van living, we knew exactly what we needed to prioritise in the build. A mix of experience, design and trial & error went into building our latest ‘home on wheels’ which we’ve lived in full time since September 2023. We’ve put all the systems to the test and know what is needed to make full-time family van life a comfortable reality


Library bus to family home

Slowly Wilding are back displaying their incredible family conversions. Last year appearing with a shell of a broken library bus they have spent the summer transforming their Mercedes Vario Library bus into a cosy home for four. Their conversion includes bunk beds, a play den, full wet room, L shaped sofa, full king sized bed and room for daily yoga! If you are wanting inspiration for a family van build then these are the ladies to talk to having done this build themselves while living in it full time as a family of four!



In early 2015 I decided to change our life style and head more towards a “pay as you go”, one that hopefully will take us on many an adventure. So we sold the house and bought a bright red 4x4 fire truck with intentions of taking her out of retirement and giving the girl a fresh start by converting her into a full time expedition truck camper built for the off grid adventuring lifestyle. We've travelled many countries but are now currently out filming & touring Scotland.


Their third conversion

We did our first conversation back in 2002 which was an Iveco Daley, we had this for 8 years and had many adventures. After a break from campers for a few years we jumped back in in 2021 and bought Mr Edd a 7.5 ton Leyland horse lorry, which had been partially converted but needed a lot of work doing. We spend lot’s of time up the farm chilling in Mr Edd, but this year we decided he was a bit of a beastie to travel round in so we bought Little Edd and kitted him out as our little home on wheels. We only van life part-time (at the moment) but love festivals and travelling.


Retired school bus

We are a Essex family who self converted a retired school bus into a home on wheels which we toured around France for a month last Summer. It sleeps 6 comfortably in 3 double beds. We have a separate shower and a Cinderella toilet that incinerates your waste to ash which you can then sprinkle on your roses! We are actually a certified installer of the Cinderella toilet and happy to talk you about it.


Fully off-grid wheelchair accessible motorhome

We are Liam & Dee a married couple travelling far and beyond living life to the fullest. Follow along on our journey as we travel around the UK and beyond! We’ve got some awesome adventures planned so hop on board as we attempt to live and travel in our fully off-grid wheelchair accessible motorhome around the UK and Europe. We don’t let our disabilities affect how we live our lives or travel in our Motorhome.


Just back from 3 months off-roading across the Sahara

Dave’s first campervan build was his VW LT35 back in 2009 followed by a T5 in 2014 to support his motorcycle racing. Since then he’s built a VW LWB crafter which his girlfriend and him lived in for 3 years. He supported the build of a Merc Sprinter, MAN L2000 and finally, his own DAF T244 Overlander. Which he has just come back from off-roading across the Sahara for 3 months to test out his engineering and crafmanship. After building a diverse fleet of campervans Dave is open for business to help others build theirs.


Full time living in Mavis a Mercedes Vario 813d

So, we are full time in Mavis a Mercedes Vario 813d. Dave converted it himself, I did very little. We love our home on wheels and currently touring Spain,we will be back in the UK in March. We were recently featured on Liverations Youtube Channel, where you can see a full tour of Mavis here.


Happiest when building vans

I've been building Van's since 2020 when I took redundancy from my job due to covid, then started working part time and need something to keep me busy. Now i'm too busy building vans for myself and other people. I started working in motor trade as a boy then took a change in direction to be a chef which I doid for too long then changed again and become a bus driver which I did for 20years. Now, I'm happier building vans and meeting new people. I love the build and every one is different and all have there challenges but I still love it .


Jackie & Mark Lambert & The Fab Four

Hi, we’re Jackie & Mark Lambert & The Fab Four In 2016, we gave up our jobs to tour full-time around Europe in a caravan with our four Cavapoos. When Brexit imposed Schengen travel restrictions, we decided to go to Mongolia. Our beloved caravan, ‘Kismet’ (‘Fate’), would never make it across the Gobi Desert… So, in January 2020, we bought ‘The Beast’, a 1990, 6x4-wheel drive Volvo N10 truck blind off the internet. With help from knowledgeable friends, we converted her ourselves into a unique overland camper with off grid capability for 4-6 weeks. Since we finished the conversion in July 2021, The Beast has been our full-time home. Our trip to Mongolia is on hold due to global events, but to date, The Beast has given us safe conduct through almost 20 countries, from B to A (Britain to Albania) with Bosnia, Bulgaria, and a huge chunk of the Balkans in between. I (Jackie) am an award-winning travel writer and blogger, who has penned six humorous road trip memoirs about our adventures since giving up work to tour full time. My current work in progress, about how we converted The Beast, is due for publication in the first half of 2024. Please come and say ‘Hi’, meet The Beast, and feel free to ask us about our lifestyle, self-building an overland camper, travel with dogs, or any other pressing questions you think we could help with! Find My Bestselling & Award Winning Books on Amazon Follow our adventures on


Off-road overland home

We are Stuart and Charlotte - the Orkney Overlanders. Having already lived in vans and trucks for a couple of years in Orkney we decided to build our off-road, Overland home so we could explore further afield. We bought a flatbed army lorry and built everything from scratch, from the habitation box to the interior - even the windows and door! We've lived in Dinky the DAF for almost 3 years now and spend our summers building, fixing and kitting out trucks for fellow adventures. We do everything from mechanics and engineering to interiors and electric, travelling around the UK wherever we're needed. Last year's highlight jobs were building a habitation box on an old Bedford MJ and converting a removal lorry into an 8-bed micro-hostel! Of course we need to make time for our own adventures, so in the winter we travel. We've just completed our 3rd winter away, this time exploring Morocco, crossing the Sahara and truly putting our truck to the test.


A tribe of five who have turned adventures into a way of life

Hi There! We are the Black family, a tribe of five who have turned adventures into a way of life. Our journey is not just about the places we go, but the memories we create, the lessons we learn, and the friends we make along the way. Family time is our greatest treasure and of course central to our lifestyle is our trusty companion - our self-converted campervan Dusty, Mercedes Vario 814D. We bought it as a lockdown project and it ended up turning into our dream home on wheels. Together, we transformed our bus into a cozy haven that now roams the roads with us and allows us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature whilst enjoying the comforts of our home. Whether gathered around a campfire or navigating through winding roads, we cherish every moment spent together and we want to show you that travel is possible and fun even with three little kids in tow.


Travelling Europe in our self converted campervan

Laura and Luke embarked on a mission to turn this delivery van into their off grid home on wheels in just 9 months. They left their jobs to travel full time across Europe with their 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla, Luna.


Tesla powered VW T5

I decided to convert a VW T5 to electric in July 2021, and the project took exactly two years to complete. The van was extremely dirty inside and took ages to clean.up I cleaned the engine bay, and had the subframe and lower arms powder coated black. I left the exterior as I found it. The motor and battery are from a Tesla Model 3 long range. Only the rear motor has been used, which means the van has 270hp and 350Nm of torque. Range is an estimated 200 miles form the 75kWh battery. Front brakes are upgraded to 340mm disc’s and calipers from a VW T6, although the regenertive braking from the electric motor means i don’t often need to touch the brakes. The suspension is also upgraded to coilover units in the front, along with polyurethane bushes. Wheels are 18” steels from a VW Amarok.


Give up? or go big?

The van (ivy) is the outcome of someone smashing into our old van, we had the decisions to either give up on the dream after 7 years or go big… so we did.


Converted in a pub carpark

Hi, my names Darren, I converted my Peugeot Boxer van in 2020, during lockdown, in a pub carpark. I've always loved the outdoors and the van gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in it. I've travelled all round the UK in the van, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving and taking photos of the sights. The van is set up for all my hobbies.


Family of five living and travelling full time

We are a family of five living and travelling full time in our Mercedes Vario called Atlantis. We self converted her over the course of a year while we were selling our house, she is always evolving as our needs change and experiences grow. Our three kids are road schooled getting their education from real life experiences and finding adventure at every opportunity. We chose this lifestyle to be closer to nature, meet like minded people, enjoy time together and see places we wouldn’t have seen if we continued our old life. Atlantis started life as a 32 seater mini bus taking school children to swimming lessons in Enfield. Now she is our cosy home on wheels helping us make long lasting memories.


1989 converted horse lorry

After deciding over 5 years ago that bricks and mortar was no longer a good option in life I decided a home on wheels would be the best option for myself, 3 dogs and a cat! An ex welfare bus was the first home but I decided to "move up the property ladder" and convert a 1989 7.5t horse lorry. With the help of some incredible friends, a lot of stress, worry, plenty of tears and more welding than I ever imagined I moved in to the lorry in May 2023. I built it to be completely self sufficient and off grid including a good solar set up, compost loo, woodburner, water pumps & filters and chose an older vehicle for its bullet proof non electric simple engine! Based on the South coast I am never too far from the sea and plan to cross over to Europe this year and see where the wind takes me.. With 3 dogs and a cat on board, every colour & pattern you can think of in here it is hard to wake up and not smile!


AJ, Kate, Ethan & Neve

We are aj ,Kate , Ethan and neve and we travel around the uk and Europe in our self built transit camper van called Annie. Not full time but every spare moment we get we love to adventure. You can follow us on ig: @annie_on_theroad And YouTube @annie_on_theroad.


Micro camper specialist

The Secret Van Man Ltd is a campervan conversion company based in Hampshire, UK. We’ll be hitting the road in our own camper this summer, with trips already planned to Cornwall & The Coastal Way (Wales). If you’d like to see more of our work follow our social media pages by searching @Thesecretvanman..


Rich, Debs, Izzi & Stan

Rick, Debs,Izzi & Stan the dog. Fulltime family vanlifers for over 3 yrs. We moved into the truck due to covid, had to shut my business and leave our rented house. I now convert vans and trucks for a living. Our truck, Max is fully off grid. Taken us over 2 yrs to convert whilst trying to live and work on the road.


Converted abulance

I built this over 2 years of weekends back in 2017/ 2018. It’s an ex NHS frontline ambulance. Very complicated electrics. Has everything we need for staying off grid. Have travelled all over the UK, Scandinavia and Europe.


Enchanting van made from reclaimed wood & natural materials

Meet “Bilbo”, our little cottage on wheels - named after a great adventurer who longed for the comforts of his own home 💚🌿 Five months ago we bought our van and converted it to our new home using reclaimed wood and natural materials. This was the hardest thing we’ve ever done and we put an incredible amount of work into making it as comfortable and practical as possible. Our van features foraged wood, reclaimed countertops, linen mattress covers and curtains, handmade botanical tiles, vintage handles, hemp rope, and houseplants to make it feel as natural as possible. We also have 400W of solar on our roof, a 5kWh battery, 100 litre water tank, electric hot water boiler for showers and a compost toilet. While Risi is an ultra-minimalist, it was important to me to have all the comforts of a home and I’m so happy that we’ve been able to achieve that 😍


Fulltime vanlife family

We are Holly, Matthew, Ethan and Albie. We moved out of our home back in March 2022 and spent a year converting our 2008 LWB Crafter into our future home. We completed the whole build ourselves and have a fantastic layout that easily accommodates all four of us that we cannot wait to share. We have been on the road exploring the UK for the last 10 months and it has been one epic journey so far! We home-school our 2 boys and Matt works remotely so we have big plans to head off and explore overseas this year.


Retired engineer

I am a retired (early) engineer, spend most of my time looking after my wife who has advanced Multiple Sclerosis and can’t do much for herself and unfortunately her mind is going the same way of the body. Have lots of hobbies including cars, crafting and building camper vans for family and friends. Building my third one at the moment for our daughter who has caught the bug. There is not much I can’t turn my hand to or have a go at usually to help friends out these days. Ruby is an ex London transport dial and ride bus, she lived her working life around paddington, as my wife loves teddy bears, being from paddington was another tick in the box for buying her. Has the legendary 4.3 diesel engine and has covered only 57 thousand miles, she has a tail lift on the back which was essential for our needs. Ruby has been converted for my wife's needs. The wheel chair can move from the front to the back, the double bed cantileveres off the wall from one side and I have cut and welded a domestic person hoist into the van so I can lift Dill onto the bed. Ruby has been built on a budget and the furniture is on its second/third life’s. We have a Italian leather designer settee and a gentlemans wardrobe that was built before 1910. Front seats from an Audi A8 sport and a sprinter dashboard grafted in (no one has done that before in a Vario) that is retrimmed in two tone leather. We have solar on the roof and a home built leasure system using raw cells. Only thing I can’t fit in the van is a shower but I’m working on it.


Sam, Cam and Stan

Ex crew cab transit trend 2.2 taco. completely gutted and 3 person seat and bulkheads removed. Fully insulated and damp membrane fitted 265w solar, cdh diesel heater, fridge, Clad all round Boat window in rear door Gas hobs and sink unit External port for bbq


Just your regular crazy couple

We are Paul & Helena just a regular crazy couple. We originally owned a 2019 Autotrail Apache motorhome, That all changed in November 2022 when we purchased a 2018 LWB Sprinter having never converted a panel van before it was a little daunting but with advise and a little help form fellow vanlife friends we completed the conversation by July 2023. I must confess my partner Helena was at first devastated coming out of a motorhome into a conversation but now we have spent over 80+nights in the sprinter Helena admits this move was 100% the best move for us. Our Sprinter is called SHADOW he's a 2018 314cdi as well as the camper conversion which included but not limted to a massive pull out bed 6ftx7ft a huge corner shower 800x800 lots of surface worktops massive sink etc ..basically all the things we were lacking in the motorhome I was determined to gain in the conversation.Mechanically there are many upgrades including suspension upgrades fancy alloys & tyres engine remap to 210bhp the List goes on and on.


Billy & Lynda in their Skoolie

We are Billy, Lynda Summer and Amber a family of 4 living and travelling full time in our converted American school bus. We decided to sell our house in May 2023 and leave our old lives stuck in the rat race behind for a new life of adventure spending time together as a a family exploring the UK and Europe (currently in Spain). We bought the bus partly converted and have plans for some big changes inside the bus. Originally from New York the bus was shipped over in 2021 and converted into a home on wheels. Modifications include roof raise, 1800w of solar panels with Victron electrics and a Cinderella travel incinerating toilet.


Ugly Betty

We brought Ugly Betty 12 years ago and when we got her you wouldn't have kept chickens in her. 12 crazy weeks later we had torn her apart and put her back together again. We headed on a tour down through France and Spain and returned needing a new engine. I fitted the engine had her graffitied and we spent every minute we could over the next few years all over Europe and at as many festivals as possible. where she became quite popular and regularly we would have people we knew and didn't know seek her out and share a beer with us. 5 years ago we moved to ibiza for a few yeas leaving her in the uk and as we all know that's not good for a vehicle she was only used to stay in on visits to the uk and she became very sad. So now were on the second rebuild and a big personality change including electric power steering, rainfall shower, and a colour change. Hopefully by the time we all meet up she will be finished.


From large to small(er)

Having a large Motorhome, which we love and two cars for work, we decided to swap one car for a van. It had to be a short wheelbase van, to fit in a parking space, high roof and automatic. We got a Ford Transit Custom Van, high top. We are over the moon with the van, which ticked all the boxes above. As Dai and I work full time, trying to covert it ourselves, wasn't feasible. Therefore, we researched a few van converters, based on experience, honesty, time to convert, quality of built and we decided on a company to convert it from up North, called. Affordable Van Conversions. We are thrilled that they are doing it, as the team that work there, we know very well and can't wait to see the end product, for the first time at the show. Where you will be able to see the van and ask about the build materials chosen etc.


Slow travel lover

Hi, I’m Sam, a solo female who loves slow travel, conscious living, and DIY. Vanlife became a dream during my travels around New Zealand in 2017 but I never planned to do it alone. The pandemic put a halt to my nomadic life and brought my van build goals forward, with or without a partner. In July 2020 I bought Gigi to convert, in June 2021 I moved in full-time. She was not finished. Whilst I was pretty clear on my van build vision I could never have foreseen the lessons I’d learn, the struggle and the fulfilment it’d bring and just how magic those moments would be. For solo vanlife realities, girl power energy and solo female stories make sure to come say hello.


Micro Camper

I’m will I’m 32 years old I like going out on adventures in my Citroen berlingo micro camper and filming videos of my adventures on YouTube and TikTok and meeting up with friends My van is a 2008 Citroen berlingo that has been in the family from new it got handed down to me from my grandad in February 2019 since then I have had it turned into a camper from the help a good friend Kevin known as wondering womble on YouTube


4x4 Sprinter

When we first started looking for a van to convert into a camper, our main criteria was that we wanted to travel to less conventional places. Because of this, we were going to need a capable vehicle. After much research, we decided on a Sprinter 316 4x4 M.W.B for it’s off road capabilities and overall size. Being a carpenter/ joiner, I was well equipped to take on the conversion although it still took me a year to complete. We’ve had many adventures exploring much of Europe. Getting down to Montenegro and Albania last year was particularly exciting. One of our other highlights has to be driving to Iceland and exploring the interior with all its volcanoes, waterfalls and rugged terrain. There, we did numerous river crossings and were grateful for the van’s wading depth of over a metre. We love the opportunities our van has given us and look forward to exploring new places in the future.


Custom camper

After a long lived love for campervans, the opportunity came along when we were upgrading our works van and we had this Ford Transit van available to sell. However, we decided to convert it into a campervan as the initial outlay was minimal. This was 2 years ago. We started with a cupboard and bed, which converted to a sofa. Then gradually added more as we ventured out on more trips, learning along the way. During this time, we have added a pop top for our bed to give more room downstairs. A gas hob, sink with running water and benches with a removable table and electrics for tv, charging. For showering & toilet we still use a portable pop up tent, but we find that places we go too have these amenities. At the moment we only have time for short trips and going to festivals. Our dreams is to get a bigger vehicle, such as long wheel base van to incorporate a mini shower room/toilet and larger kitchen/dining area and to go on longer trips and be ready for more off-grid opportunities. We love the campervan community, learning along the way and sharing our experiences.


Pro dancer turned DIY enthusiast

Josie Rose, a professional dancer turned DIY enthusiast, purchased her Mercedes Vario mini Bus back in November 2019. She was faced with the daunting task of converting the bus into her dream little first home, on her own, with no prior DIY experience... So over the next 4 years she learnt how to use power tools, and poured her heart and soul into the project. Now with her little home finally complete, Josie is preparing for a new chapter: Full time Van Life as a solo female traveler with a goal to circumnavigate the globe. But first, she's starting her adventure at Campervan Campout, before setting off on the first leg of her journey : a tour across the UK.


Fulltime vanlife with my dog

Hi my name is phil and i live full time with my dog in my lwb sprinter which is now 23 years old and i have been full time for just over 5 years now the thing I like about vanlife is your pace in life is so much slower and chilled we can visit any place we like in our van/home it also shows how little possessions you do need in life and the fact that the freinds I have met to which will be life long freinds which I would never of met if not in vanlife also the freedom of this way of life is the number 1 plus point of our lifestyle


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