Campervan Campout 2024 - Wellness Sanctuary

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Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May 2024

Campervan Campout 2024 Wellness Sanctuary

Holistic area and healing village, hosted by The Conscious Heart Warriors

This weekend along with an amazing team of facilitators we will be taking you on a journey back to the heart of who you really are. There will be many facilitators offering you a range of different healing modalities to help you explore yourself on a deeper level. Our aim is to awaken you to the true power you hold within. We all have magic inside of us that is waiting to be accessed. When we release our fears, limiting beliefs, outdated patterns and behaviours, we are able to connect to a higher state of consciousness and one-ness with self and others. We all look forward to welcoming you into the space.

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There will be a selection of free workshops and demonstrations throughout the weekend, a timetable will be published nearer the event.

Conscious Heart Warriors - Lyndsey and Jessica

We are the Conscious Heart Warriors 2 Women on a path to heal, support and guide others through Breath work, energy healing and conscious medicine. The Conscious Heart Warriors will lead you through a powerful Breathwork ceremony. Through conscious, connected breathing we enter into an altered state of consciousness and are able to awaken to the true power that we hold within. Our breath bridges the gap between the conscious/subconscious mind and the body. The body remembers what the mind forgets, resulting with any unresolved traumas or emotional wounding being stored within the body and energy field. Through breathwork we create a safe and sacred space for these energies to surface in order to be fully felt and released. Once the release has occurred, we are able to then return to a place of acceptance, love and understanding.


Proud Sponsors of The Wellness Sanctuary

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With Lyndsay Radford

Experience the joy of yoga with Lyndsay Radford, who began her journey with us last year. Our wellness sanctuary offers free sessions on Saturday and Sunday, suitable for all levels. Lyndsay's approach combines mindfulness and physical balance, perfect for rejuvenation amidst nature. Embrace this unique opportunity for a transformative experience at Campervan Campout. Bring your mat and find harmony in our community!


Gabi Prestidge

Gabi has 21 years of living breathing and working with the Gene Keys Human Design, shamanic practices and has now added Harp, sound and Herbal healing to her Therapeutic skill set. She will be offering 1-2-1 breakthrough sessions to help you shift out of any areas in your life you might feel stuck in.


Ashleigh the Soul Surgeon

Ashleigh is a healer and psychic-medium offering healing tarot and Akashic records readings helping to access past lives, present and future possibilities. Understanding and guidance will be provided on any situations, offering healing and clarity to help empower you and elevate your soul.


Charmaine Davis

Using the power of movement, breath, and tribal entheogenic musical soundscapes, you're taken into a deep inner journey. Held within a sacred, safe space, you're guided through the 5 stages of ecstatic awakening by a trained facilitator and Shamanic Practitioner, Charmaine Davis. L.E.D is a silent disco, so headphones are provided and blindfolds are available helping your ego to dissolve, facilitating euphoric let go's. This dance is up tempo, fun, healing and deeply transformative! L.E.D Ecstatic Dance produces feelings of release, bliss, freedom, connection to one's self, ecstacy, lightness, peace and harmony. We welcome you on this truly magical journey and invite you to experience the extra ordinary with us.


Kerry Standfast

Kerry will be hosting an evidential mediumship demonstration to prove life after death with channelled messages from loved ones who have passed over to the spirit realm. Kerry will also be offering 1-2-1 private readings over the course of the weekend. £30 for 20 minutes.


Vicki Wild Roots of Alchemy

Vicki will hold you in a nurturing space whilst working with you to.
• Relax
• Remove limiting blocks
• Remove repression
• Transmute trauma
• Ignite creation
• Seed Manifest
• Bring enthusiasm and joy
• Change your own frequency
Vicki offers this through a range of modalities such as massage, reflexology, sound therapy, harp therapy, voice activation, relaxation, meditation, cacao chocolate and reiki.


Tyson (Fox)

Tysons a sound healer and drum circle facilitator who owns an impressive family of drums. For centuries, drumming has been an integral aspect of human connection and communication. Historically people have gathered in circles to play drums for various purposes. It is a beautiful opportunity to bring people together to enjoy each other’s company and have fun finding a rhythm to the beat.


Jolene Richards

Jolene Richards, a skilled practitioner at Campervan Campout 2024, offers a diverse range of personal wellness sessions designed to rejuvenate both body and mind.
Her services include:
• Full Shamanic Body Massage (1hr 30 mins, £90.00): A holistic experience that combines traditional massage techniques with the ancient wisdom of shamanic healing, aimed at restoring physical, mental, and spiritual balance.
• Half Body Shamanic Massage (45 mins, £45.00): This session focuses on either the upper or lower body, providing a shorter yet equally profound shamanic healing experience.
• Head and Shoulder Massage (20 mins, £20.00): Perfect for quick relief, this massage targets the common stress areas of the head and shoulders, offering a swift escape into relaxation.
• Shiatsu Head Massage (15 mins, £15.00): Utilizing the principles of Shiatsu, this head massage is an invigorating treatment that stimulates and balances energy flow.
• Foot Massage with Reflexology Techniques (15 mins, £15.00): A soothing foot massage incorporating reflexology to promote overall health and wellbeing.

Each of Jolene’s sessions is enhanced with Sound Healing, an auditory therapy that uses the therapeutic properties of sound waves to further deepen the healing experience. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive body massage or a quick stress relief session, Jolene’s offerings at the Wellness Sanctuary are tailored to provide a unique and restorative experience at the Campervan Campout.


Jenni & Nick Hardman

Jenni and Nick will be holding space over the course of the weekend, assisting during the ceremonies
They will also be offering you the chance to create your own crystal macrame necklace, this workshop will be £10pp


Rosina & Wayne Elliott

Rosina and Wayne are both Psychic Mediums whom have a strong connection to the Angel realms. We both work with Oracle cards and are energy healing trained. Rosina has also trained in Tarot, Trance Mediumship and is currently in training to become a Shamanic healing. She has been working with Lyndsey and Jess of The Conscious Heart Warriors for a few months, helping to facilitate with their beautiful breath work ceremonies. They both love what they do and bringing joy and peace to others is something that they take great pride in.


Stacey Holmes

This is Stacey and she is one of the core teachers of Sacred Leadership at the School of Ecstatic Movement and Soul Temple Greece. Her focus is on connecting to divine source through embodied consciousness and movement. She has been a dancer her whole life, trained in many forms of dance and finds true bliss and inner peace when dancing, this is her gift to share. She will be sharing workshops on Raising Your Vibration through intimate connection and a movement meditation to unlock your own messages within your body and bring you closer to personal bliss.


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Camping Tickets

All pre-booked camping pitches will get 12 digital issues of Campervan Magazine worth £39.99, which will start with the next available issue after the event. Electric hook-ups are available.

Day Tickets

A day ticket entitles you to full access including all the music and events available that day, and you are welcome to stay for the evening entertainment too.

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