Campervan Campout 2024 - Family activities

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Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May 2024

Family fun at Campervan Campout 2024

Explore, play and learn together 

Welcome to the Family Activities section of Campervan Campout, a festival that's all about family fun and outdoor adventures! Sponsored by The Camping and Caravanning Club, our event is designed with families in mind, offering a variety of activities that cater to all ages. From creative arts and crafts to engaging camping talks, there's something here for everyone in the family. Join us for a weekend filled with laughter, learning, and lasting memories, where the whole family can relax, play, and explore together. Discover the joy of family-friendly camping and create new experiences at this inclusive and welcoming festival.

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Creative adventures await with arts & crafts

Join in the fun with interactive doodle boards, contributing to the Campervan Campout art boards. Plus, every participant gets a chance to win and take home the artwork in a raffle at the festival's end. Visit the 'Hand Crafted Jewllery by Jo' stand to make beautiful gem and crystal jewellery for children and adults. You can also join Jenni & Nick Hardman in the Wellness Sanctuary for a crystal macrame necklace workshop.



Learn from the best with Mark from Vanlife Eats

Mark, from Vanlife Eats, is a passionate vanlife cook who, along with Sophie, has been instrumental in building a community around cooking in a campervan. Their website, Vanlife Eats, showcases a variety of recipes and tips for cooking in a van, aiming to inspire and encourage sharing of van food creations. Mark's expertise in van cooking will be a highlight at the Campervan Campout, where he will conduct cooking demos, sharing his favorite recipes, the best equipment to use, and other insights gained from his years of experience. This will be a great opportunity for attendees to learn how to elevate their cooking in a van setting. For more detailed information about Mark and Vanlife Eats, you can visit their website at Vanlife Eats.


Bounce into fun with Ktroo

Experience the unique fun of Ktroo, an exciting and energetic activity for all ages. Bounce and dance your way through the festival with these specially designed boots, turning exercise into an exhilarating adventure. It's a fantastic way to stay active and have a blast with the whole family.


Play and relax at the Beach Barn with VDub Radio

Discover the new Beach Barn, hosted by VDub Radio, featuring a selection of giant garden games like volleyball and giant connect four. Enjoy family-friendly music broadcast live, creating the perfect atmosphere for kids and adults alike to engage in playful activities. Parents can unwind in deck chairs, sipping a drink while the children play. In the evening the Beach Barn turns into a family friendly silent disco beach party!


Get festival-ready with Sweet Cheeks face painting and glitter art

Get festival-ready with 'Sweet Cheeks,' offering professional face painting, body art, and glitter art. Add a sparkle to your festival experience and transform into your dream character with these artistic creations.


Learn from the best: Family camping talks and insights

Gain insights from renowned family camping and vanlife enthusiasts like Amy and her VanFam Tribe, YouTube personalities Touring With The Kids, and the full-time vanlife and homeschooling family Slowly Wilding. They'll share their experiences and tips on family vanlife and camping, offering talks throughout the weekend at the Campout Hub.


Unleash your inner archer

Step into the realm of heroes and legends with our Archery experience at Campervan Campout! Whether you're a seasoned archer or holding a bow for the first time, our expert instructors will guide you through the thrill of hitting the bullseye. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, this activity offers a unique blend of challenge and fun, set against the picturesque backdrop of our festival grounds. With bows and arrows in hand, participants will embark on a journey of skill and precision, culminating in a light-hearted competition. Engage in the friendly rivalry and aim for glory - medals await the top archers, both adults and juniors, to be honored in a ceremonial awarding on Sunday. Don't miss your shot to become a part of Campervan Campout archery lore!


Experience the thrill of axe throwing

Embrace the excitement of axe throwing, a test of strength, accuracy, and nerve at Campervan Campout. This exhilarating activity, guided by experienced throwers, promises an unforgettable adventure suitable for the entire family. From the moment the axe leaves your hand to the satisfying thud of the target hit, you'll be hooked on the adrenaline rush. Perfect for adventurers of all ages, our axe throwing sessions not only offer a chance to learn a new skill but also the opportunity to compete in a festive, light-hearted competition. Keep an eye on the scoreboard throughout the festival and see if your name will be among those celebrated with medals on Sunday. Join us for an axe-throwing experience that combines fun, competition, and the spirit of the outdoors - all in the heart of Campervan Campout!


Lock, load and let loose

Dive into the heart-pounding excitement of Target Paintball, a fan-favorite returning to dazzle participants of all ages at Campervan Campout 2024. Armed with cutting-edge, gas-powered, 20-shot, magazine-fed paintball rifles featuring laser sights, participants are tasked with striking a series of targets in the least amount of time while accruing minimal penalties. Precision and strategy are key, as competitors decide whether to prioritise speed over accuracy, aim for perfection, or go all out in a thrilling blaze of paint. With specialised equipment like zero recoil rifles and bipod stands for juniors, everyone is welcome to join the fray. As the most popular activity in 2023, we're thrilled to bring this exhilarating challenge to Campervan Campout for 2024, complete with medals and trophies awarded on Sunday for the fastest and sharpest shooters. Whether competing for glory or enjoying a family-friendly adventure, Target Paintball promises an unforgettable experience of fun, competition, and skillful triumph at Campervan Campout.


Rika ACE

Step into the wild side of vanlife at Campervan Campout 2024 with our Bushcraft area, presented by the esteemed Rika ACE, a notable figure in the festival scene. Offering a blend of engaging fire demos, hands-on fire lighting sessions, and creative workshops including carving and daily crafts like paracord bracelets, games pouches, and woodland keyrings, there's an adventure for every attendee. Designed for bushcraft enthusiasts of all ages, these activities highlight skills in survival and craftsmanship, ensuring a memorable and educational experience. Don’t miss your chance to connect with nature and learn from the best at Rika ACE’s Bushcraft workshops.


Ignite your passion

Ignite your passion for the primal art of fire-making with our Fire Lighting Demos and Workshops. Led by the expert team from Rika ACE, these sessions are a cornerstone of our Bushcraft area. Witness the mesmerising process of fire creation during our demonstrations at 10 am and 2 pm, and seize the opportunity to put your own skills to the test in the follow-up hands-on fire lighting activities. Designed for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, these workshops not only teach you the essentials of fire-making but also instill a deeper appreciation for this ancient skill. Additional sessions will be available throughout the day to ensure everyone gets a chance to spark their interest.


Craft you own butter spreaders and spoons

Carve out some time for creativity with our Wood Carving Demos and Workshops. Hosted daily at 11 am by the talented instructors from Rika ACE, participants have the unique opportunity to craft their own butter spreaders and spoons. These sessions offer a tranquil escape into the world of woodworking, where you can learn the basics of carving and take home a piece of the wilderness. Open to individuals aged 10 and above, with booking required at the stand due to limited spaces. Whether you're a novice looking to learn a new craft or an experienced carver refining your skills, these workshops promise a rewarding experience. Additional sessions may be added to accommodate demand, so be sure to inquire early.


Paracord bracelet making, games pouch and woodland keyrings

Dive into the delightful world of bushcraft crafts with our daily sessions focused on Paracord Bracelet Making, Games Pouch crafting, and Woodland Keyring creation. Starting at 9 am and 3 pm, these craft activities offer a hands-on approach to learning new skills while producing functional and stylish outdoor accessories. Under the guidance of Rika ACE’s skilled craftspeople, participants will weave, knot, and craft their way to creating beautiful, durable items that embody the spirit of adventure. Suitable for crafters of all ages, these sessions not only teach valuable skills but also provide unique souvenirs of your time at the Campervan Campout. With additional sessions planned as needed, there’s ample opportunity for everyone to join in the fun.


For all ages

Step right up to the ultimate challenge at the Campervan Campout with our Mega Assault Course, available for just £5 a go. Tailored for thrill-seekers of all ages, this course draws inspiration from the iconic "It's a Knockout," combining a series of physical obstacles, teamwork trials, and hilariously challenging tasks. Participants will face everything from towering wall climbs and intricate mazes to swinging dodges and water splashes, all designed to test agility, strength, and perseverance. Ideal for families looking for an adrenaline rush, groups of friends eager for a competitive edge, or anyone in search of an action-packed adventure, the Mega Assault Course delivers an extraordinary experience packed with excitement and unforgettable moments. Gear up, rally your team, and prepare to conquer the challenges that await in this engaging and dynamic obstacle course adventure.


An experience for all the family like no other

Hit the Beach Barn in your snazziest beach attire for the Silent Disco Beach Party at Campervan Campout, hosted by the lively VDub Radio! Each night, three of VDub's finest DJs will spin a variety of tunes on three channels, promising a silent disco to remember. Whether it's pop hits or funky rhythms, grab a headset and get ready to groove. It's a family-friendly, beach-themed blast where your vibrant outfits add to the fun. Dance the night away in a sea of silent beats and beach vibes!


Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings

Visit the 'Hand Crafted Jewellery by Jo' stand to make beautiful gem and crystal jewlerry for children and adults. Stand F14, where Hand Crafted Jewellery by Jo will showcase their stunning collection of bespoke handmade jewellery. Discover exquisite necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, meticulously crafted to add a touch of elegance to your style. Explore personalized options to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your individuality.


Community creating

Unleash your family's creativity at the Beach Barn with our doodle boards! Gather with other families, grab a sharpie, and dive into a world of color and imagination. Together, you'll create a vibrant, collective masterpiece that captures the spirit of togetherness and fun. Don’t miss out on adding your personal touch to this collaborative art project—it’s fun for all ages!


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Camping Tickets

All pre-booked camping pitches will get 12 digital issues of Campervan Magazine worth £39.99, which will start with the next available issue after the event. Electric hook-ups are available.

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A day ticket entitles you to full access including all the music and events available that day, and you are welcome to stay for the evening entertainment too.

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