The Campout Hub at Campervan Campout 2024 - The home of vanlife personalities

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Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May 2024

The Campout Hub at Campervan Campout 2024

Bloggers, Vloggers, Podcasters and Vanlife Personalities

Welcome to The Campout Hub at Campervan Campout, your go-to spot for everything vanlife, digital nomadism, and adventurous family living! Formerly The Vanlife Hub, this buzzing stage is the festival's heart, hosting a mix of talks, Q&As, and discussions from a variety of experts. From bloggers to YouTube stars and industry pros, our speakers are here to inspire and educate on a myriad of topics.

Dive into discussions ranging from motorhome buying tips to bus-to-home conversions, van maintenance, and exotic travels. Whether you're a first-timer planning a trip along the Adriatic coast or a seasoned traveler seeking new adventures, The Campout Hub offers something for everyone. It's more than just a stage - it's a community hub where stories are shared, experiences are gained, and the spirit of the open road comes to life. Join us for an experience that's as dynamic as vanlife itself!


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The Motorhome Matt Podcast - That Leisure Shop - The Motorhome Holiday Company

Meet Motorhome Matt, the lively voice of the motorhome world and BBC Radio 5's go-to motorhome guru! At the helm of several award-winning motorhome ventures, Matt brings the fun and facts of motorhomes to life. His podcast, the Motorhome Matt Podcast, is a rollicking ride through the ins and outs of motorhome adventures, peppered with honest advice and answers to those "too-embarrassed-to-ask" questions. Catch him at Campervan Campout, where he'll be the charismatic host of The Campout Hub stage, and don't miss the chance to be part of his live podcast recording – it's sure to be a hoot and a half with loads of learning on the side!


Full-Time Van Life, Digital Nomad Workshops & European Travel Tales

Get ready to meet Darran, the spirited and savvy mind behind "The Urban Motorhome" on YouTube. This Essex native turned his motorhome into a full-time, urban-adventure haven in 2017 and hasn't looked back since! Known for his knack for nifty urban parking and sharing his escapades online, Darran's lifestyle is all about exploring the unconventional paths. As a regular star at Warners Shows and the face of the 2024 season, he's not just a familiar face but a fountain of fun facts and thrilling stories. At Campervan Campout, he'll be talking about life in a van full-time, running a workshop on becoming a digital nomad, and sharing captivating tales from his first European motorhome adventure. Don't miss his lively sessions that are sure to add extra zest to your van life journey!


Full-time Van Life, Van Maintenance, Digital Nomad Workshops & Solo Female Camping

Meet Tash and Jon, the vibrant duo from "Life Beyond Bricks," known for their adventurous van life journey and as regular speakers at Warners Shows. Tash, a Campervan magazine columnist with experiences like the Sahara Challenge 2 under her belt, joins Jon, an expert in van maintenance, to share their wealth of knowledge. At Campervan Campout, they're set to dazzle. Jon will cover essential van maintenance tips, while Tash teams up with Darran for talks on full-time van life and digital nomad workshops. Additionally, Tash will host a special session on solo female camping, featuring insights from special guests. Get ready for an engaging and enlightening experience with this dynamic pair!‚Äč


Planning An NC500 Trip, Van life in Ireland & Building A Brand Workshops

Get ready for a whirlwind of travel tales with Gemma and Campbell from "Highlands2hammocks"! This dynamic duo turned their love for adventure into a life of exploration and storytelling. From their first epic campervanning journey in Australia to wild camping in Scotland and cycling for charity along Italy’s coast, they've embraced every bit of the globe with open arms and a backpack. Known for packing out theaters with their vibrant talks, they're regulars at travel shows and a hit with audiences everywhere. Join them at Campervan Campout as they dive into planning the perfect NC500 trip, share secrets of motorhome touring in Ireland, and host an unmissable workshop on building your brand online. With Gemma and Campbell, expect fun, inspiration, and a dash of wanderlust magic!


Inspirational tales in Morocco & Adriatic Adventures

Meet the Roaming Radfords, a lively family from Milton Keynes who've turned their motorhome into a passport for adventure! Since 2007, this crew of five, with Eddie, Harry, and George in tow, has been zigzagging across the UK, Europe, and the U.S., making friends and memories along the way. Known for their engaging and fun-filled talks at Warners Shows, they're a hit with fellow travel enthusiasts. Catch them at Campervan Campout as they regale you with tales from their Moroccan escapades and Adriatic adventures. With their knack for storytelling and a treasure trove of travel tips, the Radfords’ sessions are not just informative but a rollercoaster of fun and inspiration. Get ready for a journey filled with laughter, learning, and the spirit of exploration!


Converting A Lorry Into A Family home & Travelling To Europe With Kids

Meet "Touring With The Kids," a family that's redefining life on the road with their unique and adventurous spirit. Known for their engaging talks at Warners Shows, they bring a wealth of experience and practical advice. Their latest endeavor, converting a lorry into a family home, is not just innovative but also an inspiring testament to their commitment to a nomadic lifestyle. At Campervan Campout, they'll delve into the nitty-gritty of their lorry conversion project, sharing both the challenges and triumphs. Additionally, they'll provide invaluable insights on traveling through Europe with kids, offering tips and anecdotes that are sure to resonate with families looking to embark on their own van life adventures. With "Touring With The Kids," you’re in for a journey filled with inspiration, creativity, and real-life tips for family travel.


Advice On Buying A Motorhome Or Campervan

Gear up for some motorhome magic with Peter Vaughan, a 50-year veteran in the campervan world and a YouTube sensation! As the editor of "What Motorhome" and the Road Test Editor for MMM, Peter has been living and breathing motorhomes since he was a teenager. His talks at Campervan Campout are not just informative but a blast, filled with anecdotes and tips from his vast experience. Get ready for his lively session on buying motorhomes and campervans, a must-attend for anyone who loves life on wheels!


Fun-filled family

Meet ‘VanLife Family’. A fun-filled family who have a passion for adventure. They have travelled extensively throughout the UK and mainland Europe, seizing every weekend and holiday for unforgettable escapades together. In addition to the typical holidays, they've immersed themselves in full-time travel, sometimes for extended periods and have accumulated a wealth of experiences that enrich their storytelling. This year at Campervan Campout they’ll share with us how they have created what they feel is a perfect balance between full-time and part-time vanlife, how they plan the best family-friendly road trips and how they have built a community of like-minded families that have become like extended family. VanLife Family aims to spark the flame of togetherness among other families, fostering a love for the great outdoors. Expect not just stories but practical advice - wisdom that empowers you to embark on your own journeys with newfound confidence!


Everything Family Van Life

Meet ‘Slowly Wilding’ , a family redefining what the new normal can be, if you are willing to follow your dreams. Describing themselves as a ‘modern nomadic family’ they have 3 years experience of full time family travel & life on the road. This adventurous family converted a library bus into a home, clambered up mountains, travelled across continents, walked with reindeer, swam in lochs and even spent 6 months in Asia (with a new born baby). Their passion for ‘creating a life you love’ is infectious and they have created an incredible community of other families that want to take to the open road and live a life that they have designed. At Campervan Campout they will be bringing their knowledge, energy and passion for full time family travel & van life, useful knowledge, funny stories and buckets of inspiration. If you are looking to be inspired to create your dream life, world school your children, buy a camper van or pack your bags for a family adventure then Slowly Wilding will be the people to inspire you


Leisure Batteries

Get charged up with BlueFix Energy Solutions, the go-to experts for all things related to leisure batteries! Known for their enlightening talks at Warners Shows, they're the wizards of power solutions in the motorhome world. From boosting your motorhome's energy capacity to crafting bespoke self-build power systems, they've got the know-how to keep you powered up on your travels. At Campervan Campout, BlueFix Energy Solutions will shed light on the essentials of leisure batteries, offering practical advice for both newbies and seasoned van lifers. Whether you're looking to upgrade your motorhome's power setup or dive into a self-build project, their sessions are packed with valuable insights and tips. Prepare to be energized and informed by their expertise in mobile power solutions!


Solo female travel & vanlife

Absolutely Lucy, a renowned solo female travel expert, brings her rich tapestry of global backpacking experiences to the Campout Hub. With a decade of adventures spanning almost 50 countries, Lucy's journey is a testament to her passion for solo female travel. She has explored diverse terrains, from climbing volcanoes in Guatemala to trekking through ancient Mayan temples in Belize, and has even embraced the van life, featured on Channel 5's Million Pound Motor Homes. At the Campout Hub, Lucy will share her inspiring travel background, highlighting the joys and empowerment of solo female travel. She will delve into her favorite destinations, offering valuable insights and practical advice for aspiring solo travelers, encouraging women to embark on their own adventurous paths.


Desert Storm / Snow & Ice / Mountain Ranges

Jed, the driving force behind Campervan Culture, will be a speaker at the Campervan Campout 2024. He is renowned for his expertise in vanlife, stemming from his adventures across diverse terrains like the Sahara and the Arctic Circle. In his talk, titled "Tales of the Trail," Jed will share his experiences from Morocco, the Arctic, and the Pyrenees, blending thrilling stories with practical advice on vanlife. His insights will offer a unique perspective on navigating different landscapes and embracing the freedom of living on the road.


Built Not Bought Campers / Vanlife & Overland Celebration

Join Carl Elliott at Campervan Campout for his engaging talk, 'Self-builds: What I've Learnt from Building One of the Largest Communities of Self-Built Campers.' Carl's journey, which pivoted from property rental to vanlife in 2018, led him to build his own campervan and, eventually, to craft custom designs for others. His experience blossomed into a new business, highlighted by his YouTube channel and the robust 'Built Not Bought Campers' community. In his talk, Carl will share his journey, offering insights into community building and campervan design. Learn from his transition to a vanlife expert and draw inspiration for your own self-built projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced builder, Carl's story and expertise will provide valuable lessons in the art of campervan self-building.


Seasoned traveler and digital storyteller

Join us at the Campervan Campout 2024 for an engaging session with Beth, the seasoned traveler and digital storyteller behind @sheisthelostgirl. Beth's transition from a backpacker to a van life enthusiast began in 2014 and has since evolved into a journey of over nine years on the road, capturing hearts and imaginations on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. In The Campout Hub, she will offer insights into her nomadic lifestyle, sharing expertise on a myriad of topics including social media navigation, the intricacies of European and UK van life, the challenges and joys of traveling as a couple, and the craftsmanship of van building. Her narrative is not just about travel—it's a testament to living life on one's own terms, and she's here to inspire you to embrace your own adventures with open arms.


Over 31 countries visited in her van

Join us at the Campout Hub to welcome Mandy, known as 'Unadventurous Mandy', an inspiring van lifer who has turned her four-year adventure on the road into a captivating journey of discovery. Living two years in a motorhome with her John and another two in a self-built van, traveling through 31 countries, Mandy's experiences offer a rich tapestry of life on the road. Documenting her adventures on her YouTube channels 'John and Mandy' and 'Unadventurous Mandy', she covers a range of topics from travel to navigating the menopause. Mandy is excited to share her insights on the Solo Female Vanlife panel alongside Tash from Life Beyond Bricks and Sharon from Adventures Under the Stars. Her story is not just about the places she's visited but about embracing life's adventures, making her a perfect fit for our panel discussion.


Slow-travelling climate campaigner and content creator

Jessica Kleczka is a slow-travelling climate campaigner and content creator, known for her dedication to sustainable living and environmental advocacy. With a background in climate psychology, activism, and education, she has self-converted her van using natural and reclaimed materials, embodying the principles she champions. Through her work, Jessica documents environmental projects across Europe, engaging her audience on social media with insightful content on effective climate communication, mental health, and the urgent need for a shift away from fossil fuels. At Campervan Campout, she will lead an interactive panel discussion on sustainable vanlife, sharing her experiences and strategies for minimising environmental impact while on the road. Her talk will cover practical steps towards reducing carbon footprints, promoting renewable energy, and implementing zero-waste practices, aimed at inspiring attendees to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle compatible with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


Life on the road

Sharon has been living and travelling in her van for over 3 years now from the UK to Europe and beyond! She’s travelled to over 30 countries, including Morocco and Albania, and will be at Campervan Campout as part of the solo female travel session to answer your questions.


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