Campervan Campout 2024 - Built Not Bought Campers

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Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May 2024

Built Not Bought Campers

The home of our self-build community

Dive into the heart of self-build vanlife at Campervan Campout 2024! This dedicated area is a haven for those passionate about crafting their very own camper haven. Whether you're just sketching out your first ideas or already deep into your build, this is your destination for connecting with experts, gleaning valuable advice, and soaking in free talks from those who've paved the way in the self-build community. Here, in our unique hub, you'll find practical tips on van conversion, inspiring stories, and lessons learned the hard way so you don't have to. It's not just about building a camper; it's about crafting your dream lifestyle with a foundation of knowledge and support. Welcome to your community, where every question finds an answer and every build sparks a new friendship.



The Community Builder

From property rental to van life in 2018, Carl Elliott transitioned to building his own campervan and helping others do the same. His journey birthed a thriving community and a YouTube channel dedicated to vanlife and overland adventures. Carl will be hosting the Built Not Bought Campers area all weekend, his vision is to great the ultimate space for the self-build community, where everyone is welcome.


The van building expert

I’m Lewis turner a 35-year old van builder. I have been building vans for my self for the past few years and have recently set up a company with my business partner, who has been a carpenter for over 20 years. We specialise in all aspects of van building and also create light weight furniture boards and van furniture. The company name is Form X Van Conversions, we are based out of South Wales and we can help advise on every thing van related.



The technical innovator

Known for his channel Shayes on Tour, Adam Shayes is a DIY enthusiast who combines creativity with technical prowess. From building his sprinter campervan to designing auto-tracking solar panels and crafting his own lithium batteries, Adam's approach is a testament to innovation, independence, and the spirit of adventure.


The dream builders

Representing Affordable Van Conversions in Yorkshire, Danny & Rick specialize in bespoke van conversions. Their focus is on turning visions of mobile living into reality, creating customized homes on wheels that cater to every need and desire.



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Camping Tickets

All pre-booked camping pitches will get 12 digital issues of Campervan Magazine worth £39.99, which will start with the next available issue after the event. Electric hook-ups are available.

Day Tickets

A day ticket entitles you to full access including all the music and events available that day, and you are welcome to stay for the evening entertainment too.

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