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Caravan and Motorhome Club publishes winter motorhome touring advice


Over half of the UK’s motorhome, campervan and caravan enthusiasts plan to take a break this winter according to the Caravan and Motorhome Club. As a result, it has created some top dos and don'ts for those considering getting away in their motorhomes, campervans and caravans this winter.

For those considering a winter trip, the Club advises:

  • Take less stuff: do you need outdoor chairs, BBQ, etc? Take only what you’re sure you’ll use
  • Take more stuff: don’t skimp on outdoor clothes, extra blankets, etc
  • Don’t plan for a late arrival on site – it’ll be dark, really dark
  • Work out an evening routine. check fresh and waste water levels. Is there enough gas for the morning? Should you really empty the toilet cassette tonight? You might want to do all this before it gets too dark
  • And a morning routine – be a wise winter tourer and know where you've left his slippers. If you’ve no on-board convenience in a campervan,  leave your outdoor shoes and coat  to hand in case of morning urgency
  • Check your torch. Check the batteries. Check them again or buy a wind-up torch and a head torch for those two-handed jobs like emptying the loo
  • Check the state of your walking boots – soles, uppers, laces, etc. You’re going to want them in top condition and take spare laces
  • Get a thermometer (or use an app on your phone). How else are you going to brag to your friends about how cold it was?
  • Learn some meteorology. Check tomorrow’s forecast and plan activities accordingly. Stay safe if conditions are poor, especially near the coast or in the hills. Listen to the advice of locals
  • Put reflective tape/paint on anything you’ve previously walked into in the dark e.g. caravan hitch, water/waste containers, edge of your entrance step, roll-out awning supports
  • Rediscover board games, or a good book when the weather isn’t too good
  • There’s something romantic about cold weather trips; perhaps it’s the need to huddle together for warmth? Plan a date night in a local pub or restaurant and indulge with the winter comfort food menu
  • Have an early night. Or a lie in. Or both. Sleep is good. Get more of it during the longer nights


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