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And the winner is...

...the Knaus Boxlife 600

Criteria for judging includes things such as value for money, build quality, design, practicality and appeal for British motorhomers. Innovation gets a big look-in too, but it must be seen to be well thought out, useful and properly engineered. Finally there’s the first impression factor. These are expensive things, part of our hobby and our pleasure, so if a ‘van meets all other criteria and delights as well, so much the better.

This year, all our class winners are heroes in their field, capable, and with crucial benefits. Campervan, Danbury Fun, offers a great base vehicle, good value and innovative layout. Compact Hymer is truly compact, beautifully made and just lovely. Family Class winner, Rimor, provides space, a great kitchen and stonking value, Fixed Double Bed laureate, Rapido, hits the spot with a great island bed layout in a compact sized vehicle.

Triumphant in the Fixed Single Bed Class, the Pilote Pacific does much the same thing, with a feeling of interior space that belies its size. Our Luxury favourite, Pilote Premium Class, wins accolades as it can be had for less than megabucks, but more importantly, its lounge-based layout should have massive appeal for UK motorhomers.

All of which just leaves the winner of the High-Top Class and 2016’s Motorhome of the Year, the Knaus Boxlife 600. Based on the ever-popular long wheelbase Fiat Ducato panel van, Knaus’ Boxlife 600 also contains an ever-popular layout. Available from quite a few other converters, the front lounge, rear fixed bed design majors on practicality: good dining, two rear travel seats and an ever-ready double bed with big storage beneath. Sandwiched in between, kitchens and washrooms take on compromises, mainly down to lack of space.

National Motorhome Award 2016: The WinnerNational Motorhome Award 2016: The WinnerNational Motorhome Award 2016: The Winner
















The Boxlife takes the design and adds superb innovation with regards to sleeping – 5.99-metre high-tops with four full berths are rare indeed (most offer two, plus a child’s bed made from the lounge), but our winner manages it in fine style. The drop-down bed above the lounge is an engineering triumph that actually works, while the multi-adjustable nature of the rear bed is an inspired piece of design, making most of both sleeping and storage spaces. But there’s more, as  the big table and some brilliant design touches in the kitchen impress. Finally, build quality present as excellent and value surprisingly good.

The Knaus Boxlife 600 is, a very worthy winner of our 2016 Motorhome Awards.

Alexander Wehrmann accepts the Motorhome of the Year Award for the Knaus BoxLife 600



Alexander G. Wehrmann of Knaus accepts the Motorhome of the Year award for the Knaus BoxLife 600, from Managing Editor, Daniel Attwood.






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