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Here you will find motorhome buying advice to guide you through the purchasing process.

Where to buy a motorhome

The buying process is probably the most exciting, but most difficult aspect of buying your motorhome. Once you've chosen your motorhome type, picked your layout and have a budget, you need to decide whether to buy privately or from a dealer? But it's not just a case of choosing to buy from a dealer or privately, you also need to consider when it's the best time to buy.
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Guide to buying a new motorhome

There are many advantages to buying a new motorhome, such as their often impressive residual values (what they're worth after two or three years) and the warranty cover they have. But, of course, buying new comes at a higher price than buying on the secondhand market
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Guide to buying a used motorhome

Buying a used motorhome can be a challenge, but do it right and you can save a fortune on the motorhome of your dreams
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Guide to financing your motorhome purchase

Do you use your savings to buy a motorhome or get a loan? Well, most people use their savings and pay in cash - but is this answer may not suit everyone.
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