Guide to buying a new motorhome

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One of the main advantages of buying a new motorhome is the warranty that comes with it - you get factory backing which is normally two or three years on the base vehicle and at least one year on the conversion.

Buying a new motorhome from a dealer has
several advantages - but comes at an obvious cost

Some motorhome manufacturers even offer two or even three-year conversion cover, whilst water ingress warranties (no-leaks guaranteed) are now hitting ten years, although these are usually subject to an annual inspection at the supplying dealer.

Where possible, try to ensure your chosen dealer is within an easy drive from home. You might be tempted by a better price (usually at a motorhome show) by a far-flung dealer, but a good relationship with a local dealer can pay dividends if things go wrong.

The things going wrong part is, sadly, likely to be more frequent with the living area.

When buying a motorhome you may expect automotive standards of design and construction, but motorhomes can have quite a few problems. Quite a few of these can be termed 'teething troubles', as 'from-new' faults need to be sorted out, not a problem you're likely to encounter as often in a van whose owners have already gone through this.

The advantages of buying new motorhome include:
  • a warranty covering base vehicle and conversion
  • dealer support should anything go wrong or you need advice on how things work
  • the fact that no one has slept in the bed, cooked in the kitchen or used the bathroom
  • driving a new base vehicle, which means you should be getting the latest engine and safety technology

The disadvantages of buying a new motorhome include:
  • the higher price
  • you may be a guinea pig for some new technologies
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