Fixed Roof Campervans

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The Verdict

Fixed-roof campervans tend to be the most basic of conversions. They are often simply a van with little or no external modifications equipped to serve the basic needs of motorcaravanners. So don't expect high equipment or specification levels. However, they are often priced competitively and will appeal to those on a budget and those who do not want a large vehicle.

At a glance

The pros and con of fixed-roof van conversions are:

  • They are small enough and short enough to fit in most garages
  • They are often priced competitively and appeal to those on a budget
  • Headroom can be an issue inside
  • They don't appeal to everyone, so they could be more difficult to sell on

Full details

Fixed-roof is the term used to describe a van conversion which does not have a rising roof or a high-top.

Modern rising-roof campervans have gradually become lower in profile and, due to this, fixed-roofs are becoming a rarer type of campervan.

You will find used examples on dealer forecourts and on our website, but new models are becoming less common. That said, some manufacturers, such as Rapido, still make fixed-roof van conversions and equip them reasonably well.

But generally, the models you'll come across are more likely to be at the budget end of the motorhome market. This is because the original owner or converter will not have had to fork out for an expensive roof option.

The low roof has one obvious and significant drawback and that's the fact that internal headroom is compromised. Of course this can be turned to your advantage if you have a low garage or want to get into multi-storey car parks.

With campervans of this type, the chances of you being able to do things like washing up whilst standing are very unlikely.

If you feel you can cope with shuffling around one of these compact campers though, the benefits of buying one include better insulation, easier storage and the fact they cost considerably less than their high roofed counterparts.

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