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Spotlight on... Orange Campers


This Yorkshire-based converter prides itself on offering value for money with its adventure-ready Trouvaille Pop Top. Having just launched a high-top version, we caught up with MD, Richard Tomlin, to find out more...

Photos courtesy of Orange Campers

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Q1: When did Orange Campers start out?

Richard Tomlin, Managing Director

Richard Tomlin, Managing Director

About five years ago, as Orange Campers Ltd, but I've been building campervans for about 25 years.

Q2: How has the campervan market changed since then?

Just in the last five years, we've seen a big change in the industry. I think people are looking at campervans in a different light these days. Ease of use and practicality seems to be more important than large washrooms.

Drivability plays a large part, as more and more people are using their campervans as main or second vehicles. We have seen a big increase in people downsizing, too.


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Q3: What do you think makes a great campervan conversion?

Trouvaille High Top

The simple things make a great campervan. A lot of our customers are always impressed with the amount of thought we have put into our Trouvaille, and that's because we use it constantly and, often, after a trip, add something new. An example of this was after a family holiday when we added a second table rail above the fridge, so now you can have the table in two different positions – very simple to do but it now allows you to have the table set up while the bed is made.

My two young boys put it through its paces and, if you have ever seen me at one of the trade shows, you will have heard me say, “please climb in and have a sit down, have a good look round” because a campervan has to stand up to a lot of use.

Q4: What sets Orange Campers apart from the crowd?

Probably our attention to detail and dedication to innovative design. We have just developed our own roof for the Trouvaille Pop Top and recently came up with a great new foldaway roof bed for the High Top. Also, our determination to build a good, honest campervan. We are from Yorkshire, after all, and like value for money!

Our aftercare is second to none; that’s why we give a three-year in-house warranty on the Trouvaille and look after you every step of the way through the design, build and even after you have taken delivery with ongoing advice and help.

Q5: How has the brand evolved over the years?

Trouvaille Pop Top interior

Initially, we built bespoke campervans on many different vehicles, but since we launched the Trouvaille two years ago, it has acquired a real following. It fills a gap in the market between a small VW T6 or Transit Custom and a larger 6m campervan.

Being under 5m long, it's drivable yet spacious and has a feel of a much larger camper inside.

Q6: How would you sum up the company’s ethos and values

To provide our customers with the opportunity to experience the open road in the most comfortable and practical vehicle we can offer; one which they have put their own stamp on through the Orange Campers’ personalisation service. (Every customer gets to choose their own furniture wood, upholstery, flooring and roof canvas.)


We also aim to be transparent with our customers. This is a campervan that really is ready for adventure, and does not require being loaded up with lots of extras, as it already has everything you need for a smooth-running camping experience!

Q7: Have you got any exciting new developments in the pipeline?

The bed inside the Trouvaille High Top

Yes, we just recently launched the Trouvaille High Top and we are now looking at offering the Trouville on the medium-wheelbase Fiat Ducato, which will give us a little more space to play with. I have some ideas up my sleeve but let’s just say I think it will be even more special!

Q8: What advice would you give to someone thinking about buying a campervan?

If you are a first-time buyer, try to hire before you buy, as this gives you a true insight as to how it is going to work for you. Check reviews, as no one tells you the truth more than previous customers. Aftercare is an important factor, as you will need help and guidance throughout your campervan journey.

It’s the little things that count, so don’t overlook the finer details of your campervan and ask yourself the question: Will this campervan stand the test of time? Also, what is actually included?

Q9: What’s the most unusual question you’ve ever been asked by a customer?

I’ve been asked a couple of times if I would install a log burning stove. As an LPG gas-trained engineer, the very thought of this frightens the life out of me! They may be nice on a cold winter’s day in a pub but not in a small, confined space with little or no ventilation. I’ve seen some very unsafe gas installations in my time, and I would always advise a periodic gas safety check.

Q10: What’s the best campervan trip you’ve personally undertaken?

There are so many to choose from, but I guess our pre-wedding honeymoon (so we looked good on the wedding photos with a tan!). Three weeks travelling around France and to San Sebastián and then on to Galicia in northern Spain. My now brother-in-law bought us a France Passion book, which we used to stay at vineyards and fruit farms, getting a true experience of France, which I would highly recommend.

We had an amazing time, seeing some beautiful sites. The only time we got told off by the police was when Sonya made me turn the campervan around in a one-way street to face the sea! However, they did see the funny side.

The Orange Campers range

The brand currently offers its Trouvaille campervan in pop-top or high-top versions. To get the feel for the lifestyle and try before you buy, Orange Campers also offers campervan hire.

Trouvaille Pop Top

Trouvaille Pop Top

Orange Campers prides itself on its company promise that the Trouvaille comes ready for adventure. It’s a user-friendly campervan that comes with things like a 120W solar panel, twin 95Ah leisure batteries, a 90-litre fridge, an external barbecue point and extreme canvas on the pop-top for all-year-round camping. On the base vehicle, there’s a passenger airbag, air-con and a vehicle tracker fitted as standard, among other things.

Price from £54,999

Trouvaille High Top

Trouvaille High Top

Like the pop-top version, the recently launched Trouvaille High Top is based on the Fiat Ducato short-wheelbase. At under 5m long, it’s similar in length to a VW T6, but being slightly wider allows for more living space. Inside is familiar, with a side kitchen layout and rock ‘n’ roll-style bench/bed with Isofix child seat fixing points.

Price from £56,999

Available for hire

Campervan hire

The Trouvaille Pop Top and Trouvaille High Top are both available to hire, so you can try before you buy, or just enjoy a great campervanning holiday this summer!

From £135 per night

Contact Orange Campers

Orange Campers:
Unit 3C,
Thornhill Industrial Estate,
Hope Street,
S60 1LH

07931 868529 /
01709 379313





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