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New colourful tyres set to make drab driving a thing of the past


Have you ever dreamt about having coloured tyres on your vehicle?

Imagine driving your vehicle with tyres that break the norm with their bright colour. That’s been the long-held wish of drivers who want to customise their ‘wheels’. And, for anyone who wants to add personality to otherwise drab vehicles.

Britain’s drivers have dreamt of colourful tyres since the invention of the motorcar.

But, the humble tyre is still the same colour as it's been for decades. 

To paraphrase Henry Ford’s famous phrase about his first cars — 

“You can have any tyre colour you like as long as it’s black!”

Tyre makers dabble with white-walled tyres and the odd colourful stripe. F1 racing cars tyres have colours to denote their suitability for different conditions. 

Yet, colour is usually a modest stripe or band on the tyre walls and no more.

Breaking the standard colour in tyres

One company is about to make a big splash of colour across Britain’s roads.

Motokiki, the tyre comparison site, is about to start selling a variety of coloured tyres. Demand for colourful tyres to meet demand from fashion-conscious drivers is strong. There's enough that the company decided it had to find a supplier.

Dr Debra Williams, Motokiki’s CEO said:

Fashion is fast moving, and we have to keep up with the latest trends, so we’re already hard at work preparing our autumn collection, which will include a range of must have hues of the season.
“We’re bringing a much-needed splash of colour to the tyre market and plan to have the widest range of colours available anywhere in the world.”

Drivers concerned about efficiency and safety standards need not worry. Debra Williams state the tyres meet all UK and European safety and efficiency requirements.

Tyres will never the same again and you can turn your wheel arches into a fashion statement.

Motokiki’s coloured tyres are available to order on the company’s website from 1st April 2019.


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