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Keep your caravan covered whenever you can


Year-round protection against elements and more

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A lot of budding caravanners make the mistake of assuming that caravan covers are only for bad weather or winter cold-snaps; the truth is that a good caravan cover can be instrumental to ensuring the longevity of your caravan, all year-round.

A good caravan cover will protect you from much more than just the rain; they’ll prevent scratches, prevent intense sun from damaging your seals, keep bird mess, filth and grime from building up, and even protect from resin dripping down onto your caravan whenever you park it in the shade – something that anyone who’s spent a few hours trying to chip off dried resin will definitely appreciate.

Combine a cover with a good guide to caravan secuirty and storage and you'll be set for almost any eventuality.

The folks over at Specialised Covers have a very comprehensive page that explains how a good cover can protect your caravan – click here to read it.

Caravan cover

Make sure your performing basic maintenance tasks routinely

As well as carrying out regular checks and doing what you can to protect your caravan from external damage, it’s also very important that you have a caravan care and maintenance routine in place, to make sure that you are able to keep your caravan in the best condition possible. This includes taking steps such as:

• Charging the battery every five or six weeks when your caravan is not in use.

• Ensuring all appliances and gas bottles are turned off while you are not using the caravan.

• Using tyre saving products or raising the caravan off the ground to avoid any tyre problems that might occur due to your caravan remaining in one place in the summer heat.

• Removing upholstery or moving furniture to the centre of the caravan to avoid damage from direct sunlight whenever possible/ whenever the caravan has to be left uncovered.

• Keeping the caravan clean to ensure the bodywork does not get damaged due to factors such as bird droppings, sap from trees, debris, and pollutants from the air.

• Investing in a lightweight caravan cover to protect your caravan from extreme heat conditions during the summer.

More choosing and buying advice can be found in the Caravan Buyers' Guide.

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