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Keep cool with compact caravan air conditioning system


In the midst of the hottest summer since 'the long, hot summer of '76', an air conditioning unit for your caravan feels like a good idea.

But, air conditioning units of the past need enough space on your caravan's roof. And, they can add height to your caravan. This can create problems with accessing certain locations. Plus, their weight nibbles away at your limited payload.

Even so, Truma is set to launch its new compact roof-mounted air conditioning system. at the Düsseldorf show in August. It's called the Truma Aventa Compact.

Bernd Gerlach, Head of European Retail Management at Truma said: "We have developed the Aventa compact specially for vans and small motor homes or caravans."

Light air conditioning

Truma Aventa weighs 27.5 kg. The company claims is the lightest air conditioning system on the market. Also, the system provides 1,700 W cooling. The Truma Aventa uses 2.8 A. The engineers designed it to work on campsites with poor fuse protection.

Compact air conditioning distribution

The Aventa has a small air distributor too. The compact design saves space inside your caravan. And, it has four adjustable outlets to distribute cool air inside.

Smart, quiet caravan air conditioning

One concern is the noise caravan air conditioning systems can make. The Truma Aventa designers made sure they kept the noise of the unit low. They included a 'sleep function' which reduces fan operation. That means owners should get a decent sleep at night.

The Aventa connects to the Truma iNet System. That means you can control the cooling from your smartphone using their app.

Anyone concerned by the potential of water leaks through the roof will like this feature. Truma included special mounting frames. They are watertight, even on textured roofs, according to Truma.

The Truma Aventa compact replaces their Aventa eco model. In January 2019, Truma said it will launch a 2,200 W caravan air conditioning unit, the Aventa compact plus.

Bernd Gerlach said: "This, together with the large 2,400 W Aventa comfort, completes our air conditioning portfolio and means we have the perfect system for every cooling requirement."

Key data

Air distributor dimensions: 556 x 496 x 46 mm (L x W x H)
External unit dimensions: 785 x 560 x 265 mm (L x W x H)

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